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Setup Wars - Episode 84

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode with 84 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below and before I start this episode I'm gonna be doing a few things differently here on setup wars and also on the channel for starters you guys have early access to my setup wars and also a bunch of other videos on youtube a few days sometimes even a week early on my nice channel and again guys it's a free app you don't have to pay for anything to get early access you can also browse through products on there add some items to your wishlist and even get notified on some deals that you guys see sometimes on my videos like cool tech or even setup wars and a bunch of other videos that I do on tech source I feel like the best way to explain the app is basically if Amazon had a baby with YouTube the nice app would be the baby and the second announcement is that now I'll be hosting a giveaway on every single one of setup wars starting today and to enter it's very simple guys once you have the nice app all you have to do is like some products featured on each episode of setup wars and add them to your wishlist and depending on what you have on your wish list you will win one of those prizes I will randomly pick five winners on each episode and I'll announce it via the app with push notifications which is a new feature they added on the app recently what's also cool about this app is that I can actually send you guys a push notification not only announcing the winner of the giveaway each week but also the winner of setup wars as well so you don't have to check my Instagram or Twitter for any of that so if you guys want to participate in these weekly giveaways make sure to download the app again it's completely free you guys don't have to pay for anything so yeah with that said and done let's go ahead and start the show if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to him down below if you want to check it out so starting up the episode we have Christian and a really sick black and red setup he's rocking an ASIS 28 inch g-sync monitor that's sitting on top of the black IKEA make a desk which he added some white vinyl to I gotta say that looks way better and the contrast makes everything on the desk pop good choice he is also using a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard a Razer Tartarus chroma as well and a Mad Catz rat 7 Mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad for audio he is using the Sennheiser PC 350 headset and a pair of can Tobin speakers which complements the set up really nicely speaking of complimenting the set up take a look at this beast wall mounted PC it's equipped with a 6700 K and an msi gtx 1070 and finally we got the cable management not bad at all looks like you use the Omni mount cable sleeve to wrap and hide the cables near the bottom excellent work the only things I recommend to this setup is a headphone hanger for your headset to keep it hidden behind your monitor and also a webcam mount for your webcam so that way it's not just sitting on your desk I'm guessing it doesn't fit on top of your monitor which is why you left it on the desk so this mouth will actually help you keep the surface area cleaner a very dope black-and-red setup Thank You Christian for entering next up we have Edwin with a very clean black and blue setup so he's hooked up the LG 34 inch ultra wide on your monitor arm and right above that is the Pioneer sound bar the desk looks pretty dope according to Edwin it's custom made but I would love to know where you picked up the tabletop from for peripherals he has the Razer BlackWidow chroma and a DeathAdder chroma on top of another Razer Firefly that's like two setups already with Razer gear there's not much else on the desk other than a plant and a phone stand of course we have the PC as well which has a 6400 and a gigabyte gtx 960 surprisingly it's water-cooled as well he does have a tranche on vintage microphone hiding off to the side when he is not using it and below the desk key mounted and Anchor USB hub and the rest of the cable very clean job with the cable management there just overall a very clean set up as well Thank You Edwin for entering jumping into multi-monitor setups we have Joshua up next with three 24-inch LG monitors a habbit keyboard and a cursor m65 Pro RGB mouse on top of the reflex lab mouse pad he also has a couple of Star Wars figurines and a salt lamp for that mood lighting and according to some articles I found it can actually help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms amongst other things like improving mood concentration and even better sleep it's usually had no idea about any of this so I actually picked one up for myself to test it out cable management is also pretty good all the wires are off the ground and stored inside the rack so no complaints here this part looks a bit familiar from my previous perfect setups looks like hooked up a USB hub and routed the cloud to headphone cable through here as well the PC that's pushing all these pixels has a 4770k and an EVGA GTX 1074 to win the set up doesn't really have a theme nor does it have any personality but it's put together nicely and if that's all you care about then more power to you looks like you're a fan of Star Wars so personally that was my setup I would add a Star Wars mural right above your setup I actually found a few badass ones on eBay and I'll have a link down below if you want to check them out but actually pretty cheap - a very nice setup indeed Thank You Joshua for entering changing things up we have a dual setup from lock an rog inspired setup i should say this room looks badass I'm definitely loving that custom ROG plaque on the wall and that's not the only piece - there's a custom piece hanging right above the couch and their ceiling are you kidding me right now you can even change the colors like wow alright so back to the actual setup the left one has a 27-inch asus rog swift monitor corsair k70 rapid-fire RGB keyboard and of course an asus rog spatha mouse on top of the Firefly mousepad data setup also has a 27-inch asus monitor but it's a slightly different model and for peripherals he's rocking a Corsair strafe RGB Asus Gladius Mouse on top of an Asus RGB wet stone mousepad I think that's how you say I'm not sure if he shares this setup with a sibling or if he's using two setups for two different things since you didn't clarify that in the notes aside from all the cool in this room I think the custom desk is probably the coolest cable management on the other hand is not so cool it can definitely be improved with a channel raceway that you can hook up on at a desk with lots of 3m tape to keep stuff off of the ground PC number one is rocketing 68 50 K overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz and an asus rog Strix 10 80 with 32 gigs of ram while pc number 2 has a 50 20 k also overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz and an asus strix 1060 i guess you only took a picture of one of the pcs i mean what can I say I'm definitely loving this rog themed gaming room i think you guys did an awesome job on all the custom work and this is definitely worthy of a seal of approval had you perfected the cable management regardless thank you lock for entering finishing up the episode we have sama and his minimalistic setup being powered by a 13-inch MacBook Pro is rockin a 27-inch Asus monitor that's in between some Sony speakers he's also running a wireless setup using the Apple magic keyboard and mouse I also liked how he kept it symmetrical as well by putting an award plaque on each side of the desk Sava has also added a hook to hold his lightning cable on the right side and an anchor USB hub on the left I'm not sure what the switch is for maybe for the RGB lights but it's in a very convenient place I don't see any wires so I have nothing bad to say on the cable management but overall a very simple and clean setup no doubt Thank You sama for entering so that is it for this episode I've set up for it soon guys so much for watching make sure to drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup actually in the near future the nice app will have a voting system so you guys can actually go on there and check out the real-time votes on each setup so we're gonna be rolling that really soon sometime in January so make sure you guys stick around thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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