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Setup Wars - Episode 86

so congratulations to the five winners of the nice app from last week's episode of setup Wars if you guys have the app downloaded then you guys would have seen the push notification that I sent Monday morning as always every single week there will be a giveaway on setup boards and all you guys have to do to participate is download the nice app and like a few products you guys see on this episode on the nice app and what that does it is basically as the product to your wishlist and I pick five winners every single week on Monday and they win some pretty cool prizes I've talked a lot about nice on my channel before but for those of you who are new nice basically gets you early access to my setup boards and a bunch of other videos you can browse through products on there and even like them and save stuff to your wish list as you are watching the video but with all that said welcome to setup wars episode 86 if you guys want to participate in seventeen your desk setup make sure to watch the video down below let the set up or is begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out starting off the episode we have Alessandro and a triple monitor setup featuring a 28 inch 4k monitor from AOC that's in between two 19-inch dual monitors and vertical mode at first I thought this was just a massive desk but it appears to be two telco office desks combined together I also like how he has a matching trashcan to his wallpaper so on the desk he has the CM quick-fire keyboard and CM storm Sentinel Mouse used in conjunction with the worldcat a pari Mouse bungee for audio he is using the Sennheiser HD 201 headphones and the August EP 650 wireless headphones which is resting on the far right since he doesn't have a headset he is using a trust stars microphone which he pulls out whenever he needs to do voiceovers or use it for chat I also liked the IKEA plant pot off to the right side and the cool looking LED lamp right next to it I feel like most people would put tons of stuff on their desk if they had such a large surface like this so it's nice to see that Alessandro kept it to a minimum cable management is also done really well not a single wire on the ground and everything is routed underneath the table and down the legs into the back of the PC this must have taken a while to do so good work and finally the pcs powering the set up has an a 535 70 K paired with a gtx 680 amp Edition which he claims to be able to run games over 30fps and 4k resolution and 60fps and 2k resolution which is kind of hard to believe regardless it's a very clean setup Thank You Alessandra for entering next up is Andrew with a very nice black and red setup that's built on a custom made desk I liked how he built a dedicated place just for his PC so instead of keeping it on the floor he placed it on a stand where it's still visible he's rocking 3 24 inch asus monitors a Corsair Vengeance k70 keyboard with cherry reds and a corsair scimitar RGB mouse on top of the tech where hast mousepad for audio he's using a pair of Altec Lansing speakers and he also has a HyperX cloud 2 headset on a custom made hanger cable management is really good all the wires are wrapped the spiral tubing there's also a hole drilled in a desk for the keyboard and mouse there's even a cable box for the power snip and even the cables running down the wall have a channel Raceway by the way check this out guys he hooked up a PC case pan underneath his router to keep it cool that's pretty impressive and finally a PC that's pushing all of these pixels is running on a 6700 K and a GTX 980 extreme gaming edition from gigabyte and 32 gigs of ram from Corsair I don't know how I feel about the random Xbox controller being in the center of your desk but everything else is nicely organized and has purpose I especially like the 8-bit art on the wall of Deadpool and Harley Quinn overall a very dope looking black and red setup thank you Andrew for entering I number three we have Gonzalo with a razor themed setup he has a massive 4k TV from Samsung that's being used as a monitor and for the gear he is of course rockin Razer peripherals we got the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard Mamba mouse and a chimera 5.1 headset he also has a pair of m50x headphones and Logitech X 530 speakers I definitely loved how he kept everything symmetrical as well both sides of the desk have the same amount of devices that's what I like to see cable management is pretty much perfect there's only a single wire running down which I'm guessing is the main power strip that has everything connected to it and even the cables and his drawers are neatly organized his custom PC is running on a 2600 K that's paired with a gigabyte g1 gaming GTX 970 and I just want to thank you for actually spending some time to take your pc outside to take pictures honestly the only thing I would do to this desk if it were mine is to drill a hole in the desk to wrap the keyboard wired through for a wireless look but overall this is a very solid setup Thank You Gonzalo for entering now here's a setup that has a lot going on and Jack managed to cram a lot of things on his tiny IKEA linman desk he has 227 inch acer monitors up top an Xbox one underneath that and then right next to that an MSI laptop he's also using a Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and the Mamba tournament Edition Mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad he also managed to squeeze in a pair of creative t20 speakers a snowball eyes microphone and a turtlebeach x12 headset Wow if your bed wasn't so close to your desk and if you didn't have a shelf blocking side I would have recommended some capital eggs from Ikea to mount your speakers on the sides to free up some space but I'm afraid you just don't have the room for any of that the only other things I can recommend to you are a boom arm for the snowball ice so that you can attach it to the right side of your desk and a headphone hanger for the side as well that should help free up a few things from your desk at least even with all the stuff on the desk I'm surprised you managed to keep the cable management under control it looks like the IKEA Signum is holding up most of the cables and the rest have been wrapped up with some velcro and then down here is the PC itself which is equipped with a 6700 and a GTX 960 I'm personally not a fan of cramped setups but I do understand that sometimes you are limited to the amount of space you can work with and I think it did a good job making it work thank you jack for entering last but not least we have Kerry and another black-and-red setup that's built on a homemade desk which is built into the wall he's walking yep editor x34 gaming ultrawide monitor with a Logitech g7 10 plus keyboard and e cursor M 65 Pro RGB mouse on top of the VIP hams extended mousepad he built up a total beach recon 50 yet set that's behind the monitor and speaking of behind it looks like all the cables are ran alongside the wall and into the hole that was drilled in the corner of the desk and then out from the bottom nicely done but let's take a look at the PC this thing looks awesome it's running on a 6800 K and two msi gtx 1080s in sli definitely loving the custom painted sli bridge the v1 tech backplate and custom sleeping a very badass color scheme and impressive setup indeed Thank You Kerry for entering so that is it for this episode of setup porzingis so much for watching as always drop your comments down below and vote on new thing has the best desk setup I'll ask the winners via the app nice and also be posting them on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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