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Setup Wars - Episode 88

what supplies is that context toys and welcome to setup wars episode 88 where you submit you desk setup to get featured on the show so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video links down below as always every week we are doing a giveaway on the App nice and you guys know what nice is pretty much it's an apple you can watch youtube videos and browse products at the same time five lucky winners every single week will win some pieces of gear featured in these episodes so if you want to participate make sure you're watching this episode on the app and add any product you guys want to win to your wishlist but with that said and done let us begin the show if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out so starting off the episode strong we have absorb a with an interesting dual monitor setup and now at first I thought he had two pcs since the monitors are separated like that but it turns out he only has one PC instead I don't know exactly he uses this setup but if it looks for him then I have nothing to say at least he's getting a good neck workout he also has a 55 inch Grundig TV hooked up on the top with 225 inch dual monitors below that and in the middle of the desk is the Deathstalker gaming keyboard and Logitech MX master mouse for audio he is walking a pair of Giggy works C 20 speakers and a logitech g930 wireless headset that's hanging from the Alex drawers cable management is pretty much flawless all the wires are being held up by D IKEA Signum and even mounted the remote for his RGB lights on the side of his desk using some cable clips and 3m tape the PC that's probably the setup has a 67 GK and a nice GT X 1080 Strix this is definitely refreshing to see I haven't seen a setup quite like this before I mean it's organized the metrical and well put together Thank You op Dubai for entering speaking of well-put-together setups check out Nathan's white and blue ultra white setup right off the bat the presentation is just wow a 34 inch ultra wide from LG mounted against the wall without a single wire nearby you know what look set up start 1 cables through the wall it just looks so much cleaner on the IKEA lemon tabletop he's got the cursor shape RGB keyboard and that's at a chroma Mouse which he has drilled a hole for he's also walking a pair of both companion 5 speakers and a logitech g930 headset under the desk I do like the glasses and mustache prop along with the letters representing his legal name on the right side I feel like he's had a bit of a personality to his entire setup no complaints that the cable management looks like everything is under control it appears that he added some LEDs on the desk and a few other things for easy access like a USB hub and a retractable micro USB cable which is smart and finally the PC that's powering the setup has a 3770k and an asus strix gtx 970 symmetry organization and consists Cinci this setup has all of it excellent work and thank you Nathan for entering keeping the momentum going we have a triple amount of a setup from Timo he's got the 24 inch Acer in between two 21 inch dual monitors for peripherals he's using the SteelSeries FX 350 keyboard Logitech g600 mouse and that's pretty much everything on the desk other than the at2020 microphone and his PC which is equipped with a 4690k and an msi gtx 970 on the top shelf is a pair of logitech z 623 speakers and the popular HyperX cloud 2 headset he also has a gaming wheel for a logitech for racing game not much cootie-cat cable management since the backboard is blocking everything so on that note it's a pretty straightforward and clean setup Thank You T news for entering and number four we have Tom and a gothic theme set up literally everything here is in black he has an Acer x 34 predator ultrawide monitor a Logitech G 910 Orion spark keyboard and a G 900 Kaos Mouse from Logitech for audio he is using a pair of both companion 2 speakers and bose qc25 headphones resting on the newbie headphone hangers from the looks of it cable management seems to be on the control but can we have a look at this pc this thing looks incredible the N win 805 case is definitely a cool looking case but check out what's inside with an i7 60 a 50k overclock to 4.4 gigahertz 32 gigs of RAM a Samsung 950 pro m2 SSD and a gigabyte GG X 1080 with exceptional cable management he painted the orange parts from the gigabyte GPU to black along with a few other parts like the PCIe brackets and fan wires his setup may seem a bit cramps but everything is organized neatly and has purpose I gotta get props to staying consistent with the overall black theme as well thank you Tom for entering when I look at a setup like Vince's for example I can't help but see myself in it it seems like he is a neat freak with some OCD just like me and if this setup doesn't proves that then I don't know what will on a single wire is in sight and even mounted his custom water-cooled PC that's rockin a 6700 K and a gtx 980ti inside the alien lead pc OS 6s case also mounted against the desk is a master 40 inch 4k monitor from AMH he'll even his center speaker is mounted right below that it doesn't look like Vince uses any headphones the only audio source are those JBL laughs 30 speakers the keyboard of choice is the Razer Deathstalker ultimate and the mouse is the chroma Naga both from Razer and they are resting on a Deathstalker extended mousepad looks like he jeweled a hole for the keyboard and mouse and the rest of the cable management is pretty good there was a power strip mounted on the back board and the Sony receiver is also mounted however I do see some loose wires behind the Sony subwoofer I do like the fact that represents house targaryen like me so I'll give them some points there the flags on both sides of the setup along with the lights shining down on them are definitely a nice touch and add some personality to the entire setup job well done and thank you for entering so that is it for this episode of setup Wars as always makes you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and allows the winners on weekends on my social media platforms and also the winners for the giveaway will be announced every single Monday within the app so make sure you guys download the app and participate it's completely free and you got nothing to lose thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video
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