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Setup Wars - Episode 89

what's up guys is that some sex toys I'm welcome to episode 89 were used to mature desks that have to get featured on the channel so you guys wanna participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below as always and you guys when I participate in this week's giveaway from nice and interpret chance to win either a keyboard mouse headset or anything really featured in this episode then all you guys have to do is watch this episode on the app which I'll link down below and add any product you guys want to win to your wishlist that's very simple to do link is down below also guys there is a new feature on the app nice where you can actually vote on the set up so you guys can check the wheel time of vote counts and you can see who's winning in first place or in second and third and so on so that's a pretty cool feature but with that said let's go to begin the show if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out so first up we have a Phil and his symmetrical triple display setup there's a 24 inch LG monitor up top and two 27-inch dual monitors under that looks like the top monitor is mounted against the wall while the other two are hooked up using the Arctic Z 2 desk mount speaking of the desk key is using the popular IKEA lemon tabletop with the Alex drawer add-on the only thing he did differently is that he added a custom black glass cover on top to change the look the only negative thing about that is that you won't be able to drill any holes to the desk which actually worked out for a cell since he's using a wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech for audio he has a pair of Philips speakers and the sony MDR headphones hanging from the side of this PC it looks like the color scheme is mostly black with some red accents and you can tell from the rain color on the speaker's the 3d printed baseband and of course the parts to decide the PC there's a 35 70 K and a GTX 770 that's powering his setup cable iseman is pretty much flawless everything is really organized and tied together under the desk I have no complaints on the opposite side of the setup is assholes action figure collection that it looks like he's a huge fan of Marvel if the giant Captain America shield in between the two Marvel posters didn't give it away then this sure as hell does stepping into the next room is where you will find an l-shaped couch the more superhero posters on the wall and a 46 inch Samsung TV mounted against the wall it looks like it's connected to his PC judging by the wallpaper and I'm guessing it's used for screaming and watching videos a very sick set up indeed thank you assholes for entering mix up is Armand with a white and black gaming setup on top of the IKEA I can't desk I've seen quite a few setups with monitors in these positions and I've always assumed that they are either for programmers or graphic designers but if you guys position your honor is vertically as well let me know what you use it for in the comment section down below I'm kind of interested to find out so he's walking a 27-inch 8 suits on the left and a 24 inch Acer on the right both of which are hooked up to a mount the keyboard of choices the cursor strafe RGB with cherry MX silent switches and custom light key caps paired with a white SteelSeries rival 300 Mouse audio wise he's wearing the ashtray 50s that are resting on a clear headphone hanger and he also has the JBL charge 2 plus speaker a few other things on a desk include a wireless Qi charger from Samsung and detail tronics Elune desk lamp both of which are in white to match the color scheme of the entire setup nice work on the right side of the desk is the PC which is equipped with an FX 8350 and an r9 390 all black hands desks come with a mess underneath the table which makes cable management very easy and also looks like armand hooked up a channel raceway against the wall throughout the cables in look how clean that looks not a single wire is visible near the ground job well done an excellent setup Thank You Armen for entering at number three we have diver with a pretty simple setup actually he's only walk in a single 27-inch Samsung monitor that's in between to Adam a 7x speakers other than the Cherry MX board 6.0 keyboard and logitech g930 mouse there's really nothing else on the desk well besides the jack in amp for those headphones and speakers the headphones which are the sure s rh8 40s appears to be on a dresser right next to him and the pc is located under the desk i mean after all it doesn't have a side window so there's no need to keep it on top but in here you'll find the 59 60 x8 core processor paired with the asus strix gtx 980 and 32 gigs of ram which leads me to believe that this is a Productivity setup the desk is custom made and behind the backboard he hooked up the IKEA Signum rack to hold up the cables so I don't have any complaints here the only thing I would have loved to see on this already extremely clean setup was maybe a way to hide the keyboard wire but overall a very clean productivity setup Thank You diver for entering here's a pretty cool black and red set up from Derek so we have two 24-inch asus monitors a cooler master Devastator two keyboard and mouse combo and a JBL creature 3 speaker system the PC on the right side has a forty seven hundred and a GTX 1060 from MSI and topping off the setup is a rifle of some sort hanging right above the K Weismann seems to be on the control again thanks to the IKEA Signum racks are no complaints here the only thing I would suggest is to find a way to hide the keyboard and mouse cables since they are bit distracting I was personally drill a hole in the best for them but it's your setup and your call on the opposite side of the room is an awesome gaming and home theater setup with those surround sound speakers and projector this definitely looks like a really cool place to chill with friends and have some fun an awesome gaming room no doubts Thank You Derek for entering last but not least we have email and his new setup looks like he has majorly improved from last time so he got rid of his monitor stands and mounted his 27 inch stamps and monitors against the wall and got an entirely new desk from Ikea and because of this he was able to put his PC on the surface instead of keeping it on the ground everything else was pretty much the same you got the corsair k70 keyboard SteelSeries rival mouse and he raised her Firefly mousepad actually I believe the headset is also different he's using a black and red AKG headphones while last time it was a pair of white headphones as always cable management is on point not only for the setup but for his PC as well which still has a thing specs a 4790k and a gtx 970 email had a great setup before and now it's even better with all of the new equipments as always it's a pleasure to have you on the show thank you so much for entering so that is it for this episode of setup Wars make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always the winners will be announced on my social media platforms and also guys there's a new live of voting feature within the app nice you guys can actually vote on your favorite setup within that and also the winners will be announced in the app as well via push notifications then you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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