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Setup Wars - Episode 9

all right so it's 12:20 3 a.m. and I'm about to start filming set up for is episode 9 so apologies in advance if I don't sound enthusiastic or energized I'm really exhausted I'm running on about 5 hours of sleep so I'm just gonna go and jump straight into the video screw the intro so some of you guys been asking me where I've been getting my games from that I feature in my PC build videos and actually get them from g2a and most of you guys already know what that is but for those of you that don't it's basically a site where you can buy CD keys for dirt cheap I actually picked one up for Witcher 3 csgo and Crysis 3 all for a really great price I'm gonna be benchmarking those for the ultimate gaming PC that's coming in August but I'll go and drop a link down below if you guys want to check that out but anyways on with the show I so d5 chosen for this week are Alessio Eric Matt Maurice and rocky congratulations for making it into setup wars episode 9 all the products I mentioned in this video by the way will be linked down below as well as any product that I recommend in this episode it will have its very own special section down below so first up we have Alessio and it looks like we have a fairly simple setup a single 23 inch LG monitor with a corsair k70 keyboard and a pair X MX 200 Mouse I'm sorry about that mousepad has to go he also got the Turtle Beach px 22 headset on the table and LEDs for both your PC and your desk so point for coordination cable management is great and I can't help but notice that the desk has holes in it for routing cables through which is awesome and it definitely cleans up your desk since most of your stuff is black the white PC I new cabinet sticks out and it's actually the first thing that I noticed but the PC is walking and AMD FX 8350 GPU inside the stylish NZXT phantom 240 case as always I'll link the parts down below for anyone that's interested so a few things I would recommend first off the tape on your desk seems out of place and it would look a lot better on that little shelf on the right side also an MOV headphone hanger with keep your headset off the desk and add a nice look to your setup and lastly since your cables are going in one direction from your PC an omni mount cable wrap would clean it up nicely out on those minor fixes and a new mousepad you have a simple and clean set up Thank You LS Co for entering set upwards next up is Eric and we have a man cave setup by the way you have my approval for the black and red walls starting from the left we have a Dell XPS Studio laptop then your actual desktop followed by a 36 inch sony bravia tv hooked up to your ps4 and lastly an alienware 17 r2 gaming laptop hooked up to a pair of astro a40 s it looks like you have all of your bases covered I mean you get productivity and gaming laptops console gaming and even PC gaming as well combine all that with your mini-fridge and you are guaranteed no sunlight for weeks on the desk we have two asus 21.5 inch monitors a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and a Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse props for having asymmetrical and very clean setup you got the webcam in the middle Logitech speakers on both sides and in the middle of both monitors I also noticed that you have the Razer Kraken headphones hanging from the TV and a pair of Sony wireless headphones near the chess set I do like the red LEDs and I think it goes really well with the atmosphere you created however I would prefer them installed underneath the desk near the wall instead of on top not only will you get a really nice glow effect against the wall but the ground will also get illuminated as well and this way the LED strips won't be visible it will look a lot better trust me I also like how you organized the stuff on the shelves with a bunch of your games and the ps3 controllers although I would strongly recommend you to pick up five more ps3 controllers for those empty slots I mean I'll go ahead and send them to you if you promise to put them there cable management looks good from what I can tell however I'm just going to assume that it's a mess since you are covering them with pillows what a cheater anyways you've got a really cool mancave setup thank you Eric for entering setup wars matt is next up and we have a dual monitor setup two LG 22 inch monitors mounted above the desk you also have the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and a m95 mouse along with an extended mousepad also on the desk you have the creative t20 speakers sign Heiser HD headphones hanging on the side and your LED strips in the back excellent work on wire management there are no cables touching the ground so you get a point for that so a few things I'm pretty sure you have a good reason having your set up on the right side of the desk so I'm not gonna recommend moving it to the center which is what I would have preferred so I'm just gonna recommend an a th hanger for your headset but that's basically it pretty straightforward and clean set up thank you Matt for entering setup words next up is Maurice and it looks like we have a single 24 inch tail monitor a Logitech G 105 keyboard and a rat 9 wireless mouse you also have some pretty cool-looking speakers from Edifier and I'm really diggin that desk pad you picked up from Ikea it really blends in beautifully with your Ikea desk and eliminates the need for an actual mousepad great job with cable management I don't see any wires and you have a pretty dope custom PC as well there's an i5 4690k CPU paired with the GTX 970 windforce edition inside the defined s case with red LEDs and as always I'll link the parts down below for anyone that's interested one thing I recommend is perhaps picking up an actual monitor riser not only will that look sweet with your setup but you can also have your Xbox controller the external hard drive and the speaker knob in a dedicated spot right under your monitor and since it's centered directly in front of you it will be a lot easier to reach and actually listed a few options down below if you want to check them out other than replacing the white mouse with a black one to better match your setup I'll recommend a pair of headphones since I don't see that you have one I recently picked up a pair of one of the best budget gaming headphones you can buy under 25 bucks and actually approve of the quality but I'll go and link that down below if you want to check that out and it will go really great with your setup but yeah I'm really diggin your black and red theme setup Thank You Maurice for entering setup words last but not least we have rocky and it looks like a Productivity setup with the 27-inch iMac and the Magic Mouse and trackpad on the desk we have the WASD custom-made keyboard KRK Rokit 5 speakers and the rode nt1 mic hooked up to the heil boom arm i like the fact that you hung around 50 x's on the wall and the speaker is on the iso acoustics stand everything is nicely organized and you did a phenomenal job on the wire management honestly i'm really impressed that you were able to hide the wires on a dress well desk it's definitely not an easy task I was going to recommend a monitor stand like the previous set up but then I saw that you're using this little box under the Focusrite audio interface as your stand and you even have a USB hub and lightning connector inside for easy access you really did think of everything didn't you honestly if I can vote I would easily vote for your setup I mean you don't need a quadruple martyr set up with LEDs and a $50,000 PC to win sometimes all it takes is a simple clean and clever setup like this to impress me greatly brilliant setup rocky thank you for entering setup wars so that's it for this week's episode of set up warrants voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comment down below and vote on who has the best desk setup voting will conclude this Saturday and I will announce a winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so if you guys want to know who wins make sure you are following me there as always if you guys enjoy watching you series and when we continue doing them every Monday let me know by smashing that like button that's the only way I can tell you guys actually enjoy watching it but anyways that's it thank you so much for watching this is that from Texas I'm gonna go to sleep and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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