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Setup Wars Episode 90 | WORST SETUP EDITION

ladies and gentlemen it is time to put on the douchebag hat been a while welcome to setup wars episode 90 potato Edition where I've been going through some really crappy setups and the person with the worst setup will win $100 according to you guys so there will be a 12 holding down below make sure you guys click and vote at the end of this episode and also if you guys are struggling with your own setup and have a potato set up as well and want to participate for episode 100 make sure to watch the video link all the way down below and find out what you need to do to enter ladies and gentlemen with a set of boards begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest CV keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out starting off the episode we got Ahmed and I don't actually have the vocabulary to describe what exactly this is I don't know if this is an actual setup but here we go anyways so he's walking a 32-inch TCL TV that's hooked up to his PC which has a 45 70 and an EVGA GTX 770 it seems like his display is on a dresser while the wireless keyboard and mouse are on top of a drawer that appears to be falling apart in fact I think the drawer was a part of a desk or something at one point I'm not sure what that cable is used for but I'm pretty positive you don't need that much of it speaking of cables the management is pretty much atrocious there are a few ethernet cables disconnected the PC wires are all over the place and it just seems like a tornado hit this place hard I mean this dude has socks and paper bags on the ground there's really nothing I can recommend that will help me sleep better at nights because the main issue here is the space the dresser is taking up most of it and there's really no way around it I mean at this point I would rather pick up a lap dog and throw away that broken drawer at least this way you can game on your lap and have more legroom good luck Ahmed and thank you for entering thanks to heavens at least Brad has a decent looking setup so what his laptop is being held up by a box and that his setup is on top of a nother setup at least it doesn't look like a tornado hit the place so on the top setup he has a 22 inch dual monitor that's hooked up to a Dell laptop and we also have a pair of sony MDR headphones and a smartphone charging dock while the bottom desk that's holding up everything as a printer and bail router it also looks like he hooked up something to the table to hold up his Microsoft keyboard and mouse I got to give him some credits for being creative though I mean that's pretty impressive he also actually worked on his cable management unlike some other people in this episode I'm not sure why he kept the long power strip on the ground since there is clearly room for it on the rack but if there isn't a simple cable sleeve and box , would work just fine however you probably need a small a power ship for it to work I will link my favorite ones down below for you if you're interested one thing I really don't understand is the extra table on top the bottom desk has plenty of space for your monitor and a laptop but call me crazy I feel like you purposely set this up to accommodate the height of your chair and if that's the case wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a smaller chair I don't know about whatever this is it's a least organized good luck and thank you for entering and we're back to tornado season john has a 21 inch Toshiba monitor which also happens to be his PC there's a corsair void headset hanging from it and he's also using the same keyboard and mouse that came with the pc and that's pretty much it on the nightstand other than his iPhone 5s box and his wallet stacked with cash I don't even know what kind of chair he is using I feel like there used to be a giant hole in the middle and he decided it would be a good idea weaving the hole with some strings it's apparent that cable management is well there actually isn't any cable management so on that note I would obviously recommend a larger desk to begin with and five minutes of your time watching my cable management video because there's a lot of work that needs to be done here thank you John for entering and good luck traveling to France we got Paris coming in at number four with another decent setup actually even though I strongly advise putting against the monitor on top of your ps4 especially if it's skin by dbrand how dare you I guess you needed some space for your I don't even know what this is but apparently it's flipping everyone off for audio he's rocking a pair of havoc headphones and a nemesis keyboard and world cats Mouse one thing I just noticed in the notes is that this desk is custom made which is interesting I can't even be mad at his cable management at least he tried even if it's wrapped up in take I mean this guy's cable management is better than most submissions I receive believe it or not he even has a glass desk and finally the windowless PC that's powering the setup has a 2100 K and an EVGA GTX 740 honestly if it weren't for the dirty wall which also has holes in it this setup would have been a great contender for the 2017 set up of the year yeah right thank goodness this episode is almost over last but not least we have will with a single monitors setup I actually take that back you actually doesn't have a it's just a Dell PC hooked up to a Dell keyboard and mouse that's on a carpet he'll even as TV is on carpet he's also using a note pad of some sort as a mousepad and some pillows as his seat but what really touched my heart was this tiny mercury beam Bluetooth speaker that hooked up to his PC he just wanted to listen to some music man ladies and gentlemen a moment of silence for our brother will who had to deal with this abominable setup for I don't know how long that's enough nonsense will my prayers are with you my friend thank you for entering and good luck so that is if it is episode of setup Wars potato edition make sure you guys click on the strawpoll link and vote on who you think has the worst that setup in that person will win $100 all of the winners via the nice app as well as my social media platforms if you guys want to participate preference of 100 make sure to watch the video links down below I am currently taking submissions for the potato Edition as always if you guys enjoyed the potatoes ation of set up boards make sure to leave a like obviously don't take anything I say in this episode seriously because this is all done for entertainment I should probably say that in the beginning of this video but anyways thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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