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Setup Wars - Episode 91

what's up guys it's ad from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 91 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below with the setup wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 AECOM because they have the cheapest cd-keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out the guys starting this episode the voting is no longer done in the comment section and instead you can vote on the app nice and not only does it keep track of who's winning but you guys can actually see the number of votes in real-time I'll drop a link to the app down below it's completely free you guys can also watch my videos a few days early some times a week I know my next episode of setup Boris is already on the app so make sure you guys check it out once again link is down below let's go ahead and dive into the episode starting off the episode we got duncan and his black and white set up with a pre-built desk in his uni room he's rocking the EC's 27 inch 144 hertz gaming monitor that hooked up to his beast machine that's equipped with a 6700 K and 2 ZOTAC gtx 1070 s in sli i love how clean the build turned out and those custom back plates though very nice he's also using the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and scimitar RGB mouse that's sitting on top of the mm 300 extended mouse pad also from corsair and what's interesting is that duncan decided to wrap the cables near the back using a cable sleeve and a cable drop I guess it's not as obtrusive since it's black but it's still noticeable I would use something more thinner like the wiremold channel from coordinate I know it's in white but it will actually work with your setups color scheme you can even paint it in black if you are that picky for audio he's using a pair of both companion size speakers the Audio Technica m50 X's that are hanging out of the desk and a blue snowball ice microphone that's hooked up to a newer boom arm the boom arm looks like it's hanging from the top shelf cable management seems to be under control he's using another cable sleeve to group up all the wires that are running into the cable box also great use of the cable clips that are keeping the wires from hanging down a very solid gaming setup to start to show off Thank You Duncan for entering Kari coming in at number two with an interesting spread out corner desk set up black and white is the color scheme and gaming is the purpose a lien widow I mean there's iBUYPOWER there's even Origin PC hell even hot wheels make better pcs than Alienware the rest of the gear though I prove we got the Acer 34 inch predator as the main monitor then we got a 28 inch 4k a suits on the right side and an iMac 5k for a Productivity I'm assuming Kerry's also using the coarser strafe RGB keyboard and m65 trail mouse on top of the Firefly mousepad now I don't know if those were pre-drilled holes that came with desk or what but I'm glad to see that you ratted them through there nonetheless for audio he's using the popular Logitech V 5450 wireless surround sound speakers and of course they're void RGB that's hanging from the Luxa to stand everything is nicely spread out and doesn't look cluttered at all then again he does have a lot of surface area to work with the only potential issue I see is the iPhone stand being too far off while you are using the gaming setup I do want to take this time and give you props for not only staying consistent with overall color scheme but also furnishing your room very well the black on white contrast is looking amazing throughout the entire room I'm not so sure how he modded the desks but it looks like there's some space in between the two tabletops that he used and you managed to system LED strips and therefore a nice lighting effect job well done cable management has also done well but that's to be expected from a setup like this a very refreshing setup no doubt Thank You Kerry for entering now here is a stunning white and black setup from Steve's god dayum the color coordination is next-level he's using to 27-inch 4k monitors from Acer which are hooked up to his gigabyte gtx 980ti as inside the NZXT Noctis 450k it appears that this is a Productivity set up as well judging by the 59 60 X processor 32 gigs of ram and the Apple keyboard I mean I get the Wireshark ooh mouse but why go with a wired Apple keyboard if they have one Wireless I feel like the desk would have looked a lot cleaner with the wireless keyboard for audio he's using the Edifier Prisma encore bluetooth speakers which looks like something great out of a sci-fi movie and also a pair of white Alpine wireless headphones that are resting on me so touchy headphone stand he does have a microphone setup as well we got the MXL studio 24 USB microphone hooked up to the newer suspension arm which by the way is in a great location it doesn't interfere with the monitors nor does it get in the way of anything some other things on the desk that also complement the set up very well is the iPhone dock from sim juromaru which is actually the one I'm using for my own setup and the popular Note II smart light cable management also seems to be under control I don't think I've actually seen this before but it looks like Steve used some paper clips to keep the cables under the desk hey if it works it works right you also managed to hook up his power outlet against the wall I honestly don't have any complaints here I mean it's not the prettiest but it works if it weren't for the black and red chair completely throwing up the color scheme this would have been a perfect white and black setup thank you nonetheless Steve for entering at number 4 we got true pay with a quad display set up a rainbow quad display set up actually a massive 55 inch 4k TV from Samsung up top 27 inch 4k monitor in between - 23 inch 1080p monitors from Lenovo and all that is sitting on top of a custom made desk there's definitely a lot going on here but oddly enough is somewhat symmetrical I like how you hooked up two of his Logitech speakers on each side of the wall with a cable Tunnel hiding the wires on the surface you got the Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and the asus rog spatha mouse on top of the glorious extended mousepad i guess he was going for a white and black bean but the rainbow colors and the blue LED from the keyboard kind of throw it off a bit great work with cable management also it looks like everything is kept off the ground so I don't have any complaints here also down here on the brainwave singer are two headsets the logitech g930 3 snow Edition nd JBL Everest elite 700 headphones I also just noticed a microphone sticking out from behind the TV it looks like an MXL 990 and he also has a 9 91 on the other side not too sure why he needs two microphones though the pc that's pushing all these pixels might mess with your OCD because it's running on a 6p 50k and two different GPUs actually the same r9 390x but they're from two different brands to be fair he just put in the notes that he is waiting for this 1080 TI's to release and that I bought these GPUs at different times aside from the GPUs this is a very nice-looking black and white build props on the cable management as well I'm guessing you get a lot of poo tanks from the set up you bring a girl over set her down on the couch and show her your light show and then afterwards let's just say she's going to check out your other setup last but not least we have Vega with a more simple setup so he's running to a 27 inch gaming monitors a Razer BlackWidow chroma and a Mamba mouse on top of an extended mousepad seems like a very organised white and black setup with purple accents the PC that's powering it has a 6700 K and a gigabyte 980ti inside the NZXT s340 case very clean work with the cable management and I'm loving that backplate for audio he is using a JBL charge to speaker and to headphones we got the turtlebeach xo7 headset and the popular audio Technica's I'm not so sure which model that is since he didn't mention it in the notes he also has a blue Yeti microphone set up on the road boom arm but ladies and gentlemen can we take a look under the desk please what a work of art he has both of his consoles on top of some custom-made shelves which also appeared to be skinned by D brands that is what I'm talking about no complaints here everything is neatly organized under the desk superb work I don't know how I feel about the controller stands being in the center of the desk I mean I get that it adds to the symmetry and the overall theme of the setup but it's like there's no real purpose to be right there in the center instead I would move them closer to the PC on the right side to clear up the center of the desk more but that's just my two cents regardless is a very clean and organized set up no doubts Thank You Vega for entering so that is if it is episode of setup always make sure you guys download the app nice and both within the app because the tracking is done in real time and yes can see who the winner is but either way I will be announcing the winners on my social media platforms fingers much watching and I will see you in the next video
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