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Setup Wars - Episode 92

both the guys that from dexters and welcome to set up for its episode 92 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video link down below as always without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest CD T's available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out also before I begin the episode if you're watching this on YouTube episode 93 of setup Wars is already uploaded on the nice app and a link to that is down below as well let's begin the show starting up the show we got a pretty clean set up from Justin that features two Asus 27-inch monitors and a 43 inch high sense 4k TV up top he's also rocking a Corsair strafe RGB keyboard m65 Pro Mouse and a pair of audio engine 85 plus speakers although he does have a logitech g930 gaming headset as well so all of that is one set up and then we got another one adjacent to this where he is using two more 27-inch Asus monitors and a wireless keyboard and mouse that's hooked up to a laptop while his main setup is being powered by an asus strix 1080 and a 6700 K by the way SiC custom back plates and fan grills from the guys at v1 tech huge fan of their work there's only one share here so I'm assuming that both of these setups are his but the question is why cable management Daniel look at that beauty wonderfully wrapped together using cable sleeves then rather through some sort of a metal waste way music to my ears and incredibly clean setup I mean this dudes carpet looks like it's just been washed seriously an amazing setup Thank You Justin for starting off this episode strong may the force be with you speaking of clean setups take a look at this one from Christian we got three 24-inch philips monitors so steps to wall-e and below them we got the CM storm quickfire ultimate keyboard and in logitech g502 mouse i love how he routed the keyboard wire around the base of the monitor stand is trying to be all slick ICU for audio he's using the logitech g502 speakers but he also has the SteelSeries Siberia v3 headset as well which is hanging underneath the desk when not in use and while we're down here let's take a look at the cable management it's not the best but at least all the wires are off the ground and on the ICS Signum rack I was probably tidy up the cables behind the PC as well and is that let a food menu tape to the side of your case so yeah the PC is running on a 46 70 K and a GTX 770 I don't know where you got that poster from but I like it videogames don't make me want to kill people real life makes me want to kill people in video games nice what can I say you put it up set up with some personality Thank You Christian for entering Maron is up next with a nature themed set up he's being a 34-inch dell ultra wide Corsair Vengeance k70 keyboard and an m65 trail mouse but an interesting cable management sleeve that i've never seen before also on the desk you got a pair of logitech speakers and Sennheiser urbanite XL headphones resting on some mannequins head the two plants combined with the LEDs and wallpaper really give off a nature vibes and I like that I don't think I've seen a nature themed set up since Val from episode 13 and that was a very long time ago there's also a laptop on the table and his phone stand that it looks like all the cables are neatly tucked underneath the desk he even has a custom-made clear box of some sort that he is using to keep some cables and very clever a pretty straightforward setup thank you Maron for entering and number four we have spiked and a very badass setup indeed I just love how the LEDs in the background blend in with the wallpaper speaking of the background those red dots are places that he visited before which i think is an awesome integration to his wallpaper even before we take a look at the gear let's drool over his badass PC that he built inside the Aero cool Strike X air which essentially is a testbed so this thing is rocking a 4770k and an msi gtx 980ti in a custom loop very very badass i so back to the setup using a 34 inch dell ultra wide that's in between two more 19 and still monitors now i'm not sure if they are just for decoration or he's actually using them since they are pretty spread out he's also using the corsair k70 keyboard and another m65 mouse Jesus I think that's like the third one in this episode also the desk we have is focus right audio interface which he uses with his Sennheiser HD 550 headphone and the audio technica at2020 microphone with also for audio he has a set of Edifier are 27s on both edges of the dead I can't really see any cables in the shot since everything is tucked away behind the backboard and you also managed to hide quite a few things behind the monitor itself if you look at the opposite side of the setup we can see a massive 60-inch Samsung TV that's hooked up to the wall along with the onkyo 5.1 speaker right below that and a fully-stocked mini-fridge nearby if you look closely you can see is ps4 right on top which is what I'm assuming the TV is used for also I don't know if it's me but this guy looks like he's living in a skyscraper or something just look at that view Wow an excellent setup and an even better gaming room thank you spike for entering last at least we got tins dual display setup white and black with some pink accents is what we're looking at here folks tin is using 2 23 inch asu's monitors that's so step to the wall amount and below that we got the corsair k70 RGB lux with white pbbt caps and holy another m65 mouse what the hell is going on that Mouse isn't even that great is it I mean I don't know I've never been a fan of the mouse it looks like he's also using the cursor Polaris RGB mouse pad and a blue Yeti microphone for audio we've got a few options because they're void wireless RGB headset and the HyperX cloud twos there's also a JBL bluetooth speaker under both of the monitors he does have a MacBook Air but the PC that's actually powering this setup is inside the Sensex evolved ATX case that's equipped with the 6700 K and an asus strix 1070 and finally the cable management nicely done hiding it behind the desk and wrapping the power strip against one of the legs a very clean and impressive setup no doubt thank you 10 for entering so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys vote within the app nice you guys can actually check out the voting in real time to see you is winning to see who's not nes can also watch my next episode of setup wars on the app as well as already uploaded all of the link to them down below thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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