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Setup Wars - Episode 95 | Budget Edition

what's up guys it's jeff from tech source and welcome to setup boards episode 95 budget edition and let me remind you guys again every single time budget doesn't mean poor people can have high budgets people can have smaller budgets but all the setups in this episode will be not high-end setups if that makes any sense so with that said and done let the set of wars begin here's a pretty cool black and red set up from Elias he's using a 24 inch Samsung monitor that's hooked up to is GTX 970 he's also got the 6600 K processor in there as well a desk is from ikea and it's the freddy workstation which is pretty cool because at the top shelf to store some things as well as two side shelves for speakers and a bottom shelf for a subwoofer or a smaller pc it's also not that expensive for $229 you get a really solid workstation with lots of space Elias is also rocking the Corsair strafe RGB keyboard and an X sub L wireless mouse and for audio is using the trust GX p38 speakers and also a pair of Beats Studio Headphones hanging from his desk it's actually pretty cool looks like the desk comes with some knobs near the top for hanging things like headphones for example no complaints on cable management looks like the Signum is doing its job and I pretty much wraps up this balanced setup not expensive at all a fairly decent budget set up Thank You Elias for entering here's another very clean set up Magnus is using a 24 inch AOC monitor cm storm quickfire TK keyboard and the SteelSeries rival 100 Mouse he didn't use any headphones with his setup instead he's sticking with his creative trig for trig you three thousand speakers and that's pretty much it on the surface other than some crops on the left side the PC that's powering the monitor has an i5 6600 and a GTX 10 6p excellent work with the cable management everything is under control and even managed to hook up the creative speaker controls and RGB remote under the desk as well what else can I say a pretty simple and straightforward setup Thank You Magnus for entering at number three we got Louis with an interesting custom desk that he made himself and I'm assuming painted himself as well looks like the monitor stand and speaker stands were also made by him but was black and red a good choice for this setup though I mean he got green accents on the Mackie Co four speakers silver accents on the 27-inch Dell monitor and PC case it doesn't really go well together at least your parts inside the PC are black in red we got the CC 600 K and MSI GTX 1060 and a black and red Lambo as a prop I think at the Lambo the keyboard is using is the logitech Orion and g6 10 and we also have a logitech anywhere 2 wireless mouse he's not really showing off his entire cable management area so I can't really judge that but from what I can see from the holes drilled in the desk and the cable raceway in the back of the desk it's actually managed pretty well other than the color scheme I think he did a pretty good job with the custom work in this setup Thank You Louis for entering now here's a pretty dope looking blue and white set up from son he's rocking a 25 inch dual monitor lenovo wireless keyboard and Logitech g600 Mouse Ferrario he's using his Logitech G 430 headphones that are chilling on the Philips LED lamp on the desk and he also has a pair of alright speakers as well which apparently doesn't exist I tried looking at referees and I cannot find them he does have a 13-inch MacBook Pro on the desk for work and portability but the main PC is calling this setup has an i5 6600 K and an Rx 470 inside a case that I haven't yet seen based on the images on Google it looks like the Aero cool p7 case but this one has a full tempered side panels and the p7 doesn't so I'm not really sure if this was modded or not not much going on on a desk in terms of cable management except that one wire running alongside the wall now I know it's only single wire but even adding a cable raceway like this will clean it up a lot it's basic art straight lines are sexy as opposed to wavy lines ask anyone other than that I don't really have any recommendations or complaints to be honest the setup is not cluttered at all and I think it's put together very nicely Thank You Stan for entering last but not least we have Valentine with a very refreshing setup definitely a chill environment as well I don't know what it is with brick walls but it really changes the ambiance of the entire room because it doesn't look like an average bedroom lighting that's why anyway so he has a single Phillips monitor resting on a monitor riser which by the way he made himself along with the entire desk he also has the Mad Catz strikethrough gaming keyboard and courser scimitar Mouse I definitely liked that he kept consistent with a color scheme throughout he's also got the Logitech G 230 headphones with the red ear cups a red windscreen on his divine microphone and of course red LEDs to top everything off the PC that's probably the setup has a 57 to carry and a GTX 970 turbo edition GPU inside the sharkpoon case with the release of Rison I'm hoping to see more AMD built in the future cable management looks good under the desk cover the headset cable is really obtrusive and the best way to solve that is to mount the headset on the other side of the desk and want the cable under the desk and into the back of the PC it will definitely clean up the surface of the desk a lot but other than that it's a pretty clean setup thank you Valentine for entering so that is it for this episode of setup Wars make sure you guys use the app nice and vote on who you think has the best budget desk setup allows the winners on my social media platforms thank you so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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