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Setup Wars - Episode 96

so guys remember a time where I cover myself and D brand skins when a video which 50,000 likes or something like that well I'll see if we can do that again just because I'm feeling a bit bored I want to spice up these videos once again so this video is 50,000 likes I will not only cover my face and head indie brands but my entire arm and upper body as well so I'm not gonna be wearing a shirt or a shirt or anything and it's going to be covering everything indie band skin so that should be pretty interesting so welcome to Star Wars Episode a 96 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below that's it setup boys begin starting off the show is alesandro's white-and-black gaming setup featuring two 27-inch asus monitors and the first thing i noticed is how cluttered the surface of the desk is we have two mice a pair of headphone and xbox controller and an external hard drive taking up some space on the desk the only logical explanation I can think of why he has both an MX master and a Logitech g600 mouse is for gaming and productivity but even then I would at least put the other mouse and the extra stuff in a drawer somewhere instead of leaving it on the desk he also has the corsair strafe RGB keyboard and that's pretty much all that's on the desk except for some Star Wars figurines we got my boy Kyle over there chilling next to his PC which by the way seriously needs some cable management tips so what on earth is this disaster if you're going to go with a clear side panel like I keep saying please work on your cable management especially if it's a badass PC I mean this thing is rocking a 68 50 K + 2 GTX 1080s if you're spending that much money on your parts why not spend some extra money on cables or the very least work on the cable management speaking of which the entire setup needs work on that as well we're talking some velcro straps cable boxes and even sleeves to fix this monstrosity I definitely see a lot of potential here you stay true to the color scheme and have an awesome desk to work with just gotta split up a few things I'll recommend putting the PC on the bottom of the desk since the insides aren't lily worth looking at and instead I would put a desk organizer on the top to keep most of your stuff in like the extra Mouse and the external hard drive I found a few good ones on Amazon which I will link below if anyone is interested regardless thank you alessandro for entering changing things up we got a pretty wicked triple display set up from Colin he's walking three 24-inch Dell monitors hooked up to the vivo hex band and below that we got the Corsair Vengeance k-6 t5 keyboard and Corsair m65 mouse sitting on top of the perixx mousepad now even though he didn't drill a hole for those cables I will give him some credit because it's hardly noticeable for my distance from the way he routed them around the monitor stand for audio he's using a pair of clip speakers and the Sennheiser HD 380 pro headphones and he also has a blue snowball mic right in the center I mean the tree is definitely there I think Colin did a great job putting all of this together it's symmetrical it's organized and that desk mod looks pretty damn cool it appears you installed for capital eggs on the top of the IKEA Alex yours and hooked up the IKEA ham our countertop right above it very nice and also props on keeping everything organized under the desk as well the PC that's pushing all these pixels has a 4690k and two gigabytes 770's Colin does have another set up which I'm assuming is for productivity and it's powered by a 15-inch MacBook Pro that's sitting on the M stand and that's also hooked up to a 2 terabyte external hard drives from WD pretty straightforward and nothing too crazy here and finally if you want to mention the wall of Lego models I honestly didn't even know that Lego had architecture versions until I saw this set up it's kind of like Legos for adults but that's pretty nice display of some of your creations you got there no major complaints this is a well-put-together setup and I like it Thank You Colin for entering and number three we got Gabe was a pretty cool single monitor setup he's got the 24 inch asus monitor right below a 42 inch Samsung Smart TV which is using as an overhead we do got some acoustic bottoms on the wall for aesthetics since I don't see a microphone set up anywhere but we do have a pair of can tell you five speakers and it looks like that's the only audio source he has for his setup the keyboard and mouse combo are both from Logitech she's using the G 9 10 and g502 proteus spectrum the set up definitely feels full as in there isn't any empty spaces and at the same time it's not cramped which is perfect adding some props like the halo energy sword on the wall are a great way to add some personality to this setup I also love that it didn't force this PC on the desk and instead put it on top of this drawer next to it looks like it's a mini ITX build with an i-5 6500 and an Asus 1060 I like how he not only kept with the color scheme of a set up but also the LEDs are matching has set up as well nicely done and finally we've got the cable management everything is hooked up on the Signum and he mounted his power strip on the top as well as a hole drilled for the keyboard and mouse not a bad setup Thank You Gabe for entering now here is a setup that will mesmerize you with a full-blown space theme the Samsung 55 inch 4k curved TV as the centerpiece of this entire setup I mean this dude's room is the perfect definition of a mancave there's a lot going on from the dozens of posters on the wall to the massive Diablo 3 props against the space wall and even the retro game collection he has on the other side displays screams I'm a gamer and I don't give a what you think I love it we're talking classics here Zelda Perfect Dark Castlevania Goldeneye but where the hell is Super Smash Bros this dude even as comic books and collector's edition items which I'm sure cost a lot of money but enough drooling over to use let's get back to the actual setup he's also using the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and Mambo Mouse which is sitting on a firefly mousepad but what's interesting is that he also has a giant space mouse pad on his desk the commitment to the space theme is truly admire about it doesn't look like he's using any speakers so the only audio source is the Modi blue headphones I'm not sure about the cable management situation as well since there is a giant backboard covering everything so if I can't see it I can't complain about it I also think that Josh picked the perfect case that matches his setups team this is the in win 805 case and he also has a custom-made infinity mirror desk just for his PC like I said the level of commitment is next level the color scheme and cable management inside the PC though that's a different story it's rocking a 6700 K and 2 980ti s and SLI I'm definitely not a fan of the color scheme and I feel like those GPU cables can definitely be improved but everything else in this entire room is awesome it's definitely in my top 5 man cave I've seen on the show Thank You Josh for entering last not least we have Jonas and a very simple yet gorgeous setup featuring the 29 inch ultra wide monitor from LG presentation is definitely their symmetry color scheme and even cable management who says you need to have your PC on the desk to have a good-looking setup although I think using red foams instead of black or even a combination of both would have looked much better than just speaking with black but I will give you props on how you mounted that monitor against the wall and using those foams around it to hide the cables running down under the desk that's where clever on the desk you got the Vengeance k70 keyboard and hero cat time Mouse that's sitting on top of the cool-looking trust GXT extended mousepad he's also using the HyperX cloud 2 headset but he also has a pair of Edifier M 20 to 80 speakers it's such a clean and minimalistic setup and I feel like that keyboard wire really ruins it regardless the rest of the cable management is excellent and the PC that's powering this setup has the 47 70 and a single ZOTAC gtx 980ti not much else to say job well done a very clean very organized thank you join us for entertain so that is it for this episode as setup wars as always make sure you guys vote using the app nice down below you guys can also check out the real-time votes and see who is winning and winners will be announced on my social media platforms as well as within the app also there's always a weekly giveaway happening on the app on setup or you guys can vote on whatever product you guys see on the actual show that you want to enter for a chance to win I think there's five winners every single week so make sure you guys participate it's free after all why not thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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