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Setup Wars - Episode 97

before I start this episode I want to talk about the giveaways that are happening on the app nice and for those of you who are new to the channel I've been doing these for a while now for every single setup fourth episode giving away some pretty cool products like keyboards and mice and just a bunch of really cool gear but the app knife is basically a free app where you can add products to your wish list you can watch youtube videos early from other youtubers even myself included and also join plenty of giveaways that are happening constantly on the app I think the current giveaways are happening right now are some course their keyboards you got the iPhone 7 read on there I'm giving away gtx 1060 there's a lot that's going on I'll double link if you guys want to check it out but also in this video I'll be giving away a courser k95 platinum keyboard and more info on that later in this video so make sure you guys stick around anyways that's it I'm done let the setup wars begin starting to show off we got Bader who is welcoming me to his setup why thank you sir so we got the 27 inch Samsung curb monitor on top of the custom-made riser which I believe is using the IKEA capita legs and a wall shelf of some sort speaking of Ikea he is using the linen desks and the mom drawer which is holding up his PC it's equipped with a 4690 and a ZOTAC GTX 960 gravis card with some custom blue sleeving if he is just going with a black and blue color scheme for his entire setup blue LEDs on his razer blackwidow keyboard and the logitech g42 mouse as well as an extended mousepad from Peckham with blue accents I love seeing that consistency for audio he's got a set of FMD speakers with the subwoofer on the desk for some reason not a good idea to put that there but anyways he does have a few other things like a phone stand USB hub and some plants as well cable management is on the control we have the Signum rack that's holding up the cables any cool self-made hammock that's used as a leg rest I'm assuming that's pretty clever he also has an Xbox one which is hooked up to his TV behind him and a projector positioned above the setup for watching movies The Selfish party wasn't that great to be honest a very organized black and blue setup Thank You batter or beta for entering I'm sorry for butchering your name once in a while I like to change things up and throw in an apple setup this one from David is just immaculate he kept it very minimalistic and symmetrical with excellent lighting powering the setup is the 2012 MacBook Air that's resting on the rain' design M stand and he hooks that up to a 27-inch a2 smarter as an external display keeping the surface of the desk clean we got the wireless Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse and that's pretty much it for the top I love the way he routed the light bulb cables down the side of the wall that's very clean and even though most of the wires are inside the rack there are a few left on the ground and I feel like those can easily be hidden if you rather than behind the desk in the same style as you light ball the routing just use some cable clips and hook them behind your desk so that they are not visible but they pretty much wraps up this nearly flawless setup thank you David for entering a number 3 we got Kate with another clean set up definitely loving that desk layout of is it looks like he combined the IKEA our lib countertop with some steel risers and then we got two out of doors as the support nicely done he's only using a single monitor and it's the BenQ 24-inch that's hooked up to an arm we also got the Razer DeathAdder chroma Mouse and black widow keyboard with some custom white key caps he does have a blue snowball mic off to the side for voice chat or recording and then he had said he is using is the HyperX cloud twos which are resting on the NZXT puck the PCI styling the setup has a 60 70 K at msi gtx 1070 with custom sleeves from cable mod excellent work with the cable management and even though the wood tabletop doesn't really match the rest of the setups color scheme it's a hell of a setup and you did a great job keeping it extremely clean Thank You Tate for entering this next setup from William does a much better job sticking with the black and white color scheme near the top he has a 25 inch ultrawide monitor from LG hooked up on the wall and then below that we got the IKEA Alex atom unit that's holding up the AC x34 ultra wide the keyboard is from coarser and it's the k70 RGB rapid-fire and we also have the logitech g502 spectrum as well one thing that stood out to me was the black extended mouse pad and I feel like a white one would have looked a lot better against that black keyboard I mean you pretty much kept the contrast very consistent throughout your entire setup so I'm curious as to why you went with a black one instead for audio we've got two massive area 906 speakers which also match the color scheme but he also has two sets of headphones as well both of them are from sennheiser the HD 598 for music and the game 0 for gaming excellent choices cable management isn't the best I've seen but at least he has done something about it and has them somewhat contained in one area and finally we got his custom PC that's powering this entire setup and it's a beast it's equipped with the 59 30 K 32 gigs of RAM and 2 asus strix 1070 s in sli with an interesting black and orange color scheme with some silver accents a very sick black and white setup Thank You William for entering last but at least we got Zack and another sweet looking black and blue set up with a wall-mounted PC I don't see these often on the show but when I do come across one I just errata for a bit beautiful PC with a lot of custom work done this thing is running on a 67 TK and a GTX 1080 founders Edition which obviously is painted in blue to match his entire color scheme we got custom blue sleeve cables blue carbon fiber skins that he stuck on his hard drive and we are I oh and he also painted the RAM sticks and blue accents on the motherboard very very impressive he even kept all the wires organized by running them through a wall channel I couldn't be more proud the desk he is using is from z line designs and this is the mobile workstation desk which looks pretty cool but I'm personally not a fan of the pullout keyboard tray style desk he's got a 27-inch LG 4k monitor hooked up to a mount and below that we got the Corsair K 65 keyboard and Logitech g600 Mouse for audio he's got a set of Logitech V 5 or 6 speakers we got a blue Yeti microphone with a blue windscreen and a pair of m50x headphones with the level of consistency throughout your setup I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed he did such a good job keeping consistent with the color scheme however it's not complete I'm not sure how long you've been watching my channel but the fact that you left your Nexus 6p and the headphones alone makes me sad I know for a fact you have heard of the brand before and if you went to the extra trouble of putting blue carbon fiber skins on some parts of your PC then I know you are capable of doing the same thing with your other gear especially the headphones and smartphone did you not know that the brand has blue carbon fiber skins seriously picks them up and scan your device's your setup would then be complete as we've got to give you props on cable management though you have redeemed yourself there not only are the LEDs nicely placed behind your monitor but the wiring is just perfect if you didn't mention that this was your router in the notes I honestly wouldn't have even noticed it's pretty much camouflaged with your desk seriously though amazing work with the cable management and just the overall setup in general it came out great but it's just missing some D brand skins I'm even willing to send some to you for free if you promise to put them on Thank You Zack for entering so that is it for this episode of setup or as always make sure you guys both using the app down below or simply leave a comment whatever was that's for you I'll announce the winners on my social media platforms all right so now let's talk about the giveaway so the Curtin giveaway right now is the course they're k95 Platinum keyboard and to enter it's very simple the way to into giveaways now within the app is by sharing it with your friends so basically you have a chance of winning and so does your friend even though your friend has nothing to do with tech source or it doesn't watch my videos it's really cool that they can have a chance of winning and so can you so let's the giveaway is very simple we have to do is share it with your friends and the more friends you share with the higher your chances are of winning all the instructions are in the app it will guide you to the process it's very simple you can share via SMS or you can boost your chances of winning by tagging a friend on Facebook which is pretty cool the more people enter the giveaway the more prizes I'll be given now just because it makes sense obviously out of won thousands of people in a giveaway if there's only going to be one prize so I think there's up to ten of the keyboard so ten courser k95 keyboards will be given out as more people join this giveaway but anyways you guys have a chance of winning and so do your friends instructions and the link to the app is down below thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video
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