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Setup Wars - Episode 98

what if I give you guys $1500 to build your very own desk set up from the desk to the PC or is a laptop monitor keyboard headphone speakers the whole shebang $1500 to build whatever you want for your dream setup or maybe you want to upgrade your current setup well when we give it away to $1,500 set up packages for my 100 episode of setup wars the worst set up Edition coming up so if you guys are excited make sure to leave a like and also guys I'm still accepting potato setups or crappy setups for my 100th episode so if you guys still haven't submitted them make sure to send them to setup wars at you can use wetransfer calm or Google Drive and send in ten pictures of your setup and different angles of course that make sure you list all of the items on your setup to that email just so I know what I'm looking at but the deadline is April 15th that is the last thing you can send your submissions in but anyways all that mumbo jumbo out of the way welcome to setup wars episode 98 let the setup force begin starting to show off we got Henrik and a beautiful symmetrical setup just look at those monitors they're practically bezel asst these are the 24 inch dell ultrasharp displays and it looks like he mounted them against a desk mount and did an excellent job on hiding those cables sandwiching the monitors are a pair of Prisma 55 speakers and on the countertop we got a CM storm rapid eye keyboard and the MX master mouse but he does have a cue pad Mouse as well for gaming I'm assuming I don't know why but that's great keyboard wire is just satisfying to look at maybe I'm just weird off to the left side of the desk he's got a set of headphones we got the m50 X's and the other two I have no idea since he didn't les them the PC does pattern setup is on the ground and it's equipped with a 6600 K 16 gigs of ram and an msi r9 290x and while we're down here cable management seems to be under control everything is neatly wrapped up together with some zip ties and tucked away under the desk a satisfying and symmetrical setup Thank You henrik for entering next up is kevin & I'm going to be right back you all right so Kevin is rocking a 29 inch ultra wide from LG because the Corsair RGB keyboard and a nexus wired silent Mouse when on earth is a silent Mouse exactly I'm not liking how you drilled a separate hole for the mouse because not only do you have two holes in the mousepad but it just doesn't look there this way it would have been better if you hit the wire underneath the keyboard like everyone else and use the same hole as the keyboard cable management is pretty good now that's something I haven't seen before on the show instead of mounting the power strip underneath the desk you somehow use zip ties to hook them up against the wall and then use curtains to cover them that's pretty creative regardless it's off the ground so I can't really complain also down here we got the m50x headphones hanging from the elevation labs anchor and finally the PC that's powering the setup has an FX 8350 and an EVGA GTX 970 a very clean setup indeed thank you Kevin for entering and number three we got standard and his SiC triple monitor black and wet setup featuring three quad HD 144 Hertz 27 inch monitors from Dell hooked up to a monitor arm the desk is using is the IKEA Mickey and he also has not one but two Alex drawers to hold up his massive ass Corsair 780 T tower pushing these pixels are three i repeat 3 gtx 980ti is in sli and then we got a 5820k processor looks like it's water-cooled as well under that's we got the Corsair k95 RGB keyboard rog spatha wireless gaming mouse and that mousepad though it's a custom made dead space 3 mouse pad from Inked gaming that's pretty sick Bharati oh he's using the bose companion 5 speakers and the Corsair void wireless headset hanging under his desk I don't know what those red spire looking things are but I'm gonna assume it's from dead space 3 or something because I think I saw something similar to that when I was playing the game but I liked it though it goes well with your setups team also points on keeping it symmetrical excellent work with cable management not a single wire on the ground everything is neatly tucked away and we even have a USB hub attached on the bottom of the desk and away from site I love the setup what can I say great works download and thank you for entering to is next up with a multi set up one for productivity and one for gaming it seems the productivity side is being powered by a 13-inch MacBook Pro and that's hooked up to a 27 inch HD monitor we got some Bose speakers and wireless keyboard and mouse nothing crazy on the gaming side we have two 29 inch ultra wide monitors from LG a mechanical Eagle keyboard and a pick tech wireless gaming mouse there aren't any speakers for the set up but he is using the Beats Studio headphones that are resting on the a venturi steel head don't stand which has some space below to store cables that's pretty cool and he also has a ps4 in the corner over there cable management is great and this is actually a pretty cool setup pack looks like he used some cable clips and cable drops to hang these earphones and lightning adapter under his desk that's pretty creative and finally the PC that's powering the setup has a 6600 K and an EVGA GTX 970 I like to set up I think it's made with purpose but it's lacking a few things like a color scheme or theme for that matter and I feel like it's missing some personality as well there's a lot of empty space above your monitors maybe hanging a mural or a simple poster of your favorite anime or movie or perhaps even a wall shelf with some figurines or props or something like that would add some more personality to this setup but I don't really have any other complaints other than that great work and thank you for entering - and finally we got Z with a very clean and minimalistic setup what on earth did you do with those monitor wires though looking very clean he's rocking a 34 inch ultra wide from Dell that sucked up to the wall along with the creative EMU speakers leaving a desk with lots of extra space speaking of the desk it's a custom-made one with a steel frame and reclaimed wood the top which apparently came from the barn where his mom grew up that's pretty cool keeping a really clean on the desk he's got the wireless rabu keyboard and MX master mouse which is resting on the ikea Whistler desk pad he definitely has some audio game he's got the creative or ivana live headphones and the awesome Sound Blaster x7 to deliver that crisp audio the audio game isn't the only thing that's strong take a look at his cable management Daniel such precision and attention to detail absolutely stunning however there's something missing from this setup but you guys already notice it what is powering this setup what a hell is his see it's freakin built inside his desk and I like the other PC desk mods his can actually be pulled out like a drawer and it's hidden away nicely it's rocking a 57 GK and a gigabyte r93 ATX a very beautiful and nicely modded setup if I say so myself Thank You Z for entering so that is the fifth episode of setup or thing guys so much for watching you can leave your comments down below and vote on your best setup all of you guys vote within the app you have a chance of winning a $25 Amazon gift card thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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