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Setup Wars - Episode 99 | Ultimate Edition

one more episode left guys for the hundredth episode of setup Wars potato additions going to be very special video very excited I can't believe it's almost been 100 episodes since I started this and actually one of reasons why the channel blew up is because of setup wars and because you guys enjoy watching it so thank you for that it's been a hell of a ride it's just getting started I'm just warming up my god waste any time let the set up words begin actually welcome to the fourth episode 99 the letter set up orders begin starting out the show we got Francisco all the way from Italy with a very clean triple monitor set up featuring three 24-inch LG monitors that are hooked up to the wall with not a single wire in sight Daniel that looks good he's also rocking a logitech Orion spark g9 10 keyboard and G 700 s Mouse both of which are resting on the extended mouse pad from glorious I also like the position of the Samsung microphone right above the drilled hole for the keyboard and mouse this way he doesn't have to drill an extra hole and it kind of covers up the cables a bit against the wall he has a pair of Edifier M 3200 speakers with the subwoofer on the top shelf against the corner and then below that we got the cursor void RGB wireless headset but what I like the most about the setup is the way the PC is spaced out on the other side without any cables visible and before I check out the cable management let's admire this PC a bit so this is a custom water-cooled PC however there is only a single loop going through the 4790k while the GTX 1080 remains air-cooled there's also a lot of custom work like the custom painted PSU cover backplate and even some motherboard accents there's even some Star Wars props in there but what impress me will be cable management not inside the case but outside usually when you look at a PC from an angle you can see the wires sticking out from behind but what francisco did was very clever it looks like you cut out some slits near the back of the i/o and ran the cables through the case for a very clean look I'm impressed and speaking of cable management it's done very well underneath the desk the main thing holding up the cables are dust two very long raceways and of course we do have some 3m tape and zip ties holding up the accessories for easy access the only small thing that kind of bothered me was the symmetry of the top shelves when looking at the monitors directly but other than that this is a very beautiful and nearly flawless setup Thank You Francisco for entering speaking of nearly flawless let's keep the train going with Harry's quad display set up between three 24-inch BenQ monitors and a 40 inch Toshiba TV on top once again a very clean job with cable management it looks like Harry rather the cables behind the wall for all of his displays actually doesn't look like it he added a power strip and host everything to it instead interesting you also put in the notes go easy on me I'm only 15 Oh Harry I don't evil cold war everybody gets the same treatment all seriousness though it doesn't look like you have anything to worry about I mean if you're only 15 and are able to do this then I commend you good serve any parents of course for paying for most of the stuff I mean you got a lot of expensive gear here there's no way you've managed to pay for all this yourself we got the Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard mama tournament Mouse Firefly mouse pad and not one but two Xbox consoles the original 360 and the Xbox one side by side and I haven't even gotten to this PC which by the way looks to be water-cooled it has a CT 700 K and a gtx 750ti which he said is going to upgrade it to a gtx 1070 soon I love that he has a crazy 4 display setup and then you look down below and see a dinky little Bluetooth speaker is that your only audio source apparently not there's a pair of Astro a40 s hiding in a drawer he probably thought I was going to talk smack if he left it on the desk so we just hit it away there's also another setup which he is calling the recording desk and it's basically a blue Yeti microphone that's hooked up to his Acer laptop you know what though I will give you major props on the cable management this is a work of art it does look like you care about your setup and the amount of time spent perfecting it really shows excellent setup Thank You Harry for entering very impressive Levi's next up and holy cow the presentation on this one and that backdrop though damn so Levi is rocking 327 inch Acer monitors a single 24 inch from LG near the top which is all hooked up against that backdrop once again not a single wire in sight except the PC obviously I was just talking about the monitors underneath these monitors we got the drivel caliber 71 RGB keyboard and Logitech G 403 mouse and that's pretty much it the setup is kind of looking a bit empty to be honest but if that's the theme you're going with then you did a great job ok management also seems to be under control so no complaints here and then we got the PC that's powering the setup that has a 3700 and a GTX 10 7 inside the s340 elite case and that pretty much wraps up the simple and clean quad display setup Thank You Levi for entering and number four we got o dock with a six black and wet setup but way guys because it gets better later on so he's rocking the next 34 a star on the left and an ASIS 24 inch on the right that's sitting on a desk with custom carbon fiber wraps that actually looks pretty cool he's also using Razer BlackWidow chroma X keyboard and the Razer Naga Mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad and that's on top of another mousepad for audio he's walking a two full sound bar and the Sennheiser game 0 headset hanging from underneath the desk even though it's not using the pullout keyboard drawer he actually decided to rap it anyways just to stay consistent with the whole carbon-fiber theme K Weismann is great nothing I would recommend really I mean it's pretty obvious you know what you're doing here there are no wires on the ground things are neatly tucked away pretty good job overall even the cable management on the PC is great we got another water-cooled PC but this time the GPU is cooled as well it's rocking a 4790k and an EVGA GTX 980 he even has a remote to turn on his PC from a distance because it's out of reach I don't know if that's just being lazy or super convenient he does have another desk get over here we got the original PlayStation and ps2 but I got a feeling he uses the HTC vive a lot more it doesn't even stop there he also has a custom-built arcade machine in a Tron theme and ladies and gentlemen a coffee table that has a custom water-cooled PC built inside along with a 19 inch monitor we don't know the specs unfortunately the only thing we do know is that it's an AMD system if you look closely you can actually tell that the floor along with some of the parts are covered in the same carbon fiber as his desk beautiful setup thank you all doc for entering last knowledge you got Danielle with a pretty simple black and red setup featuring three 24-inch asus monitors he's also got the coarser K 65 RGB keyboard and asus path wireless mouse it doesn't look like he uses any headphone so the only audio source are those giant Cyril and Vega speakers which are resting on its side there are a few wall shelves that are holding up a variety of alcohol and some Funko figurines you got Jon Snow venom and course Wally I like how he zip-tied the power brick against the monitor mount to keep it from touching the table and healed management under the desk is not bad pretty straightforward stuff Signum racks zip ties II know the deal the PC power unit setup has these 50 70 K and 2 GTX 780 s in sli also kudos for keeping with the color scheme a lot of people do a good job but when it comes to the chair they just completely forget about it or don't think it's as important so it's nice to see that the chair fits in with the rest of this setup as well Thank You Daniel for entering so that is it for this episode I've set up for it as always drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup but if you guys vote on the nice app then four of you will have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card and I'll leave a link to the app down below thank you guys so much watching until next time you guys don't want to miss episode 100 I'm giving away a $1500 setup and you guys can build whatever you want the PC to desk monitor keyboard the whole shebang and the trashcan guys here just in time anyways thank you for watching I will see you in the next one later guys
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