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Setup Wars Submission Requirements ( September 2017)

what's up guys welcome to the updated requirements for setup wars my god works every time and jump right into it okay so I will need at least 15 pictures of your setup picture one should be a direct shot of your setup showing everything from top to bottom and left to right everything must be in the same frame picture two should be the same shot but at a 45 degree angle either on the left or right it doesn't really matter but make sure you guys get your chair in the same picture picture three should be the exact same picture as number two but this time without the chair inside the shot picture number four should be showing the bottom portion of your desk at eye level guys basically make sure that the roof of your desk is not visible I just want to see everything underneath it picture five is where I want you to take a picture of the roof of your desk so that I can see how you did your cable management so please make sure to use flash if it's too dark picture six should be an overhead shot of the keyboard and mouse all in one frame and then picture seven to twelve should be close-up shots of all the tech on your desk whether it's the monitor speakers microphones mouse keyboard just don't get too close to them make sure you are shooting them from a distance and that the entire object fits inside the frame I don't want any fancy macro shots of your stuff pictures 13 to 15 should be of your PC just make sure to take a pic of the computer from a distance and then one more close up of all the components inside 15 pictures are minimum but please feel free to send in any extra ones the more the better pictures must be in the best possible quality which means great lighting stable hands and no shaking while taking pics as well as no blurry photos all photos have to be in landscape mode so if you guys send in vertical pics you will be disqualified and also make sure your PC is on that way you actually have something displayed on your monitor don't just leave it off for the entire shoot as a bonus you guys can send in a 60 second video file as well if you want that is optional 60 seconds is the max and please guys shoot it in landscape mode not vertical otherwise I won't accept it maybe you guys want to show off the RGB lights on your setup or maybe there's something that opens up in a coup wäôre closes in a cool way you want to get that on video as well stuff like that I'm okay with to send the files you will need to go to we transfer comm and add all your pics and in the message box I need you guys to list the following in order your first name on the top followed by the age and country or state that you live in as a bonus you can list your occupation as well if you're comfortable whether you are a retired veteran a student going to school or a full-time cashier at Taco Bell if you don't feel comfortable listening your occupation then don't it's completely fine you will also need to tell me what you use your setup for is it for gaming music production graphic design whatever it's used for make sure to list it over here then you will need to list all the tech that's in your setup starting with the name of the desk and the monitor keyboard and mouse make sure to list any headphones or headsets you use speakers microphones audio interfaces phone stands and everything else on your desk give me the fits miscellaneous or something small like an Ikea plant or even a quarter that's just sitting there make sure to get everything on there finally list the specs of your PC the case it's using the CPU GPU power supply and any type of mods that you have done to it once you have all your info and the files attached email everything to setup Wars at if you guys are too lazy to type stuff and you can actually go to kit comm and create an entire kit with all of your gear on it all you guys have to do is click on the add product and simply copy paste in any link you guys find for your product you can search on Amazon eBay Newegg even IKEA basically any website works just paste the link on here add the product and once you're done click on View my kits so basically just copy paste this link for your kit alongside all the pictures and every other information he posted on wetransfer and send it all to setup Wars at and that's basically a guy's what I'm really looking for and these submissions aside from the quality of the pictures are the setup itself you know how different are these compared to everyone else that are submitting their setups how unique it is how cool it is any interesting things that they that you guys do to your setup I want to show to my subscribers stuff like that you will definitely be featured obviously accepting budget setups as well high-end setups I'm not accepting worst setups yet I'm only accepting more setup submissions once I announce it on my Twitter account so make sure you guys are following me there but yes pretty much it again thank you guys so much for watching hopefully this video was helpful I will see you in the next video good luck to ever enter is best of luck peace
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