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Setup Wars Ultrawide Competition

what's up everyone it says from tech source and I got a pretty cool treat for you guys today LG has partnered once again with me and they're sponsoring a pretty cool contest where they're going to be giving away not one or two or three or even four but wait nevermind they're doing four for ultra light monitors - the winners of the setup board's budget edition episodes one two three all the way to episode 106 I'm actually done something like this before with them I think over a year ago between episode 60 and 70 I believe for those longtime followers out there by basically there's going to be four episodes and of course four winners now I'm going to be doing this only for the budget Edition because it just makes sense these are four I want to ward these ultra wide monitors to people who actually need to upgrade their setup so people who have multi-monitor setups or even have ultralight setups already unfortunately I will not accept those submissions and of course you guys get to decide on who takes home the ultra light monitors I have nothing to do with deciding on the winner but anyways there's going to be four or five monitors two different versions actually the first two are the 34 you see 97g gaming monitors which i did a video on so be sure to check that out in case you guys missed it and as 144 Hertz refresh rate one millisecond motion blur reduction with AMD freesync and it's a curved 2560 by 1080p IPS panel the other two monitors are the 34 um 88 which is mostly for productivity with its 34 40 by 1440p quad HD IPS display 5 millisecond response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate so you guys actually get the option to choose which monitor you want to enter for now because I already submitted your setup in the past few months or recently even you guys can also submit them again just for this competition but this time make sure to write down ultra wide or LG ultra light Edition in the subject line so that I can bundle all of you guys together because this is a separate competition instead of the usual set of fours that I do every single Monday if you do when the ultrawide monitor all I ask for you to do is take a picture of your new setup using the new ultra Lite monitor and send it to me that way I can post it on my Instagram cap instructions to enter are very simple it's basically the same instructions as my previous one I'll drop a link to it down below remember guys please send me high-quality pictures shoot them a landscape make sure the lighting is perfect I prefer you guys do this in daylight of course so you can take advantage of the Sun and send me in ten pictures as well anyways all the instructions are in the video make sure you guys follow that as basically a huge thanks to LG for reaching out and sponsoring this amazing contest I'm very excited to check your setup see you guys that is it thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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