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Setup Wars - Worst Setup Edition (Roast My Setup)

what's happening guys seven tax lawyers welcome back to set up or it's episode 160 potato Edition however this time I'm gonna be roasting some setups you guys seem to enjoy the last one so it's only fair to bring back the roasting and please guys don't take this video seriously I'm only doing it for fun the people who submit their photos want to be a part of the worst set up Edition that way they can have a chance to win $100 that's right guys a person with the worst setup in this video will take home $100 in cash and you guys get to vote in the comments section so with that said let the roasting begin kicking off the episode is Gabe and already we have a bad setup I mean that's not even comfortable to game on by any means not only is a TV really close to Gabe's face but there was barely any space on the desk to do anything it's very crowded there isn't even enough space for the mouse how does he game on that let alone fat what makes a setup even worse is the TV isn't even 1080p its 720p but being that close to his eyes might as well be 480p honestly the only good thing about this setup is the mouse he's got the logitech g502 proteus spectrum I do like the custom-made wrist rest which looks like it's made out of bean bags or something for his tech RGB keyboard for audio he's got a sub underneath the desk and the Logitech G 230 headset that's hanging from the TV it's no secret the setup is being powered by his HP laptop which has an i5 8250 U and a Radeon 530 graphics card forget what I said about the mouse being the best part of the setup it's actually the cable management at least he made an effort to zip-tie the cables together and he even made a dedicated cable holder next to the setup extra points for that an easy fix to this setup would be to start off with a larger desk and I feel like everything else will fall in place although it's a pretty bad setup with decent cable management Thank You Gabe for entering and making our eyes bleed already next up is kal-el from the US and another bad laptop powered setup but at least he has more space than Gabe a better monitor the LG 24-inch is a 1080p monitor that's hooked up to his PC on the side which also has better specs we've got an i3 6100 four gigs of ram and bgp 730 surprisingly he paid three hundred dollars for this junk and apparently he's able to play csgo and GTA san andreas I'm guessing on very low settings I don't think that's a good idea covering up the PC with all those books your kind of a scripting airflow but what do I know about pcs it's interesting that he owns a keyboard that costs one third of the PC he's got the Razer BlackWidow which has to be stolen I mean come on look at the setup you know I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it was gifted to him speaking of which I don't agree with the placement of the keyboard and mouse maybe he's already used to it but having the keyboard lower than the mouse looks very uncomfortable personally I would place the laptop in the drawer and move the keyboard up top if he ever needs to open it up or use the laptop you can just pull out the drawer it's such a simple solution also why do you have a laptop in here anyways it's taking up extra space for audio is rocking a pair of Logitech speakers and the newer microphone which doesn't even have a mount it's just sitting on the desk very classy cables are pretty nasty hanging from the back we got no management at all and just overall a very poorly executed setup that needs more attention and love Thank You calel for entering and good luck for one disaster to another we have Miguel's gaming setup from the Philippines we have a 1366 by 768 19 inch monitor from Samsung on a very tiny nightstand the surface on my toilet is much larger than this table I mean there's barely any space to move that poor Mouse and half the monitors just sticking out like what is going on here I will give him some points for mounting his router on the side of the desk at least he's able to make good use of the table the PC powering this puny setup is older than the building itself it's got an Athlon 2 and an NVIDIA 9400 GT with 4 gigs of RAM I don't even think you can run minesweeper on this PC without it lagging the back of the setup is probably the worst part lots of dust and dirt we got loose cables and an empty condom wrapper on the floor I'm just kidding let's be realistic here he's definitely not getting any based on how this setup looks Steff only a candy wrapper anyways thank you for sharing this awesome setup big yael and good luck winning that hundred dollars and number four is a dual piston setup we have ryan and his little brother Risha they are both students and they use this setup for gaming and school work first thing i noticed is the amount of wasted space on the desk apparently their action figures are more important than mouth space why not move that black and white action figure somewhere else so that you can move the keyboard to the left and have some extra space to move around the mouse like what kind of games do you even play with that much mouse space flappy bird the only source of audio he has are the Skullcandy hash to wireless headphones I do have to say this though this is probably the most complete set up from this episode but it still qualifies as a bad setup because of how crowded the surfaces and the PC there are so many things wrong with this build first off the power supply is upside down the fan has to be facing down so that it pulls in fresh air the hard drive is installed backwards because the cables need to be hooked up from the back side and lastly what on earth is going on with that cable management looks like spider-man is at war with venom inside here it kind of looks like a 10 year old build this PC oh wait the cables from the setup aren't that much better but I do appreciate the few zip ties that are holding up the PC cables together the setup definitely has more care than the others in this video but thank you Ryan and we chef for entering last but definitely not the least is safe and his neck breaking gaming setup okay so he's definitely got a larger desk but probably the worst layout I have seen he uses the laptop keyboard and the Razer Naga Mouse to game on his 27-inch monitor which is on the right side which means that he's sitting on the left side and looking at the right I mean don't get me wrong it's a great neck workout but it's not that comfortable even if you use it that monitor as the second display is just not comfortable constantly looking over to the right side the problem here is the desk you definitely need something that has more depth the laptop however is beast it has a 7700 HQ 16 gigs of ram and the gtx 1060 but sadly it's not being utilized the right way I would switch the laptop with the monitor and just buy a keyboard that way you don't have to use the keyboard on the laptop and this way will be way more comfortable if you want to use the monitor as your display other than that there's not much going on here we do have some earbuds for audio and the cables are decent nothing exciting happening here just a really weird setup for neck problems Thank You size for showing us what not to do and that does it for this episode of grossed my setup if you guys enjoyed it and want me to do this every 10 episodes let me know by dropping a like and if you guys didn't enjoy it feel free to dislike as well but please be sure to vote in the comments section on who has the worst setup because that person is gonna take home a hundred dollars in cash I'll announce the winners on my Twitter account this weekend then you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next one
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