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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 1

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and I'm proud to announce a new series for the channel welcome to the very first episode of setup wars youtuber edition where YouTube channels with over 100 subscribers can enter and show off their desk setup that powers their channel this is a great way to not only collab with some amazing YouTube channels but also help them bring in new audiences so if you're interested in submitting your desk set up for the youtuber edition of setup Wars make sure to read the description section down below on the instructions and requirements I basically accept any channel whether it's non tech related vlogs or gaming except pranks I don't like prank channels this will either be a weekly or bi-weekly series depending on how many submissions I get so without seeing it over time let the set up wars begin so the first five youtubers to be featured on the show are as follows the victor from everything technology Joker from Joker Productions Anton from Anton alog I hope I said that correctly Adam from a pause Vox and Eric from blabber head as always their gear for their setups will be listed down below along with their YouTube channels so be sure to check them out you guys so with always thinking over time let's get this started hey guys binky here also learns everything technology and this is my setup as you can tell I have more of a productivity type of setup due to the fact that I'm constantly editing videos on here beginning with my monitor I'm rocking the Acer H 2 3 6 HL and beside that is adele 4x3 monitor which I'm using for multitasking asks for peripherals my keyboard of choice is a logitech k310 so is Logitech performance MX and in terms of audio I'm using the Logitech Z 506 surround sound speakers and audio Technica's a THM 40 X 2 monitor audio while I'm editing now the heart of my setup is my custom build PC it's rocking a gtx 960 and intel pentium g 32:58 which have overclocked to 4 gigahertz a gigabytes of ddr3 ram and a 120 gigabyte kingston SSD as well as a 1 terabyte Seagate hard drive anyway that's gonna do it for my setup and thank you ad for this opportunity hey what's up guys Joker's here I run a PC gaming and hardware review channel here on YouTube called joker productions and today i'm going to be taking you on a tour through my brand new setup for 2016 a huge part of this remodel besides painting was setting up the second linman desk from Ikea these things look great and they're super affordable at around $45 I do have a Signum but the majority of my cable management was handled through a pair of cable channels that I have stuck to the back side of my desk so that's helping keep things nice and clean which gives me an inviting space to work in and a professional backdrop for all of my videos the centerpiece of the set up is a pair of fractal design define our 5s which house my two primary use pcs as for my day-to-day peripherals go I use a Waze keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches and Custer joke reproductions keycaps my go to massive choice for gaming and everyday use is the my onyx castor although the MX master from logitech does make an appearance for video editing needs the two headphones which I use mostly are the California Silverados and the Fisher fa0 one ones which I stored neatly on a hook under my desk when I'm not using them but that is my setup overview here for 2016 thanks again to Ed for having me on the show hey guys my name is Anton and I also make technology videos on YouTube just like edy but to make them efficiently I need a clean and organized setup so without any further ado let's take a look at the setup that I have behind me so the entire theme of my setup is white and blue and I really like these colors I also have a salt lamp to give the setup a bit more Flair when the lights are turned off anyways I have a 3d printed phone stand a color accurate 23 inch 1080p asus monitor a dell 20 inch monitor and for peripherals I'm using a Cherry MX brown mechanical keyboard with a Razer Mamba chroma which I have programmed to match my setups theme and finally we have my editing rig a two thousand dollar workstation it has an i7 5820k 16 gigabytes but soon to be 32 gigabytes of RAM and a gtx 750ti to tide me over until it videos Pascal comes out so that's pretty much the setup I used to make my own tech videos on my youtube channel thanks for watching and I'll see you over on my channel so this is the lair of equals box and yes it's messy because I actively use it everyday unlike some of these people it starts with a custom-built gaming and mainly editing workstation PC and Xbox one halo 5 edition ps3 and PS 2 some sound phone that desperately needs hung back up a behringer xenyx x 183 2 USB mixer for all of my inputs in mixing and mastering for my streaming recording and tutorial recording PlayStation 4 or Lexar Hub 3 monitors one being a 4k the one on the left being a 1440 IFPI PS and the one on the right being a 1080p a security camera to make sure nobody steals all of my awesome stuff I've got a Wii U down there an electro voice re 20 badass microphone hooked up to a focusrite scarlett 2i2 interface with an hdmi switch in a2i for that i'm currently reviewing I've got a wasp code keyboard a desk mat a Logitech MX master mouse a pair of Bayer dynamic dt9 9600 ohm headphones and then my fiance also has a gaming and recording setup here as well why hello there text source fans my name is Eric from the channel called slash blabber head and my setup is made for two reasons school and YouTube the two things that dominate my life I have two Dell 24 inch 1080p monitors which I got for $100 each on Black Friday on my desk I use the go groove bass pulse 2.1 speakers my peripherals are the Logitech performance MX and Logitech k3 only have the K through 60 because it's compatible with the MX Logitech unifying reciever on the right of my desk I have all of my cables which keeps nice and organized in a little pocket on my top shelf I have the Samson meteor mic which is currently doing my recordings and the charger from a moto 360 on that shelf I also have all my camera gear so my nikon d3200 my zoom h1 which is my primary microphone and many other devices are there beneath that is the subwoofer to my go groove based pulse 2.1 and my daily driver is the Nexus 6p if you like what you see here and you want to see more go check out my full setup tour and the rest of my channel because I know that you'll love it so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars you tuber addition there is a shop holding down below so if you guys want to go and vote on who has the best that setup and make sure to check out the link down below I want to thank Victor Joker Anton Adam and Eric for being on the show as I mentioned before their YouTube channels will be listed down below so make sure to check them out and say what's up if you guys enjoyed this new series of setup wars make sure to hit that like button and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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