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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 11

what's up guys it's ed from tech stores as always welcome to another setup wars episode youtuber what the hell am I saying what's up guys is that from tech stores and welcome to set up Ward's youtuber edition episode 11 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you have a youtube channel over 500 subscribers and want to participate make sure to read the description section below so that wasting any more time let these set up wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always you can find the links to their channels below so make sure you check them out at least and show them some love if you enjoy their content so here are your five contestants for this week we have Kevin from attic tube Chris Oh from tech cubed Danny from nerd on a budget David Zhang and finally Hamza from super EXTREME video it's going to start off with Kevin setup hey what's up everyone I'm attic tube and welcome to my setup submission I make tech related videos and tutorials on my channel on the right side I have my LG Graham 14 laptop for on-the-go and in the corner I have my mid 2010 iMac for downloading torrents and now for my main setup I use this setup mostly for gaming and editing my videos on top I have my 47 inch LG Smart TV and beneath that I have dual LG ultra-wide monitors for my peripherals I have the blue Yeti microphone and my keyboard and mouse of choice are the shark on shark sound mkad and he trusts m25 Gaming Mouse now for my PC I have an Intel i5 4 6 9 0 K and an r9 390 GPU sitting in the CM storm striker case I hope you guys enjoyed my setup I have refused of almost everything in this video on my channel so please go check it out thank you Texas for having me on the show and I'll see you soon cani everybody its prasad from tech tube and this is my setup for my monitor I use LG 27 inch IPS display and next to that is my wrote into USB that is also sitting on the road microphone boom arm as a Jessica Surrey I have a pac-man LED ghost holding a set of Philips Bluetooth wireless headphones I use the coolermaster CM storm mech mechanical keyboard and for the Mouser use the logitech g502 proteus core gaming mouse on the right hand side is my pc which features a lot of custom handmade parts which i manufactured myself this includes a custom-made GPU anti flex bracket to stop your graphics card from flexing and also to a coolermaster Knapton 240m spliced into a single custom cooling loop if you want to find out how these were made you'll find the videos over on my channel for my desk I literally just covered it with some carbon wrap and added some LEDs on the back to give it some style thank you for letting me be a part of the show and I hope to see more beer over in my channel in the future they grabbed me on the show hey what's up Texas fans my name is Danny but my viewers know me as nerd on a budget as the name of my channel implies my nerdy and geeky hobbies are all done on a pretty tight budget and it's reflected in my very simple yet very capable setup the first thing you'll probably notice is my 34 inch LG ultrawide monitor the front of it is my Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard into the right of that is a red dragon center force my rig is housed by the DIY PC cuboid green case the nodal specs are an i5 4690k processor cooled by a corsair 8100 i on one liquid cooler I'm running with a sapphire try X 290 X 16 gigabytes of RAM a 256 gigabyte Corsairs all state drive and 4 terabytes of spinning hard drives my laptop is the Asus d750 17 inch gaming laptop with the most notable specs being the I 7 4700 EQ and the gtx 860m my headset for gaming and editing or the rancher onyx game con triple 7 the sound record for this video and all my videos are captured on my blue snowball if you all want to see the content I'm capable of creating with my simple invited tight set out and come check out my channel no Donna buddy thanks hey guys david here and welcome to my desk set up for early 2016 so let's get started with the desk that holds everything together the ikea scarce a desk it's white it has nice clean lines and a built-in crank so you can turn it into a standing desk my peripherals include the Logitech g600 2 mouse and the Kula Master quick via rapid keyboard with its ultra satisfying cherry blue keys my Acer 27 inch qHD monitor sits on top of my DIY modern stand and beside my monitor I have the Edifier s 330d speakers that come with a subwoofer and this nifty volume control and my PC is inside a silverstone ft0 2 chassis which is massive and heavy but continues to clean and simple lines my setup and my chair choices the IKEA Marcus which is super comfortable for those long gaming sessions so that's a super quick review of my minimalistic simple and symmetrical setup be sure to check out my full tour video to see the rest of my component thanks for watching and I'll see you next time so guys my name is Hamza and I run a technology based YouTube channel and behind me is my setup so let me talk about it now I have to 21.5 inch ASA monitors which helps boost productivity while programming and editing and above that I have a 32 inch Sony TV which is due for an upgrade as for peripherals I have a parrot's px 5200 with cherry MX blues and the newly released logitech c910 built pc which has an AMD a320 16 gigabytes of ram and r9 270 GPU all in an Zalman said 11 plus case for audio I use a tiny Symphony speaker which is underrated in my opinion as well as that I have a pair of as a Tom headphones and I use the editors Keys SL 300 and as well as that I have acoustic foam on my walls to reduce the echo in my room behind the desk there is an LED strip and two lamps either side which make my setup pop at night I'd like to say a massive thank you to Ed for featuring me on his series and I'd like to see some of you guys over on my channel bye so that is it for this episode thank you guys so much for watching as always the links to the channels will be linked below that sounds very redundant make sure you check them out and show them some love use the hashtag team text source if you're gonna be commenting on their videos and yeah that's basically the thing guys so much for watching again and I'll see you in the next video
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