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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 12

what's up guys aside from textura spread you already know that welcome to setup Wars youtuber edition episode 12 where you submit your desk set up they get featured on a channel so if you have a youtube channel with over 500 subscribers make sure to read the description section below let the setup boys begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below guys i'ma drop a link to everyone's channel down below so make sure you check them out and show them some love but here are your 5 youtubers for this week we have Cole Garth Kotani the very popular Julian bright Peter Hanson and the Keith Zaman congratulations for making it on the show so what's good tech source Watchers Cole here and this is my set up as of 2016 and I'm going to keep this short and sweet so I can save you guys some time alright so for some lighting we got our magnet labs from Ikea and some super night LED light strips in terms of audio we have the road NT - USB as my main mic and the Logitech z3 3s as my main speakers for peripherals we have the Logitech MX performance mouse and the Logitech k810 wireless bluetooth keyboard for my screen I have the ACE USP b27 8 Q quad HD monitor and for my computer I have a custom built PC that do a boots Windows and Mac well guys I really want to thank you for watching you can check out a more in-depth set up for my channel I hope to see you guys over there and I'll see you in the next one bye yo what's up guys it's Darsh here and i would like to introduce you to my setup so this is the me pal clay WebSphere which is basically a class orb that changes colors it's a great accent piece for my setup alongside the LED light ships in the back I also have the Logitech z33 three speakers for all media consumption needs now to view everything I have the Asus MX 279 H 27-inch monitor and lastly I have the blue Eid for all voiceovers for peripherals we have the Logitech a 811 keyboard and the G 602 gaming mouse which provides great functionality and no wires we have the late 2014 MacBook Air running the show which may not be a powerhouse but it is good for right now we have some miscellaneous pieces and some little elisions to make making videos easier in the drawers on the right side and that's about it thank you so much edy for this opportunity and I hope to see you all on my channe sometime soon thanks again guys and later what's up guys my name is Julian bright and this is my setup tour starting off I have a large custom-built desk which holds my pc set up on the desk I have three monitors being powered by my custom-built PC for peripherals I'm rocking the CM storm mechanical keyboard and Logitech MX master these make my setup look super clean and don't add any bulk the cool part of my setup is when I close my blinds they double as a projector screen so I can play xbox and watch movies I can use the projector from the other side of my room where I dock all my gear and chill on my bed another awesome part of my setup is that I can control it all with my voice check it out Alexa trigger computer Alexa turn on lights you can check out my entire setup and how I made it in detail on my channel I hope to see you all there hey guys styler here in this video I'm going to show you my custom made desk so as you can tell I have tried to keep it minimalistic in a black-and-white style my chair is the TC stone white with breathable mesh I use the Logitech MX master mouse on top of the heart where is a Firefly mouse pad with LED together with a Logitech illuminated keyboard and below it all the Casa gaming mm 200 mouse mat extended edition inside the desk I have attached some black foil while the lower parts are white plates that can be moved to the side to gain access to the power cables the whole setup is just powered by a 13-inch MacBook pole as monitor I use the LG 34 um 95 for gaming I'd use a PlayStation 4 and sometimes my smartphone on the left side I have a design shelf called Luna so guys that's it for my setup tour I hope you liked it hey guys my name is the key and I want to tech based YouTube channel just like edy and this is my setup so I like to keep my setup minimalistic while also being sort of flashing away so I paired to 27 inch 1080p issues MX 279 H monitors and I don't regret it a single bit right under that I have an IKEA Alex add-on unit and I have a pair of Samson studio monitors to the left and right over my setup under the Alex Island unit I also have my beloved ps4 and my peripherals of choice are the Razer BlackWidow chroma and the have it gaming mouse on top of the right speaker I also have an Alva content from Ikea leaning to the right of my setup I also have my akatosh slash your PC before you say anything yeah I know I've no GPU and that's because I'm waiting for Nvidia to launch gtx970 clicking snapping from PC other than that it has an i7 4790k and eight gigabytes of 24 hundred megahertz RAM I love the OS X interface and I love the fact that can easily switch between Mac and Windows so easily so that's been my set up if you enjoyed please check out my channel link below and peace out so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always if you guys enjoy these series make sure to leave a like it only takes like two seconds and I would greatly appreciate it I'll drop it link to the talent down below if you guys want to go and check them out and spread some love on their videos then you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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