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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 14

what's up guys inside from Texas and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 14 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys have a youtube channel over 500 subscribers and want to participate make sure to read the info linked below both always singing more time ladies and gentlemen let the setup Wars begin dual source dot tech gets updated multiple times a day with variety of tech products so if you guys live in the US UK and Canada and want to save money on your next purchase consider bookmarking dual source tech and checking back at least once a day so here are your five contestants for this week we have Alberto from king tut's pro Conor from the tech intake Kevin from junior tech reviews or junior tech reviews handles who also goes by the name of pan the organizer and a tech boom Joby from the bottom of my heart I welcome you to the show also drop the links to their channels down below so make sure you guys check them out and show them some love if you like the content consider subscribing if not then that's cool too anyways is always seeking more time let's go ahead and start off with Alberto setup take it away man what's going on guys it's King touch bro here and I hope everyone's having a great day here's my simplistic and clean setup at first glance we have the linman best for my kia and to the left we have the road psa1 boom arm clamped to my desk the microphone being held by the boom arm is the SL 300 Studio Series microphone with a shock mount and a pop filter next item on my desk are my Logitech Z 623 200 watt speakers they sound amazing and the color goes very well with the setup the keyboard I use is the solar power k 750 ha Logitech and the Apple Mouse as my daily driver I picked up a 27 inch monitor by a Syrian stuck that bad boy on the wall and when the cables through the wall the thing that is powering everything is my 2012 upgraded MacBook Pro and I placed some LED lights from Ikea behind a monitor on top of my setup I have a large canvas art of the Brooklyn Bridge and that's it for this setup until then peace out and take care hey guys Connor from Tech intake here again you might remember my setup from months back and to be honest I wasn't all that happy with it so I've gone through an upgraded most of what I had before first and foremost I started with a brand new desk this is the bamboo Jarvis desk which is a sit to stand desk and is one of the only few on the market that get taller for me at six foot six my computer is in an inn when 8:05 tempered glass case with an i7 4770k 16 gigabytes of RAM and an EVGA geforce gtx 980ti the 980 ty will be upgraded to an 10 80s see through EVGA step-up program I use all of this to power my HTC vive which is an amazingly immersive experience when I'm not in VR I use the Logitech G 981 custom Bluetooth controller this whole setup was inspired by the Acer predator x34 ultrawide monitor which is a no compromises gaming monitor which still provides a nice clean minimal look which is what I aim to do here for more content like this come check out my channel and a big thanks to Ed what's up everyone this is JR tak and just like edy here on YouTube I make tech videos I'm rocking a dual setup with Windows and Apple for my window side I have an LG 34 inch occurred monitor and I absolutely love it I'm using the corsair k70 keyboard alongside the Logitech MX master mouse for the PC I actually built the gaming PC on my channel and I also gave it away to a lucky subscriber do you guys wanna check out the specs to get me listed down below for the Apple side I am using a 2013 21 and a half inch iMac that I will be upgrading to a 27 inch 4k iMac really shortly the iMac is surrounded by two Yamaha HS five speakers and I absolutely love these speakers these two speaker monitors alongside with the rode nt1-a mic and also the scarlett 2i2 makes doing voiceover here on YouTube extra crispy for the Apple side I'm using the Logitech k7 50 solar keyboard I would like to personally thank ad for allowing me to be here on tech source feel free to jump over to my channel and check out some reviews and giveaways hey what's up guys I'm pan the organizer and let's check out my desk setup for 2016 so my main editing computer is the latest Apple 27-inch 5k Retina display iMac fully loaded with SSD drive 32 gigs of RAM and Intel Core i7 processor ambient lighting is provided by the philips hue lightstrip plus LED strip for peripherals I'm rocking the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and the Apple Magic keyboard my speakers are the Yamaha hs7 studio monitors and they're hooked up to my focusrite scarlett 2i2 audio interface my voice over mic is the blue Yeti USB microphone and high internet speeds I guaranteed by the Asus 5300 series Rooter and I'm sitting on the ergo nam ik Herman Miller Aaron chair a big shout out to ed thanks for hosting me on your channel now if you guys want to have a more in-depth tour of my office setup come and check out my own youtube channel as well as my other videos hey what's going on guys here's your friend Harry from tech Punjabi so guys is my set up for 2016 so as you guys can see here is my amazing ultra wide curve monitor from LG under my monitor I have my speaker from zip Blahniks and in front of I have my Wipro keyboard and the Bronx alien gaming mouse on my hyper x mousepad and here is my philips DJ 3000 headphones the next thing on my table is my LG ground 14 in champagne gold color and that is a mic for voiceover which is from Tata Sky which is on a simple smartphone holder and here is my beast which I like to say Bahubali and that is my custom-built CPU if you guys want to know more about my desk make sure you check out my channel to see the entire building process from starting to end and here's my custom charging and data syncing doc nothing really fancy here and so that's this guy that is my setup I hope you guys are like this and big thanks to Edgar to having me on the show and I hope to see you guys on my channel J so that is it for this episode of setup wars youtuber edition if you guys enjoy the series make sure to leave a like as always make sure to check out their channels guys I'll drop a link to them down below show them some love and it's basically there'll also be a straw pulling down below in case you guys want to vote on who you think has the best setup out of all of these contestants and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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