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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 2

what's up guys it's that back again from tech stores and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 2 where you guys submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to submit your setup make sure to look at the description section down below for all of the instructions and requirements but with all that said and done that the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups will be linked down below so definitely check them out if you're interested but here are your 5 chosen youtubers you have Jonathan Milford Michael said RJ from tech tech boom that's an interesting name Brian from tech yes City and lastly Paul from Paul and tech congratulations for making it to set up Wars Episode two of youtuber edition so it's going to start off by taking a look at Jonathan's setup take it away ma'am what's going on guys Jonathan hey and I run the YouTube channel slash the amazing tech man and this is my setup now I ain't myself to be extremely productive now what actually runs my setup is a 2015 Apple MacBook Pro it's really good for editing and just normally use the mount that I used is a 4k Samsung monitor that's 29 inches and my secondary monitor is an Asus 23 inch IPS monitor which is really nice for color grading that ones that I use is he sound Pete's a14 just casual listening or when it's time to get extremely serious and stop editing audio I use the 8 ehm 50 X's just like a lot of other youtubers now the micro choice that I use is a blue Yeti it's just 100 dollars and it's a great value microphone it gives me extremely clear audio that's what I'm using right now this has been my setup on thanks for add for hosting this really innovative way to show people setups so I guess that's good for me hi guys hey what's up guys my name is michael and i recently redid my setup well holds the whole setup together is an ikea Becket's table i enjoy the large tabletop which gives me room to work on schoolwork sitting on top of the shelf to the left of the monitor is a fake ikea plant which gives a splash of color to my workspace along with the JBL pebbles these rounded oval looking speakers produce enjoyable audio when listening to music also in the middle of my set up sits the dell to 405 FP w monitor which is outdated as for peripherals I'm a bit of a logitech fanboy I like to keep things wireless and clean so I stick with the stylish MX master along with the K 360 keyboard the ability to connect both of these devices to one logitech unifying receiver and my laptop is pretty slick too in all this is the place where I spend a lot of my hours when they get home and I love it thanks for watching this short video and I'll see you guys later what's up guys this is tech tech boom and this is my productivity and gaming setup so powering the whole setup is this so this thing has an EVGA 980 superclocked and intel i7 3770k it is also cooled by the NZXT kraken x61 so moving on to a desk itself I'm going to go with a simplistic vibe with some added personality so on a desk I have the coalsack a faulty RGB keyboard it's not mechanical but I still like it I actually use two months one of them is this m65 RGB Mouse from Corsair that I use purely for gaming and the other is a Logitech MX master that I use for productivity and right in front of me are these two displays by HP these are HP 23 X I and below them is just mobile M table motorized ER and in the darkness setup looks pretty cool anyways that will be all for my setup and thank you to Ed for this opportunity what is up Texas fans this is Brian from tech yes City and today we're just going to take a look at my main setup here starting from left to right we've got a 1080p Aysen monitor which is used for my secondhand rigs as well as 1080p benchmarking and a live tech gaming weekly show besides that we have a 1440p monitor which is used as a second monitor and for productivity purposes to the main monitor on the right here which is an Acer 280 HK 4kg sync monitor this is a TN panel although it is 10 it does have great response times and low input lag and now onto the main power plant giving all the juices needed is the arrow cool strike X hybrid case inside that we have the X 99 asrock fatality motherboard and a 5820k cooled by an animagus t 40 we also got 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory there and a gigabyte GTX 970 g1 which is temporary at the moment because my 980ti graphics card has unfortunately died for my speakers I've got some Sony desktop speakers which I picked up with the junk store for like three dollars and also above that an ambient temp sensor underneath my desk we've got some velcro tape there as well as some standard tape and white LEDs and some cable bags for keeping all that disgusting stuff out of sight when all said and done this setup does everything I need it to all the way from gaming to working to also producing YouTube content it also serves to impress the ladies when they come around to watch Netflix lastly I'd like to thank Eddy for being a baller oh yeah and also having me on the show and I'll catch you guys later hey guys my name is Paul Bradford I have a youtube channel called Paul and Tech and this is my setup I'm not much of a gamer so this setup is much more oriented towards productivity and you'll also see that while I don't have a huge budget to have 4k displays or a crazy powerful PC I try to do the best with what I have so I have two desks the one on the left is normally used for doing homework and then the one on the right is for using my PC on that main desk I have dual 23.6 inch 1080p displays and having dual displays really boost my productivity I'm always needing extra USB ports so I velcro to USB hub under my monitors and my PC might not be the flashiest or most powerful computer out there but it's more than capable for things I need such as editing 1080p video and occasionally gaming and I don't mean to brag but my cable management is pretty awesome oh yeah and I also have LED lights running all the way around the back of the desk that makes the whole setup look even cooler in the dark so that's pretty much the basics of my setup if you want to see the whole thing in detail check out my channel thanks so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars youtuber edition you guys know what to do there is a strawpoll link in the description section make sure to click on that and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and I will do a best youtuber setup of 2016 later this year thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in video
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