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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 3

what's up guys is that back again from Tex or Zeiss it back again again what's up guys it's that back again what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 3 already where you submit your desk set up to get featured on the channel and also the same time to kind of promote your own channel as well but that wasting any more time let the show begin let the setup wars begin as always you guys can find the links to their channels down below in the description section so be sure to check them out and subscribe and say that Edgar sent you so without we singing overtime here are your five youtubers for this episode we have Clayton from carapace gaming dan moon from the last moon Jackie from nothing but tech Jake McGowan omec Joanne and Jerry from Innova Tech congratulations for making it to setup wars youtuber edition episode 3 so it's going to start off with Clayton setup go ahead and take it away ma'am this is Clayton also known as countries of gaming and this is my setup on the right here on my PC in the case of the Corsair 760 T I have an MSI z97 motherboard and I'd Intel i5 processor 8 gigabytes of G skills ramped the GTX 970 1 terabyte hard drive and a 120 gigabyte SSD on the left over here I have my microphone which is a blue snowball etc rig to this microphone arm and a pop filter I have 3 HP path 123 BW monitors the peripherals I have a black little chroma and a mad cat spice mouse I have LEDs going all the way around the setup over here on the left is my console gaming area I have a 32 inch TV and my xbox one over here I am a freaking mess right now I was cleaning my PC to make it look nice for you guys and then when I put it back together it didn't turn on and I was freaking out that you did thirty five hundred dollars worth of technology to watch but we're good and this is an Asus x99 Sabretooth motherboard for eight gigabyte units for Rick Ross for a total of 32 gigabytes of RAM Corsair h-60 liquid cooling unit with an i7 hexa core 3.3 gigahertz CPU and it moves that and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 gigabyte GPU all cozy in the fan dual Samsung monitors because duh Logitech proteus core very common and highly recommended SteelSeries apex chroma keyboard look out blue Yeti microphone armstand noise-canceling Sony headphones and a pop filter and there's a bonus Thank You ads so much for this opportunity there's a lot of negativity being spent around the internet but I hope that I can help you by becoming a positive influence on you by hey guys Jacqueline here from nothing but tech and this is my setup my setup is primarily made from to Ikea desk which blends seamlessly into each other starting off on the left side I use this desk for written work and shooting b-roll footage since this is primarily where I shoot b-roll shots I picked up a salt lamp to add to the b-roll footage and the overall look of my setup before I move on I also want to note the LEDs behind my desk because I feel like they also enhance b-roll continuing underneath the desk it's a main storage area for my office I have two open storage cabinets and IKEA Alex your unit which holds products and boxes along with cables and many other pieces of cat moving on to the main desk this house is all the major items on my set up on the left side I have a Canova slider alongside the Lenovo yoga 900 right next to that I have an external hard drive which sis next to my main editing computer a late 2014 5 K iMac the specs are on screen now and even without upgraded graphics it runs extremely smooth underneath the Mac I have a full-length Apple keyboard a lot of track performance MX mouse and an apple trackpad which are all items that I use on a daily basis so that was my setup if you guys liked the video be sure to check out my channel using the links below and thank you guys all for watching hey what's going on guys Jake here Ian I make technology videos over on my channel which you can find a link down below or I get started I want to go ahead give ed a big thanks for letting us show our setups over on his channel other than that I don't got anything else so let's go ahead and jump right into it and I'll show you guys my setup so the desk that I'm using is the lemon from Ikea it is the smallest option for this but I find it to increase my productivity since everything is right norms length and I need it I also have the Signum from Ikea which is great for organizing all my cables as for the computer or computers I use first off is the 21 and a half inch iMac and it's the baseline model I mainly use it for editing video in Final Cut Pro 10 and photos in Photoshop and Lightroom when I'm away from my desk I used my 13 inch MacBook Pro I absolutely love this computer and I find myself using it more often than my iMac when it comes to my peripherals I'm using the Apple wireless keyboard alongside the keyboard is my Logitech MX performance Mouse I have nothing but great things to say about this mouse the speakers I use are from acoustics they are anything great but they work just fine for me whenever I'm editing videos the headphones that I use to monitor my audio are the audio technica ath and 50s and to make my voiceovers I use the blue Yeti my phone of choice is the iPhone 6s plus there's much less I hear other than its a solid smart phone whenever I finish a video I like to sit back and play some PlayStation 4 i play on my 42 inch Samsung Smart TV which is only 1080p but it looks great still and the camera I use to make my videos is the Canon 70d so that has been my setup I hope you guys enjoyed it and I want to take this time to thank ed once again thanks for watching and I'll catch you all over on my channel what's up YouTube Jerry Layne here with nobu tech and this is my setup for 2016 Brennan's show behind me is my late 2013 27-inch iMac as for my peripherals I'm rocking a Logitech MX master and an apple magic keyboard on either side of my iMac my ears are pampered with my yamaha HS 5s sitting on top of the iso acoustic stands sitting on the left side of my desk you'll see my voice over microphone of choice the blackout edition of the blue Yeti and on the other side of my desk is my half acoustic half electric ukulele so on top of my desk as well as beside it I have a couple lamps from the renard series at IKEA now it's powering those lamps is what's important I got to be our thirty lifx bulbs in them and I couldn't be happier with these finally my desktop is actually a kitchen countertop from Ikea called the Carl B and it's resting on top of two IKEA Alex drawers knives for these two Edison bulb pendant lamps these are the newest addition to my setup and if you want to find out how I set those up and have them app enabled make sure to check out my setup tour for 2016 on my own channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and I'll see you over there so that's for this week's episode of set up boys youtuber edition if you guys enjoy these new series make sure to leave a like on the video as it does support the channel a lot there's also a strawpoll link down below so if you guys want to click on that and vote on who you think has the best desk setup feel free to do that I think in the Year actually I'm going to be doing a top youtuber desk setup competition where the winner according to you guys will receive a pretty cool plaque so that's kind of what I'm gonna be doing every single year so before I go I wanted to share something with you guys if you can follow me on Twitter then you most likely know that I recently switched over to eighth Tech domain instead of typing my entire tech channel URL simply putting an Edgar tech will direct you straight to my YouTube channel this domain name is shorter way cooler and more importantly tells you that I'm everything about technology the doc tech domains have been the latest hype in the technology world and recently it's actually garnered lots of attention from significant number of tech enthusiasts startups and brands from across the globe in fact the consumer technology Association that's behind CES has now migrated to CTA tech originally from its two-character domain name CEO org so if you guys would like a dot tech domain for yourself then the dot tech squad are offering standard and non premium dot tech domains only around five bucks by using the code tech Edgar on the website yet dot tech so yeah if you guys have a start-up tech or want to start a YouTube channel or any other website and want a domain name for yourself then you should definitely check them out I'll go ahead and leave a link with the details of the offer in the description section down below so go ahead and check it out you guys that's basically a thing guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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