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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 4

what episode are Bennigan's what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 4 will you submit your desk setup to get your setup featured on the show along with your channel now if you guys want to submit yours for the youtuber Edition make sure to read the description section down below because that is where all of the requirements and instructions are so what all that said I'm done let the setup boys begin as always everyone's links for their channels will be down below in the description section so definitely check them out you guys but here are your five chosen youtubers for this episode we have David from David's agon HD heesu's Hernandez from dose of tech review sounds like you're a big fan of fouseytube we also have Christian from King Atlas tech proof from tech proof and the one and only ziz from Z's tox Tech's not Z's talks tech but this talks texts but anyways it's going to start the show by taking a look at David setup take it away man what's up this is David sagen HD and I'm here to show you my setup let's start off with my desktop first we got the LG 34 UC 87 co 2 I'm honored that I want from the ultra white cardboard dream setup contest then below that we have my Mac hicieron 3 reference monitors that sound fantastic and the best part is they only cost $99 so after that is my blue Yeti microphone which I'm using right now into right of the Yeti is my zoom h5 for recording on camera audio and doing client work on right side I have the two Antonius frame and wire baskets that are stacked on top of each other this is really nice for me since I get to see where all my stuff is in case I forget we also got my sennheiser 598 for accurate audio listening and tonight we have my a venturi audition pros which have pretty good Bluetooth audio and last but not least is what I recorded this whole video with is my Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera on top of a shoulder rig and I use this to make youtube videos and also do client work if you guys want to check out my website go to david sagen hey what's up guys my name is Jesus Hernandez or dose of tech and this is my gaming slash minimalistic setup so moving on first we have my monitors which are the bank you are L 2 4 5 5 hm which are eight great 1080p 24 inch monitors moving on to my microphone I use the blue Yeti because delivers crisp and great sound for most of my recordings moving on next we have my keyboard which is the CM storm quickfire rapid which is a cherry MX blue keyboard and deliver some great cocktail feeling clicks next up we have my mouth of choice which is the Razer DeathAdder 2013 edition and it's been my mouth of choice for three years and it still survived and it's lasted me a long time and it's great for video editing and gaming and last but not least we have my speakers which are a Logitech X 240 which are pretty alright and get the job done anyways guys that's it for my setup and a big thing to add from tech stores for featuring my setup I'll see you guys on my channel peace what's going on guys King Atlas now powering my youtube channel is my 5k iMac this thing is maxed out to the absolute brim and shreds to 4k footage like cake underneath my iMac I have my 5 terabyte g-drive hard drive along with my transcend SD card reader I'm using the quirky iMac stand that also houses my Logitech solar-powered keyboard along with the MX master mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 for maximum productivity to the left of my iMac I have my white balance card along with my Focusrite Scarlett solo audio interface my bears cup my lightning dock for my iPhone 6s plus and my favorite desktop speakers which are the clips pro media 2.1 the mic you're hearing right now is the AKG p220 condenser microphone and a pair of all-white m50 X's shout-out to Ed for throwing this video series and I'll see you guys later what's up guys I'm tech proof and thanks to Ed for having me up show I'm rocking the 15-inch MacBook Pro late 2015 but I'm planning to build my custom rig this summer my laptop is connected to my Dell you 2515 HD monitor which I mainly use because it has very slim bezels as well as a great color production since its IPS I also have an Xbox one connected to that monitor which I use for gaming but I frankly don't quite use it next to the monitor I've got my 64 gig iPad a tune that I mainly used for social media Rudy I'm using the HyperX clowns as well as the HHM 50 exes those are connected to the fire a 10k amplifier to get the most out of the headphones my keyboard of choice is Logitech aided version 10 which is really nice because it's wireless as well as my muscle choices the Logitech g600 - also because it's wireless here you go and you can have a little peek at my cable management thanks again to ad for having me on the show and I'll see you soon hey yo what's up Texas fan I hope you enjoyed the series so far my name is dis and let's get it started so as you can see I'm rocking a 3 monitor setup with the side memories being 21 inches and the middle one is 24 inches for my peripherals my keyboard of choice is the Razer BlackWidow even though I don't like how loud it is my mouse is the 2014 Razer Naga Edition and I use it for editing and gaming with my razor orb-weaver gaming pad finally my editing / gaming for station is made up at entails for 790 K 32 gigs of RAM GTX 980 TI 120 gigabyte SSD over 4005 of space storage and all of this is held by an MSI z97 g5 motherboard and it's inside an NZXT h4 40 case thanks it for having me again and hopefully I'll see you at my channel see ya so that's for this week's episode of set up Ward's youtuber edition if you guys enjoy the series make sure to leave a like as it does help the series out a lot also make sure to check their channels out they put a lot of hard work into these videos you can find the links to them down below also there is a shrub hole link down below so you guys can go and vote on who you think has the best desk setup anyway that's it thing guys so much for watching I don't know why I'm doing this I'll see you guys in the next video
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