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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 5

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 5 where you submit your desk set up to get featured on the channel if you're interested in submitting your setup make sure to read the instructions listed down below the little that said and done let the setup boys begin so your five youtubers for this episode are anmar dan Barbera Scania man 93 Matthew from tactic and Tobias from tech mean now you guys can find the links to their channels down below in the description section so definitely be sure to check them out after this video it's gonna start the show with an Mars setup go in and take it away man hey guys my setup is where I spend most of my hours and since I like a very minimalist look that is what I am located here so that's us let's check out my desk on either side of the setup I have the Swan M tents and they huddle around the 2015 5 K iMac the specs on the sky are maxed out and overall I just find editing on this computer a breeze to control it I use Apple's new magic keyboard alongside Logitech MX master mouse I still love the minimalistic look the Magic Mouse too presents so I do end up going back and forth between the two quite a bit I switch between microphones often and that's why not ever stay on my desk but as of now the 88 75r looks promising on the left side of the desk I have a geometrically organized charging station and that just holds my iPhone MacBook Air Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 cable management looks a bit better than actually is fashion or function I guess and the m10 subwoofer lives here too and if simplicity ever becomes boring I can always add a few things to keep this setup fresh so that about wraps up my setup tour and I hope to see you over on my channel hey guys Dan here from CLE tech and this is my setup for my channel that I use each and every day starting off with the main attraction of my desk we have my newly acquired retina 5k iMac now it's not fully Specht out to anything crazy but it's still super fast at editing rendering an exporting 4k content which is all that I really need while editing I tend to revisit the Logitech MX master mouse mostly because of the level of comfort it brings while editing videos and I like to couple that with the new magic keyboard and trackpad you will also find a pair of pulk audio Hampton bluetooth speakers that look and sound amazing aside from a few small miscellaneous items my desk tends to stay pretty clean and minimalistic underneath my desk however is a drawer that I got from Amazon that houses anything from my MacBook and iPad pro smartphones external batteries camera gear and much more hope you guys enjoyed my setup and I look forward to seeing some of you guys around my channel thanks for watching and a huge thank you to ad from tech stores for giving me this opportunity what is going on guys I'm Skyler my 93 and first off I'd like to thank ed for featuring me in setup wars I have a small youtube channel and I try to send to my videos around mainly building pcs and gaming on Tamiya to set up I have to been qgw to 760 HS 27 inch displays that are great for gaming and productivity from my keyboard i use the corsair k70 RGB with cherry MX blues and my mouse of choice is the logitech g502 audio wise I use an audio technica at2020 hooked up to a scarlet so no USB audio interface and a pair of rocket headphones as for my pc that powers my channel it is a beast and is almost about to celebrate its two-year birthday specs wise it has an i7 4770k overclocked to 4.2 gigahertz under a cooler master side on to 4 cm liquid cooler motherboard is an ASUS Maximus 6 hero and I have 16 gigabytes of kingston ram the most awesome part of my machine is the GPU an Asus GTX 980 Strix a Corsair CS 750 empowers it and it's all built inside the definer for once again thanks to Ed for featuring me and I'll catch you soon hello tech source viewers out there Mathew hero coming from the afflicted q Tube channel in front of you stands my personal setup which helps me translate my tech interest and experiences into a video for my main editing rig I have the small silver some sugah 13 chassis which calls in the latest Intel skylake core i7 6700k CPU connected to each other 22 inch LG and 20 inch Samsung monitors while for the peripherals I'm using the last keyboard mechanical keyboard and Logitech g600 mouse sitting on a HyperX fury mat for sound gear I have the Logitech z3 speakers audio Technica's and fifty SteelSeries 9h and cursors void RGB wireless headphones while for doing voiceovers I'm using the Razer siren microphone speaking of the gaming for it as well as for my benchmarks that I do for the channel I'm using this x99 bass build I'm constantly changing the hardware on it as I do my testing except the CPU and motherboard paired with it I have the logitech k400 wireless keyboard with trackpad and the also Logitech c920 wheel last but not least my daily pocket computers are the huawei mate as some basis big SmartWatch hey what's up guys so this is my setup so first of all for recording this video I used to at2020 plus 4 audio-technica and with that I use a pop filter and a boom arm for my main monitor I have the del P 24 16 D a 2560 by 1440 display and for my second display I have a bank UD 2 to 5 o 1080p display I know they're not the same but I'm working on it okay for my mouse of choice I have the Corsair em 65 RGB Mouse and for keyboards I use the Corsair k70 with cheri MX red switches the headset I'm using is the HyperX cloud 2 from Kingston my PC is housed in the fractal design define or for case it features an i7 4770k 16 gigs of ram and a gtx 760 so that is my setup thank you for watching be sure to go to my channel down below and i'll see you guys soon please so before I end this episode I'll give you huge thanks to master for sponsoring this episode of setup wars and they actually have a great deal on an amazing pair of headphones for you guys so last year Matt Schaub teamed up with AKG on the k7 double X's featuring its predecessors legendary sound and build quality with a bass boost matched randiss and improved comfort the k7 double X's was a big hit as positive feedback poured and so did one recurring request could mass drop at a custom color way to make the black on black aesthetic really pop so they launched a poll to determine which color to include in the next limited batch more than 3,600 votes later red came out on top the final product boasts a ruby red accent ring stitching and rods the mass drop x AKG k7 double X's limited red edition is now available on mass shop for only 200 bucks and that's the cheapest you can find anywhere they're only available for a few more days so check them out by clicking on the link down below if you guys aren't interested also down below you guys can find a link to the shrap whole and you guys can vote on who you think has the best best setup that's basically for this week's episode thank you guys so much for watching leave a like if you enjoy the series and I'll see you in the next video
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