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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 6

lots of guys that back here from Texas and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 6 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and if you're interested in something here that's set up well you need to read the description section down below for the instructions and requirements with all that said and done let the setup boys begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below so here are your 5 youtubers for this episode we have our tech Corey from on face roll PC gaming drake from drake meister TFI cat tips and match from toasty bros I'll go to leave links to their channels down below so make sure you guys check them out and say that Edgar sent you or Eddie anyway just go to start off with off tech take it away man I'm John from the odd tech channel I also make technology videos like tech soars so that further ado let's take a look at my setup alright alright as you can see on that sexy white acrylic desk I'm rocking a dual display setup with two ACS 21 and a half inch LED monitors that make my life easier increase my productivity and make video editing a breeze for the mouse I'm using the Razer DeathAdder chroma and I'm trying to go with a color theme here with that blue and red and it's accompanied by an insignia wireless keyboard taking a look at the Corsair respect to case inside we have the geforce gtx 970 a hyper 212 evo cooling the i5 4690k 16 gigabytes of ram inside the MSI z97 gaming 5 motherboard and we have a 13-inch MacBook Pro underneath a Samsung 55 inch LED smart TV one more look at that sexy set up your space to add letting it show off our setups I hope to see you guys over at my channel what has happened to my good friends my name is corey AKA i'm face roll gaming and this is my setup i'm a computer modding enthusiast and each week I bring weekly videos of progress of computer mods that I'd like to build I'd like to show you guys the progress and hopefully teach you guys a little bit about computer model in my setup I have three LG 27 inch IPS LED monitors with a logitech Z 906 speaker system and Asus adds an essence one DAC I have the SteelSeries ad-packs keyboard and a logitech g502 me Mouse my go-to microphone for voice over recording is the audio technica at2020 microphone my desk pc is packed full of liquid cooling hardware to keep all my components nice and cool built into the desk we have four car speakers hooked up to the two channel car amplifier thank you for watching guys feel free to come and subscribe hello everyone my name is Drake and today we're going to be taking a look at my dual workstation setup I'll show you both and I'll show you the ups and downs and what each is meant for and stay tuned alright so starting off with the first and primary setup we're rocking a Mac Mini 2012 which in itself sounds quite lame but when bundled was a Samsung 850 500 gigabyte SSD as well as 16 gigabytes of ddr3 RAM it can actually work as a setup to be reckoned with as for the first monitor we're rocking an HP 27 XW 27-inch monitor our second monitor is an asus color accurate 23 inch monitor as for the desk peripherals we're using a logitech g502 proteus core and we're using the Cherry MX brown a Logitech g7 10 Plus gaming keyboard moving on to the next setup we now have an iMac 2012 with a stock configuration and we're using all the standard Apple accessories except for the Logitech MX mouse which you know the same deal can go without it once again thanks to Edgar for putting this project on and allowing small youtubers like us to put our content up thank you for watching and peace I'll read Adam ladies and gentlemen of Texas and welcome to the TFI cut tips set up to a so TFI cut tips isn't a physical product centric tech channel hence why I'm recording all this stuff on a phone and a selfie stick attached to an office chair but never mind this gig doubles up as a games room and an office at the same time it's all perched on the alpha sonorous the Glass Works and a couple of the tools of the trade there's 3d connection space mouse pro and a wireless space navigator alongside the Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboard and for mice I use a razor now for gaming and the 3d connection card mouse on the 3d connection mousepad I consciously decided not to go with workstation grade hardware so I went for the i7 4790k 32 gig of Corsair Vengeance round GTX 970 all inside the H 440 case and I've got a spare w 9 100 AMD FirePro workstation card to slap in when I need to get serious and as a tip of the cap to styling good looks I've tried to keep the inside of the PC looking fresh and creamy so we've got a few acrylic back plates going on there and that about wraps me up so head over to TFI card tips if you want to learn more about 3d CAD modeling software thanks very much to Ed for having me on and until then I'll see you later toodles how's it going guys Matt here from the toastie bros and here is my setup my setup consists of three non matching displays which I plan to upgrade at some point in time however they do the job even though it does drive me crazy at times they are a 19 inch HP monitor a Hisense 1080p TV and an AOC 21 and a half inch monitor as for keyboard I have here the black little ultimate 2014 edition and for my mice yes I said mice they are the Logitech g600 2 in Razer Naga Moulton Edition for this voiceover I'm using the blue Yeti blackout Edition and this is my system which is a Sandy Bridge i7 2670 show its age however it still does the job in producing content for my channel oh and yeah that's an Xbox 360 in mineral oil no biggie I would like to thank ed for doing the series and if you want to see some crazy custom builds come check out our channel peace out guys so that's for this week's episode of setup Wars youtuber edition you guys know what to do there's a strawpoll link down below make sure to go and vote on who you think has the best desk setup if you guys enjoy the series make sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next episode
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