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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 7

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to setup bores youtuber edition episode 7 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you have a youtube channel and want to get your desk setup featured on the show make sure to read the description section down below yeah let's go ahead and start the show never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below I saw your 5 youtubers for this episode our alan from lune tech andrew from tech team gb my boy Frank from random Frank P Doyle from JD Tech and finally the one and only miles Somerville which I like to call the next mkbhd I'll go to leave links to the channel so make sure you guys check them out and subscribe and be sure to tell them that edit century with the hashtag team tech source let's go to start off with Alan set up from loom tech go ahead and take it away so those good guys loon tech here and this is my desk setup and by the way for those who don't know me I'm a tech videos on YouTube now let's start off by taking a look at my monitor so this is the Samsung 27-inch 4k monitor as for my keyboard and mouse I'm using the Microsoft for economic keyboard and mouse and because this is on my desk let me just mention it real quick this is the google onhub router made by a sous as for my speakers i have the bose companion 3 speakers and they provide really loud and crispy audio now the equipment that I'm using to make this video right now is the Samsung nx-1 mirrorless camera and that's for my audio equipment I'm using the audio technica 8080 35 shotgun microphone and that's going into the zoom h5 recorder and finally for my computer this is the fan sex and through case and as for the specs I have a core i7 4790 processor 24 gigabytes of RAM and the geforce gtx 750ti graphics card now I know this computers definitely due for an upgrade but this is what I'm working with right now so that's it for my setup guy said thank you so much for having me on your channel I really appreciate it and I'll see you guys later hey it's Andrew from Texan GB I've just moved house to be able to do this full time so I thought I'd show you my setup now that it's somewhat decent so first of all we've got the desk or the main desk which has the dxracer gaming chair as well as a freshly customized modded and what's called a PC which are shown a second eye Logitech G 700s and a razer blackwidow keyboard as well as a couple of monitor as one being 144 Hertz some review units and stuff all around the room well as my camera slider up the top and my umbrella lights and my test setup which currently has a bank u4k IPS 10 bit monitor which is awesome now the system itself is a 98 EIA ASUS Maximus 7 formula board and Intel 47 a 2k 16 gigs of Kingston HyperX fury ram and as I said it's freshly washed cooled out which is awesome and I just really love the look of it I also have some cool stuff lying around like a couple of six terabyte WD hard drives and some motherboards I'm doing a giveaway of my camera is a hundred d with some Manfrotto fluid head and tripod legs what's up guys I'm random Frank P and this is my gaming setup let me show you the details first is my uplift 900 desk from the human solution it is a motorized sit-stand desk that is nice and white to Figment my setups leme and having an adjustable is great for getting unique shots for my tech reviews and we currently have two stacked LG 34 inch ultra wide monitors as for my peripherals I'm rocking the Corsair gaming strafe RGB keyboard a cherry clear switches inside and my mouse the logitech g502 proteus spectrum I'm always trying out new headphones but my go-to pairs are the Audio Technica m50 X's the AKG K 7x X headphones and the ever so sexy ah dizzy el8 as for my gaming and editing rig I have the white NZXT H 440 case and i7 4790k 32 gigs of ram and the galaxy 980ti hall-of-fame graphics card to match the build I also have the NZXT hue plus with some nice interior lighting you can check out my channel for the full gaming setup in room tour as well as a ton of tech reviews Hey I'm Joel and I'm a tech enthusiast computer science major oh yeah in a single father I finally got my production setup to a place I like it's pretty monochromatic but it works for me powering everything is my blackout custom PC housing a 59 60 X 32 gigabytes of RAM a DTX 980ti and a Samsung nvme m2 SSD my newest addition is my BenQ monitor and it's a 32 inch 4k IPS display with the 4 millisecond response time this thing lets me view my G's fours media and gives me a ton of real estate my audio gear all runs to a scarlett 2i2 on a road boom arm I keep my audio technica at2020 voice-overs and video calls for sound I use five inch JBL studio monitors as well as a pair of em 50s that I've had for about three years now I like to keep my setup pretty clean and basic mainly so I don't have too many distractions while doing schoolwork well thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed what you saw peace hey guys on Mazda marvel in this is my setup so the core of my setup are these 24 and 21 inch 1080p monitors from Acer and a seuss these monitors as well as everything on my desk is being powered by my 2012 Mac Mini this Mac Mini has a 3 gigahertz I 7 16 gigs of ram and a 512 gigabyte SSD so when it comes to everything else on the desk I'm using a blue Yeti microphone go groove bass post speakers that are powered by an audio box USB and right next to my speaker's is a dive room or a box my keyboard and mouse of choice is the perixx px 3200 and a Logitech performance MX so that basically covers everything on my desk and thanks for having me on the show so that's it for the show thank you guys so much for watching make sure to use the shrub holdin down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always the links to their channels will be linked down below it's very redundant make sure to check them out and make sure to say that Ed sent you thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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