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Setup Wars - Youtuber Edition | Episode 9

what is up you guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to another episode of youtubers of setup wars as you say what's up guys is Ed from Texas and welcome to setup wars youtuber edition episode 9 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and if you guys want to participate and have more than 500 subscribers make sure to read the info below without wasting any more time let the SATA ports begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always you guys can find the links to their channels down below so make sure to check them out after this and give them some love or show them some love but here are your 5 lucky contestants for this week we have been from BTech HD the fresh biz Gio from the Nerd Herd my boy Kevin we have a shout out to you man and William from William sorry William from WH productions welcome to settle boys my friends let's begin what is up guys been here from BTech HD so this is my setup that I use for my channel where I shoot most of my videos so the biggest attraction to the desk is going to be my monitor now this is the LG 34 inch um 67 monitor now right below that I have my PlayStation 4 where I can't beam shoot some noobs on Call of Duty and to the left of the desk I have my 2011 MacBook Pro which is not maxed out but does get the job done with editing and has been loyal to me for many years as for lighting I have some IKEA LED strips behind the desk and to Edison bulbs and along with that I also have a salt lamp to the corner as for my mouse and keyboard I'm going on Apple and to the right of my setup is where you're going to see the mic that I use for my videos which is the blue Yeti and the desk itself is also from Ikea and it's fairly popular among other youtubers it is called the liniment desk from Ikea and it's sitting on - alex shores under it on east side the monitor is sitting on an Alex - same name just different pieces I hope you guys like my setup and if you would like to see more of the setup or want to check out my other videos go ahead and hit the link below for my channel thanks again this is Ben from VTech HD thank you what's good people should buy fresh welcome to my setup now you're probably familiar with most of the tech you see on my desk but let's highlight some of the things that helped me create content for my channel firstly the tech bringing my voice to your ears is the blue Yeti microphone which I've been using for years it's definitely the go-to youtuber mic next up my editing machine is the 15 inch retina MacBook Pro resting inside the vertical hinge docking station which connects to two of my three Asus 4k monitors the other is used for council gaming on the ps4 and Xbox one the desk itself is the Peconic desk from Ikea and my go-to mouse is the Logitech performance MX when it comes to gaming I use the Astor a 50s for audio and my desktop speakers are the bose companion 20s now my custom PC built by man gear is housing the gtx 960 with 8 gigs of DDR for RAM and the core i7 6700 K hands-down my favorite part of my setup are the Philips you light strips that you see now and lastly I'd like to thank ed forgiving myself and the other featured youtubers the platform to showcase our content feel free to stop by the fresh biz and click that subscribe button please welcome guys I'm Joe from your herd and this is my setup so this is my productivity setup or I shoot most of my b-roll and edits all of my videos so what you'll find is aimed towards that and center of the desk you'll find two monitors and either one and the Phillips one which helped a lot when editing and a pair of Logitech and c333 speakers which are accompanied by the subwoofer beneath the desk on the desk itself you're going to find my asshole's uniform or half mechanical keyboard together with this attached eh wireless mouse on the left you'll usually find my headphones done we design Heiser HD for 3:9 on top only right the blue snowball mic for all of my voiceovers but if the two monitors you'll find my favorite collectables ranging from Android speakers to Dragonball a Star Wars the rather with my Nexus 7 second-generation my RX 100's for my custom lighting I have three different sources one per spot which creates some really cool effects when combined so that was it for my setup thank you for watching an ad for having me on so what's good guys my name is Kevin and this is my setup I like to keep things simple and minimalistic with no visible cables this is the IKEA linman unit which is a really simple and clean desk by itself but when paired with the Alex add-on unit it serves as a really nice riser for my monitor headphone stand and even my desk lamp it also features two drawers for holding my smartphones and a couple of other accessories so for peripherals I use the logitech k400 our keyboard combo and the MX master mouse here we find the 27-inch Asus 4k IPS monitor which is hooked up to my soon-to-be upgraded computer the MacBook Pro I've never really been a huge fan of Mac OS and while boot camp is a pretty nifty feature I'd still take a traditional custom-built PC over this any day so that's all for my setup I hope you guys have enjoyed it and maybe I'll catch a couple of you guys on my channel hey guys this is rich P and now we're gonna take a look at my setup that I use for editing videos and gaming for my main monitor I'd use the AOC Q 2770 and for my second monitor I used a lg IPS 2 3 6 we I'd use the blue Yeti microphone with a standard pop filter for my audio I'd used to Logitech said 62 3 together with my file e-tank ale amplifier and Dec I have a custom built PC with an i7 5820k overclocked to 4.4 gigahertz a gtx 980ti and 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory for my peripherals i use the corsair strafe RGB with brown MX sherry switches and eraser DeathAdder Mouse when I'm gaming I'm using my HyperX cloud 2 headphones and when I'm listening to music and editing videos I'm using my auto technica m50x my laptop is the new Dell XPS 15 with an infinity display so I'll do it for this episode of setup wars youtuber edition as always check their channels out you guys you can find the links to them down below they make some really awesome content also there is a strap holding down below as well make sure you guys click on it and vote on who you think has the best desk set up at the end of the year I'll be hosting the best setups of 2016 and the top three winners will receive a dope prize so make sure you hasn't gone boat make sure you guys go and vote and always think guys so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video
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