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She Always Does This! - VLOG #4

so Saturday afternoon I just got back from a meeting from potential sponsors and I'm gonna go get some stuff from Lowe's and Bed Bath & Beyond just what I was about to leave IKEA deliver the rest of the furniture so finally we got the rest of the stuff in that is the TV stand comes in two boxes for some reason I got this little shelf here that I'm gonna be mounting against the wall here on top of the shoe stand like right here is the wall shelf and this we're going to be keeping the keys and sunglasses and wallets and stuff like that so so it's easier to grab so easier to grab before we leave oh I do want to show you this this is going to be a security surveillance camera I think I featured this in cool tech of September but this is guardzilla it's basically a video surveillance camera motion sensor and even has a speaker and mic so you guys can communicate back and forth so it's pretty cool yes little tiny thing is going to be protecting the headquarters of tech stores that's basically it uh time to head out to get some shopping done I swear she always does this takes forever 40 already so taking my girlfriend's car today because mine has puny storage room and we need some space for additional furniture the hell is calling me hey Siri where is the closest Bed Bath and Beyond the quest take me there this is why Siri phones what is all this stuff sink strainer oh okay I feel so out of place in this store guys do not belong in here I feel so lost so got a few things from Bed Bath & Beyond now we're heading to Lowe's to finish up the shopping looking for some for my room and for the living room and perhaps our bedroom so now looking around I kinda want to go with red curtains but I don't know I think black would look better so decide to go with these are all what color it shows up on the camera but these are really nice black ones for the office and I have two windows so I need two these one on each side and we got similar ones for our bedroom two from my bedroom bath finally got shopping done it's five o'clock now so gonna get head home we're gonna get held in I'm gonna hold out they finally got shopping done it's 5 o'clock I'm gonna head home change and then go out to eat so whoa relax I see yessing why are you taking the easy stuff up a crackpot or crock crock-pot not a crackpot some currents which are gonna go why is it going babe and up in the bedroom two of these are going in our bedroom and the rest are going to my office and then we got this cutlery tray which is supposed to go and out of the drawer here does it fit yeah just like so oh sure thanks and then we picked up some rods which obviously you need to hang the curtains they are in black because that's how I roll and some glass bowls for baking I guess to mix things and to mix things all right so we ready to head out to Black Angus I think that's what it's called just waiting on her there she is so we're taking the FRS today - my ties to start the meal off cheers babe so appetizer just arrived and might as well be our meal look how enormous this thing is so I got the filet with the side of mashed potatoes and coleslaw and we got mashed potatoes I mean babe leg and cheese loaded baked potato and filet mignon she copied it I said no I just finished eating awesome meal now writing home I like such are not living room lights okay all right so it's been somewhat of a productive day I'm going to go ahead and cut the vlog over here because I'm exhausted I'm gonna go knock out thanks for watching as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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