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Sick Custom PC's | Extreme Rig Challenge at PAX 2016

what's up guys is that from tech stores coming at you live from PAX West 2016 I'm over here at the Intel booth for the Xtreme rig challenge campaign where they're about to announce the seven lucky winners for these crazy custom pcs which I'll go over in a bit I also want to give huge thanks to Intel and the extreme rig challenge for bringing me to PAX West in order to cover this event for you guys now each of these pcs is equipped with Intel's new extreme processor the i7 69 50x and the intel SSD 750 series if you guys want to pimp out your PC's with these parts that make sure to check out the first link below so before we get a closer look at these bad boys here are the winners for each PC okay in second place with 24,000 181 votes is origin piece third place with 30,000 its pine boughs and the take home the cornice paperweights so the winner of the extreme rake challenge was NCIX which was kind of upsetting considering that there were far better pcs in this entire lineup this first one is an absolute beast from cyber PowerPC and this is built inside the in win age tower case this thing is like a transformer if you choose the 69 50 X 2 GTX 1080s and of course the Intel 750 series SSD I mean the specs are pretty much the same on all of these builds I mean you got the same processor same 1080 s in sli and of course they are all water-cooled personally this one is my absolute favorite out of the rest in this competition this next one is from Origin PC and they are calling it the origin Genesis x2 and what's so dope about this rig is the fact that it features 2 different configurations on one side you have a gaming PC and on the other side is a streaming setup definitely one of the more unique builds that I have seen and they did such a great job with the cable management considering there's a lot going on here at number three we have main gears rig that was built inside the and when 9:02 case in fact there are three pcs out of the seven that were built inside in win cases so not a whole lot going on here they decided to put only one GTX 1080 instead of filling up the case but then you on green cooling however those look pretty badass in that color scheme velocity micro had an OK rig as well I mean there were 2 1080 founders editions in here but no custom sleeving and the tubing just kind of looked a bit lazy to me digital storm however blew me away with their venom which is using a custom modded inverted case on one side we have all of the parts and the tubing and on the other side we have the cable management and a vertical see-through water block very nice the PC from Ava Direct was actually my second favorite rig from the rest and it's built inside the N wind s frame and has a gorgeous white and blue color scheme I would personally custom paint the sli bridge and maybe get a different set of RAM sticks to better match the color scheme but overall a very solid looking gaming PC last but not least we have the NCIX rig which ended up winning the contest I mean it's a great-looking rig no doubt come on I mean there are other pcs that looked way better than this but anyways that will do for this video again I want to thank Intel and the Xtreme rec challenge for sending me to pax West this year and I hope to return for 2017 and bring you guys more coverage thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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