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Slick Wraps Unboxing/Review + Giveaway!

welcome back to the Texas today we're gonna look at some new HTC One skins from slick wraps okay so this company is called slick wraps and they make skins for electronic devices from smartphones to laptops and even gaming controllers which is awesome and you can find them at slick wraps com okay so here I have an HTC One and I'm going to show you how the phone looks after installing this amazing skin called teakwood I'm also gonna go over installation process as quick as I can and it will be a special giveaway at the end of the video alright so let's go ahead and unbox this real quick and see what's inside the package so the first thing we have here are the skins for the front the back and the size of the phone and I'm not sure if you can tell but these cutouts are spot-on unlike other similar skins that I've used in the past we can also see that slick perhaps was kind enough to include a screen shield in the package which a lot of similar companies stopped doing they also included a microfiber cloth to help with installation process and last but not least we have a squeegee to get rid of any annoying bubbles on our screen shield okay let's start off by installing the backside skin to make this easier you first peel off the entire piece and place it back on the paper like this with the camera hole sticking out after that you gently mash the cutouts of the camera and flash once both holes are aligned correctly just peel off the rest and use your fingers to straighten it out okay next up we are going to do the top and bottom sides at the back really simple to install you can start off on one side of the phone if you wish here I started from the center and work my way outwards making sure it's nicely aligned with the phone's curve okay so the same thing goes to the bottom really easy to install and you can really see how precise these cutouts are if you just look at the HTC logo and honestly I've never seen such accurate cuts like this from a company that those skins before we install the screen shield make sure to wipe off all the fingerprints and dust from the screen okay so to install the screen shield you need to peel off the red tab about halfway through make sure your finger does not touch the inside of the screen shield because that's the sticky part so once you've done that you gently put the top half of the screen shield against your phone making sure you align it perfectly with the phone screen as you can see we kind of once it's aligned perfectly you pull the red tab all the way out from underneath making sure you don't make contact with the sticky side and white after that you peel off the blue to have gently so that the screen shield does not come off with it wipe out any remainder dust and use the squeegee to push out any unnecessary bubbles okay now to install the front sight best way to do this is to start at the top and make sure the cutouts align with the speakers and sensors before continuing down once the top part is finished grab the bottom and once again make sure to cut out a line with the speakers and the arrows on the bottom of the phone next up we are doing the top of the phone this one is really simple all you have to do is have the phone standing up and stretch the top skin just a little to align with the power button and the headphone jack moving on to the right side there are two parts that separate one on top of the volume button and one on the bottom it's self-explanatory to install them just follow the path of the rail as you put them on all right now for the other side it's just one long piece that runs along the phone make sure it's aligned straight at the top and bottom before pressing on it all right last but not least we have the bottom of the phone it would help if the phone is position upright and once it is stretch both sides of the skin slightly until the cutouts are aligned with the charging port okay so that's it for the unboxing thank you so much for watching you guys slick laps was kind enough to send us an extra one for the iPhone 5 which we are going to give away all you have to do is subscribe comment and like the video and I will announce the winner on June 28th once again you can find amazing skins like these on our website slick wraps com they have so many to choose from they have one for the go pros IMAX and even my favorite type gaming controllers I mean that ps3 controller skin looks sick so once again thank you so much for watching this is the text source and I'll see you guys next time you
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