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Slowly Setting Up The Studio! | VLOG #18

well guys welcome to another vlog so I was actually checking out the previous vlog footage and it was disgusting so basically it's very shaky the autofocus sucks see guys saw that so I did some researching and I purchased a new camera set and that's what this is it arrived today let's go ahead and check out and see who exactly came with the package I got a pretty good deal about on Amazon I'll double link below in case you guys want to check it out yourself but this is the a 6500 it comes it's pretty cool the Royal pause looking black in my side body I just set my monitor I'm sorry we've got a little tiny camera back we also got a high quality dust cleaner blower quick release camera shoulder straps who got close-up micro lenses that is interesting 49 millimeters wow that is really close photos it comes with a 3 piece filter kit that's pretty cool 64 gig SD card little brochure about the photo and oh hello there universal wireless remote control this is a lens cleaner kit which I already have one spare rechargeable batteries to the Sony a 65 hundred who's got a slave flash doesn't sound right slave flash and of course we've got B 6500 itself this is the basic lens that I usually comes with push you can buy one without the lens kit but this is the 55 to 210 millimeter X 4.5 so we also included two other lenses they are both primes is a 19 millimeter that's 2.8 and then you got the 30 millimeter of course they're both actually from the art series so that's pretty cool I can with a sense these out and actually switch over to the 6500 now and continue this vlog because I'll use that code and get $15 off your next purchase from my website check feel free my good news so this is everything guys this is the entire package that I picked up I'll drop a link to the exact same kit down below I think it was around $1,900 which is actually a pretty good deal considering you're getting two really awesome lengths or three lenses plus the camera and a bunch of accessories to come with so pretty good deal I picked up can't wait to test it out the best small the 6500 is compared to my first let me 4.6 get that is ridiculous huge difference so yeah guys this is the final shot I'm using with the g7 and I'm going to switch to the a 6500 right now welcome to the a 6500 let me know what you guys think about the quality difference between the g7 and a 6500 in the comments section below allow me oh it's pretty obvious what the mood winner is but I'm also going to walk around let me know what you think about the optical image stabilization it's got a 5 axis gimbal built-in so I think if you love smoother to us for sure so pretty big package just arrived let's check out and see what exactly it is well pretty obvious where it is actually if there's TV so check it out go check it out and see what it is right right little little friend no okay okay as soon as I put it down I just read this there was cooking outside probably the best way to unbox the TV but it's been done so this is LG's new nano cell technology TV it's a 55 inch and do a pretty cool video with there so I'm pretty certain so there's a few things I want to do today the first one is I want to fix up my filming this so with this current setup is really difficult recording with my heavy Ursa rig because I have to constantly increase the height of the tripod and lower it every time I need to get some specific shots because as you guys can see the thirstiest set like this it's not height adjustable as much as I love this surface I need a just about desk but I got to thinking why not just buy an adjustable base and then mount this on it so that is what I did I picked it up and I think it arrived yesterday so I'm going to go to install that so a things to swing over here this long one is pretty heavy so enough to bring that upstairs and enter that's basically this is the electric height adjustable desk frame that I picked up from a vivo scene as the company's name so think the best route is to take it out of the box and take the pieces in here and assemble it in here because the doorway is very small and I don't think I can get that through there once it's done that means I have to take apart the desk I don't know what on earth I'm going to be doing with the Alex yours may be all sitting in the other room for now but I'll keep the surface of the desk here for now clean up the stuff in the back and yeah it's going to be a long day so here's only the things that I liked about the adjustable desk gives you the option to adjust the width depending on the width of your desk so the tabletop over here is actually about 74 inches wide so I need something that's going to support this entire length so obviously want to expand this one just a bit so it kind of reaches most of the tabletop so yeah that was a quick turnaround now back to the g7 already but we got a project to do let's finish up is dead right so I'm pretty much done so far I'm happy with the way it turned out the build quality is really solid and the instructions are very easy so I will give them props on that I no problems at all putting this together the best part about this actually if you are going to install it it will obviously install the tabletop is that they even provide you guys with the screws to do it so I thought I didn't go to Lowe's and pick up screws for this but nope guys I just finished making the desk and this thing is amazing honestly I really want to make a video on this because this is literally the best adjustable desk that I've ever used and let me show you guys why so compare the sound of this standing desk - the one I'm using right now that's pretty loud medical thing about this desk is that you can actually see that current height which i think is an inches curling's or ninety point five inches and it's got a memory module so you guys can program up to three specific height that you need so for example I programmed one already for number two so basically for press number two it goes all the way to the top so obviously the next step is to work on the cable management there is a bunch of wires hanging loose and also got a hook up that power strip in the corner and hook up my RGB lights which I've added in the back I can show you guys real quick and here are the RGB lights in the back so I got hook all of this up stick them underneath the desk and clean up the bottom real quick and the cable management is done ladies and gentlemen with the help of some cable clips and velcro straps and 3m tape I was able to finish this in just about 30 minutes but I'll show you guys what it looks like underneath as you can see I hooked up the power strip and all the wires are ran and kept up using the cable clips so yeah very clean of course there is an adjustable desk so there has to be at least one cable getting plugged in to the power outlet my final verdict with the adjustable base it is completely worth it every single penny it's also got really high reviews which is one of the reasons why I bought this one instead of the apex one and the best part is you guys can choose what surface you want on the actual base itself so you can shop around and IKEA pick the one that actually matches your setup matches your color scheme so that is honestly an awesome trade-off it's a bit pricey but you definitely are getting what you pay for and I'm actually think about picking up a few more of these for my office so these also just came in from Ikea I quickly assembled them these are the hector LED lamps or hectar lamps I guess I did pick up two of them and help me shoot video as you can see the lights in there are not white I replace both of them with lie fix bugs and and I can control them using my smartphone so I got them labeled as filming lights on here as you can see and I can control the light on both of them which is really sweet so I think I'm gonna have to vlog here guys I've done a lot of work today and I'm very exhausted there's still a lot more to do I haven't even started my PC build I'm seriously like two three weeks behind but hopefully I can do that Saturday and obviously I'll show you guys a behind the scenes of how I shoot my time-lapse videos as well as my benchmarking but anyways if you guys enjoy my vlogs let me know by leaving a like and if you guys don't like the vlog stupid dislike and I'll see you in the next one please
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