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Smart Luggage - Bluesmart Black Edition

what's up guys it's that from tech source and today we're gonna be checking out the Black Edition carry-on this is the premium version of Blu smarts one product it offers the same functionality with a change of materials it also gets smoother wheels which in turn blue smart claims makes this one of the quietest suitcases ever there are a few things that make this a smart carry on a digital scale remote locking and unlocking capabilities a ten thousand four hundred million power battery built in any location tracker ok these do sound pretty useful or at least that's what I thought before my one week of testing was concluded but more on my final findings later on this is the Black Edition as the name suggests it's basically blacked out with dark gray almost charcoal fabric and white accents around the plastic shell the fabric is waterproof thanks to the two layer PU coating and when water touches the surface it bubbles together and slides right off to the compartments are made of microfiber which is nice for laptops phones tablets or whatever else you're carrying that could scratch up it would have however been better if blue smart put in microfiber on both sides of these components instead of just one I don't think I would have cost a lot more and with its price tag of $600 I was surprised to see corners cut after about three changes of clothing and an extra pair of shoes this thing is pretty packed and because of its rigid shell you can't force pack any more than what the dimensions allow for this is a major negative for me because I always travel with just a carry-on instead of multiple suitcases so having this much room to work with in the first place definitely isn't good the lock located at the top can be open with either the keys included or if in Bluetooth range your phone there's also a light that can be triggered again when within Bluetooth range via the app I guess this feature could be useful if you're waiting in the baggage claim looking at a sea of strikingly similar suitcases and bags that pass you by but then again I would be using this as a carry-on so this feature is pretty much useless to me the other smart features are more or less a bust the locator can only be used with confidence when within the bluetooth range and once outside of that it becomes unreliable and buggy true story I actually left this bag in my trunk my car got towed and I was freaking out thinking it was stolen I track down my car or at least that's what I thought via the blue smart app to an apartment complex to my surprise when I called the cops they told me my car had been in fact towed and that it was located several miles away with the blue Smart inside of it there's a few lessons to be learned here first off read all the street signs no matter how many cars are parked on the same side and second don't rely on this bags GPS capabilities the built-in digital scale is also inaccurate with this product using this feature several times with the same item inside would give me different results and sometimes it would be so off that the accuracy of this feature for me is not reliable there is a critical feature that I find very useful actually let's say if you're leaving your suitcase behind and walking away from it you will get a notification on your phone letting you know that you are walking away from your suitcase very nice and that brings us to the last feature the built in battery it's cool I mean it allows for easy charging without fumbling around with external battery packs and it does what it says it charges your devices but with that said this feature alone is not worth the price of this bag the only other thing I see useful here is the app enabled unlocking and locking feature if the GPS was accurate they would have had me sold but it's frankly not and because of these reasons I can now recommend this bag because of its price you can find plenty of carry-ons with better storage capacity for much less and just by an external battery pack for your power if you walk away from this video wanting a blue smart product I would go for the blue smart one and skip the ridiculous $150 price difference between these two but anyways that will do for the video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and as always I'll drop links down below to the blue smart luggage if you guys want to check that out I think I so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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