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So I Visited AMD's Headquarters in Texas!

also guys aside from textures and we are here today in Austin Texas courtesy of MSI and Andy we're actually with the dragon squad on a very special mission will be checking out the secrets of horizon but before that before we head out to one of Amy's headquarters and check out the really cool stuff we are a special unboxing for you guys so when we checked into the hotel there's little package waiting for us so I'm gonna show you guys or to do a little boxing real quick and see what's inside here we got the dragon squad logo here best secrets of risings are going to pop this open boom boom it looks like we got some goodies over here this is a what is this that's msi dragon mini series this is pretty cool black and red of course just like my color scheme I think this will be a nice prop on my desk maybe I'll open this up later we also got a risin 5 GPU I think this one is the 1600 X so actually I think I have two of these now officially so I think I might do a giveaway on this I don't know let me know if you guys are interested in that in the comment section and also on the bottom of the box we've got the msi tomahawk be 350 motherboard stops open real quick huge shout out to AMD and i'm aside for the hook-up you guys are awesome that is a good-looking motherboard all black with some grey and red accents really nice once again thank you to AMD n MSI for being and it's down here and also for the awesome hookup the days just beginning guys it will be vlogging this entire is actually next 2-3 days and show I got some really cool stuff at one of em these headquarters let's go crazy to me that this is the first time that we've had you guys in because we've had a partnership for forever so the entire 10 years that I've been here I worked really closely with MSI you know in order to innovate and to drive things being a smaller competitor you know compared to some of our other competitors we have to do things in a different way the first one gigahertz GPU so we make the Asics that's the core of MSI graphics card and so there were a lot of firsts that were in the industry and we power the ps4 we you and that the Xbox one and there are even some you know new consoles that have been announced that we will continue to drive that innovation we just got them from AMD's presentation now we're here at the cafeteria which by the way it's awesome probably the coolest cafeteria I've ever been in to be honest and we're having some lunch I got myself a chicken flatbread sandwiches freaking awesome I would say pick a nine out of ten and of course gotta finish it off with dessert lovely little outlets as a strawberry cupcake anyway after this we're going to go back in there and I think we're gonna do some b-roll of the pretty cool motherboards that they're showcasing as well as someone FTP so stay tuned so that we got invited to one of the AMD briefing rooms and here MSI's displays some of their a.m. for motherboard lineup ranging from the Arsenal category all the way up to their enthusiast Edition like their ex 370 XPower titanium MSI not only has four different categories of motherboards but they are actually the only company out there with the most models as well eighteen different am for socket motherboards just for rising with more on the way they got pretty much every type of motherboard perfect for your budget and color scheme they also come with some pretty cool features like mystic light which is a software that lets you control all RGB lights from compatible parts inside your case like GPU Ram stick motherboard and even RGB LED strips you can pretty much synchronize them all together and create some pretty cool light shows inside your PC or if RGB isn't your thing you can always keep the lights static or just turn them off another cool feature on these boards is the m-dot - shield which is actually the first in the industry basically it's a steel armor plate that covers the m-dot to SSD which is claimed to keep the temperatures down for increased performance and to protect the SSD from getting damaged but to me personally I just think it looks cool and it's a great way to hide those and that two drives with ugly PCBs and finally a XMP which is the world's first one second ddr4 performance and stability feature basically you can set your memory timings and speed to its optimal settings in a single click for the best performance and stability and then we got invited to their demo room which basically showcased a lot of real-world use of their processors like slot machines and casinos you got the Mac Pro which is running AMD chips and fun facts for those of you that didn't know both ps4 and Xbox one are using AMD processors they also set up a demo showing the rendering speeds of the 7700 K and 1800 X which are running the same GTX 1080 obviously the system with the 1800 X is rendering out the image faster because it has double the core count and I did do a more in-depth benchmark comparison with the 1800 X and other processors so make sure to check that out if you guys are interested also another fun fact that is actually one of the first companies to get invited for a campus tour at a Indies headquarters in Austin Texas so that about wraps up the vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it huge thinks that I'm a sign Envy for bringing us down here in Austin Texas to check out what of AMD's headquarters these past few days have been a blast thank you guys so much for that anyways thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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