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So Many PC Parts! - What's In The Box | EP 24

what cigars it's that context toys and welcome to another episode of what's in the box now obviously I lied about the last episode being the final episode here in this apartment but I did not expect to get this many boxes within like two days so obviously I have to finish these up before I move and also before I begin the episode guys I want to address something that I've been reading in the comment section of the last episode so it's come to my attention that some people think that I'm ungrateful for getting these packages and products from companies now obviously my longtime subscribers have been watching me from the beginning and the earlier episodes of what's in the box you guys already know that that's not the case it's more of the new subscribers that are joining in and watching the more recent episodes of what's in a box now I know that actions speak louder than words so obviously if I grab something and throw up halfway across the room that kind of comes off as rude and being ungrateful but that is not the case guys I'm always thankful of everything I get on this channel guys whether it's from companies that are sending in products for me to check out or whether it's you guys sending in gifts or even letters to read I truly appreciate everything even though I don't say this as much in front of the camera I'm very thankful for God for giving me the ability to do this every single day this is my dream job guys I mean I am so grateful to be in this position honestly having amazing subscribers like you guys watching my content and I think companies send me boxes like these every week I mean seriously I am like the happiest guy ever so the reason why I throw boxes across the room it's because of entertainment reasons now I don't doesn't really make sense to most of you guys but let me give an example what is more entertaining grabbing this and gently placing it on the floor or this obviously I knew what was inside there I know it's not going to break that's why I tossed it but you guys kind of get the idea what I'm trying to make here but anyways I'm not trying to make any excuses I will try and be more appreciative on camera just to not offend anybody that's watching the channel because I do appreciate your feedback and obviously if you guys don't like the stuff that I do I will do my best to try and work around it but anyways I love reading your comments honestly continue to let me know your feedback in the comment section whether things you like whether things you like and I'll do my best to change it for future videos alright so with that said let me go get that package and begin unboxing alright so we don't have any letters this time so we're going to go straight into the package and vaccines so about 95 percent of these boxes are PC parts and they're going to be part of my PC build for July I'm going to be doing two builds hopefully I have enough time to do it but let's see so this is from scud USA I'm not sure what this is let's go ahead and open this up I'm guessing this is a brand that's sending you other products for me to check out so let's shake your down whoa what the heck oh so this is a charger for the echo dot the Amazon echo dot so instead of plugging the echo dot straight to a wall you can put it on this and it's going to charge the device and you can take it with you wherever you want so basically this charging hub makes the echo dot portable that is pretty cool so this portion plugs in here and the microUSB portion connects to the back of the echo dot that is pretty cool it's called fremo I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out thank you guys so much for sending this out alright moving on let's open up these small ones first speaking of the echo dot they sent this to me and I guess to use with the charging app so again I want to thank fremo for setting is in I'm not thinking a future this and my cool tech for August I promise you that alright a few more tiny boxes and then we get into the good stuff oh-ho we got some courser fans so yeah guys in case you have noticed courser is definitely one of the sponsors for the pc build I'm doing for this month huge thanks to you guys out there for sending these parts and honestly with that view most of my bills we're not will not even be possible you guys make it happen I love you guys so much thank you this one's BHO I think this is cable mod this cable mod I love cable mod so much these guys at cable mod have come such a long way before when they started out I did not like their products the quality check was not great but they have honestly stepped up the game and that is why I'm using cable mods for most of my bills now you got some white and silver sleeving over here we got some silver some screws for the case got some RGB LEDs of course and in here we got memory modding kits for the dominator Platinum's I'm going to be using the white color and it's going to look really nice with the silver heat spreader on a Corsair platinum so very stoked to be modding the RAM sticks on my bill thank you so much cable mod for sending use then honestly your cables are some of the best out there and that is why I keep coming back to you so Thomas if you're watching thank you I love to one more final package and then we can move on to the other stuff actually there's one more tiny box up here but we're getting these let me do this pretty quickly I think I know what this one is this is from my boyhood son from v1 tech I love your product I love the custom work that you guys do you guys are probably sick of me talking about v1 tech but I pretty much use most of their products and almost every single one of my high-end builds the tacky Jing is always incredible are you guys ready for this should I reveal then fangirls in the back plates on camera right now why not why not how much show you guys a fire sli bridge real quick one eternity later ok that took a while to peel off normally they don't come with these stickers on top of it but I guess that's something new that they're doing and that's cool check out this dope msi custom sli bridge that i'm gonna be using for the build guys how sexy does this thing look seriously I'll show you guys one back plate I'm not going to show you the fangirls you guys we're just gonna have to wait for the video but let me peel this damn thing off and I'll show you one god damn you you guys never cease to amaze me check this backplate out guys that is sick now that is how you do a custom backplate honestly I feel like your back plates I've gotten better as well all of its different material you guys are using but these look freakin amazing the precision on these honestly the cutting the details is perfect obviously I got some fangirls as well I don't know if I'll use them but I got them just in case it all depends on how the build turns out near the end but again thank you so much Hassan at v1 Tech for sending then you guys are always killing it in the custom game thank you guys so much alright moving out go candy headphones these are the crusher wireless headphones from skull candy I'm supposed to do a video on this so you guys might see it at the end of the video sometime on the channel then you guys so much for setting this then I can't wait to check it out let's open next oh my god I'm so excited it's like Christmas morning for me right now you got none other than the courser h100 IV - this is personally my favorite CPU cooler right now in the market it's a little on the pricey side but honestly does a phenomenal job keeping temps low I can overclock the crap out of CPU that's super quiet I means anything else to say really Corsair you guys do amazing job thank you again for setting this end I can't wait we've got the GPU for one of the build this is the msi armored GT X 1080 PI or ti whatever okay I know it's called ti I don't know why I thought it was called tyne at one video but this is the armor OC version which means it's the black and white color scheme obviously at this point I'm sure you guys already know the color scheme I'm going with on one of the builds it's going to be actually going to be black and white with silver accents it's going to look really sick I promise you guys have I ever let you guys down when it comes to PC builds so this is the motherboard I'm going to be using for one of my other bills that's coming up I think this is going to be the first build on a channel unfortunately the other one might have to get pushed for August but we will see how timing is because right now is a bit crazy here at the headquarters but I go with this motherboard so many times if you're going with the rising build by the way this is one of the best boards you can buy for the money for 80 bucks you get so much more compared to other motherboards within the same price point so I think it's like the third one I've bought and by the way I bought this with my own money but anyways I'm done rambling I wasn't a huge fan of asrock before but recently they've been killing it in the motherboard game so continue to do what you guys do at as well thank you for making some boss ass motherboards so this one's from Amazon I'm not sure what on earth is in here that's why it's called what's in a box duh I don't know what is in most of these boxes it looks like we got more sigue tribes we got two four terabytes Barracuda from sea gates oh this is the Intel obtained memory stick that I'm going to be plugging into one of my upcoming builds basically the idea behind this is I'm going to combine this with one of these hard drives and it's going to give me very fast speeds compared to SSDs it's not faster than as these and the point of this is to give you guys more value this combined with the hard drive you guys will actually be saving a lot more money any beginning speeds as fast as SSDs and that's kind of what I'm trying to prove in my upcoming video but anyways more info on that once the video launches of course I think we are halfway done I feel like a bit unboxing for days got another coarser h100 v2 cpu cooler and in here ladies and gentlemen if I can get this damn thing open how do they bag this damn thing got the one and only I 970 900 x10 core processor from Intel that I pretty much revealed the processor I'm using in the build obviously it is a high-end build and had to go with the new skylake X platform so obviously as you get the best of the best and currently that's what the best one is right now unfortunately the 12 core processor is not available just yet but if it does get out I'll definitely do a build on that as well why we got to this is the second gtx 1080i for the build here's the thing msi sent me one and they couldn't send me a second one because they were out of stock so I'm like well what's more badass one gtx 980ti or two gtx 980ti so so yeah i'm sure a lot of you guys already deduced earlier by looking at that celebra gen I am going to be using two GPUs but both of em aside the armor series 1080p I I got to go all out if I'm not going all out it is not a tech source build you guys know that already and this is the memory for the build we've got an MDOT to 480 gigabytes from corsair the MP 500 and then we got a single line 60 gigabyte SSD from the force LS series three more boxes left I'm not a package from Corsair I think I know what this is actually I have no idea let's check out oh my god yes oh hello taught me smile thing how do I keep dropping things but here we go guys 64 gigs of RAM the Dominator Platinum's of course one of the speed on these so these are thirty two hundred megahertz and I believe there are eight sticks of eight gigs of RAM so it's going to occupy all eight slots up the motherboard I think I got all the parts already I'm not sure what the rest of the stuff here is for what else am I missing I'm missing a power supply and motherboard okay there's a FedEx envelope and some of the ports in here all right so we got a samsung 960 Pro m2 SSD this is the 520 521 512 gigabyte version I like one 521 so yeah this is going to be the memory of one of the builds this is for the second build guys you got a power supply from Seagate this is a modular version this is the most affordable when you can buy that's also brown certified and it's fully modular because I'm going to be doing a mini ITX build obviously I don't like all the cables so that is why I picked this power supply from C sonic and the GP we are using is the nitrile plus rx 580 from sapphire the overclock the crap editors so that is one of the reasons why it went with this one yeah Thank You Sal for sending this thing last but not least we got a lot of bad baggage package from MSI oh okay so technically I'm not supposed to show this on camera because it is under NDA until Friday so if you guys if this is not blurred that means it's passed on the a and I can show this but this is emphasized new X 299 X power gaming motherboard it's a very high-end X 299 chipset motherboard hmm yes ahead wow this thing is heavy take a look at this beauty I don't know what the heck this is but it definitely looks cool as the ly matters but it's cool it's got some great slash silver accents I think it's going to go really well with the black and white with silver accents build I'm going with it's got a really interesting looking m dot to shield without first whoa like a transformer thing here this is crazy it's got four PCI slots eight DIMM slots I mean this is seriously the ultimate motherboard how many ends out two straws is missing have one two three is everything the back definitely can't wait to test out the overclocking features of this as well as dual buildin and thank you so much I'm aside and Corsair honestly for sitting this person you guys always work so close with me make these builds possible on the channel that is why I'm wearing one of the shirts by the way you guys are awesome thank you so much for your support I cannot thank you guys enough so definitely my wraps up the video hope you guys enjoyed it the case I'm using is actually down there there's no space for me to bring it up here but is the coarser 570 X crystal Newegg exclusive PC case it's only available on Newegg it's I looked at it I'm like I had to have this but anyways I'll put a picture of it somewhere on here you guys when I check it out you guys interrelate what's in the box series make sure to leave a like to show your support if you didn't like it feel free to dislike as well thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video you
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