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Someone Crashed Into My 2016 Lexus - VLOG #11

four days fresh out of the dealer and someone manages to rear-end my car that's pretty much the damage honestly felt like a little bump it was in the event that we give an accident like it's only a few scratches but for the most part the bumper is intact really surprised at how well this car took the beating so yeah basically on my way to the body shop their insurance company authorized the repairs so I'm gonna get Alexa fixed I guess the owner is a big fan of grand theft auto alright so that's pretty quick they took a lot of pictures and I guess they're gonna put together an estimate and then email me a date when I can bring my car for repairs which should be in about a week or two I sold my car to be fixed to be honest I'm just so over this right now like this did not need to happen but happens you know actually felt really bad for the girl that went into my car she was crying her daughter was in the backseat and I felt really bad like it was a mom's car she only had liability like whatever it means and it's crazy our car almost got total like her front bumper and hood was like completely demolished and my rear bumper only had like a small scratch and scuffs and stuff so that's crazy these cars are built like tanks so my mom got a new car too it seems was this 2016 Camry SE it looks like what can I say we're a Toyota Lexus fanboys haha not a bad looking card oh that's a nice photo car definitely so when my packages got sent to my mom's house by accident so I'm here to retrieve it maybe even say hi to snowy a little bit I haven't seen him in like a month let's see if he still recognizes me there is is a little you recognize me snowing flex sit oh he always peace live every time he sees me he gets excited piddles they're getting ready to move so as you can see lots of stuff are packed up and they're moving to Palmdale I'm on by the house there it's no wait come here CID me oh my god relax Thanks sit sit sit right so excited hmm no I did you miss me hmm did you miss me what of course you missed me hmm look what you did look what you did what is that come here you look what he did say goodbye bye I swear that dog is out of control hey guys so it's the 23rd of December and I'm back here at the headquarters as you can see I did get an email from the body shop they said it's going to cost about 1500 bucks to replace the bumper and have to take it back in January middle of January because they're booked for the holidays so after wait like three weeks to get my car repaired so oh well not complaining so anyways I'm here right now and I'm working on another project I'm going to be doing the ask me video today I also just finished the PC build for the giveaway one lucky bastards gonna take this home or I should say I'm going to be mailing this to someone's home all the parts and details are on the top right you guys can check out that video but I didn't ounce this in my giveaway we have it r9 390x and FX 8320 cpu X 61 cooler from NZXT oh yeah video has been done now I'm going to go ahead and as you can see I already set up my area here so I can do the ask me video and then edit two videos in one day so yeah it should be fun so a lot of you guys have been asking me how I fixed my GPU sag for the neox PC build as you can see it's not sagging anymore well I want to show you guys real quick so this is this only works for the MSI GPUs because of the backplate but I'm sure you guys can find a way for it to work for your GPU so what you'll need is one of these brackets and as you can see back there because it's black it blends in with the PC you can't really see it from a distance but I hooked it up in the back and the top portion of it let me show you in the back actually so here's what it looks like in the back hopefully you guys can see that one piece is stuck between the backplate and the GPU and the bottom part is basically just sitting upright in a vertical position holding up the GPU to give you a better idea I'm going to show you guys from the front and the same concept applies to the back so here's the PC bracket I used so this flat part of the PC bracket goes between the actual GPU itself and the plate so so this goes in like that in between and then the bottom portion holds it up basically so you have to raise the GPO up a little bit as you get this straight without it's tilting like that so yeah I basically did that over there at the corner in the back and way against the motherboard so it looks so blends in nicely as you can see so yeah I hope that answers your question I'm pretty sure if you have any type of backplate really you can make this happen but you're just gonna have to Mickey Mouse it on other GPUs if not you guys are just gonna have to find a different way
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