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Sony Life Space UX - CES 2014

this video is made possible by Squarespace the one tool needed to create your very own website or portfolio for free trial or your first purchase use the Kotex source one for ten percent off what's up guys text sources here at the CES convention in Las Vegas and we came across a bunch of cool companies with new and innovative products however there was only a few that stood out from the rest Sony was one of those few we took a look at all their products from gaming TVs watches two cameras like the new sony alpha five thousand i got announced recently with the 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor a by ons x processor and built-in Wi-Fi the Alpha 5000 is labeled as the world's lightest interchangeable lens camera weighing at seven point four ounces without a battery card or lens however we were most impressed with Sony's lifespace UX room in the digital age the users experience has become very important so Sony created a new world where you can enjoy your entertainment content without the restrictions opposed by boxes or frames and the essence of their vision is to create a new category that they call life space UX it's going to simplify the way you live the first concept they showed us was this simple table combined with Sony's super compact laser projector basically while you're having breakfast you can view the news you can see the traffic before heading out to work check out your schedule and people can even leave you notes and vice versa you can also sit down with your family and sort photos and even share them with the people you want over here he's showing an example of people sending him photos all across the country they were able to get this done using Sony's highly accurate image sensors making them go above and beyond all with just one touch do you also introduce their compact short-throw laser projectors combined with their m7 speakers creating a pleasant environment it plays relaxing music and projects a moving image usually pertaining to nature and attached to the projectors are the speakers the entire thing is a prototype we do not know if you can increase the size of the projected image as of yet the next concept introduced is called a wall mount display when off it basically looks like a mirror so it would easily fit into any home's decor however when you walk by and see a contact that might be of interest you can select it with just one touch and we simple gesture you can navigate and read that article sony believes that there is definitely potential for this product in the future and it will enhance how users interact with their content and entertainment and lastly they save the best for last they introduced the world's first ultra short throw 4k projector compared to conventional projectors with flat panel displays which seemed to be in a certain distance to project the image these can be placed fairly close to the wall as you can see and will cast up to a 1 47 inch image here's a sample of what they showed us now the best part about all these are the designs when not in use they are very unintuitive it's right into the room without breaking up the ambience of your home sony also announced that this product will be available in the US this summer now using one of Sony's lifespace UX concepts will certainly enhance your lifestyle but if you combine all four then you can influence all aspects of the home let's say for example you want to take your family to deep-sea diving or swimming with the fish with one touch you can see the sun shining through the water above on the walls you can see the fish swimming all around you and on the table you can see the coral reef below that's just one example of bringing all four concepts together overall we were really impressed with the presentation I can't wait for Sony to release this so we can take a closer look at it here at the text source we will also be uploading a few more CES coverage within this week so make sure you guys are subscribed so you guys don't miss anything cool so before I go I want to thank Squarespace for making this possible and show you guys our website yeah we do have one in fact we had a for a while now for those of you that did not even know it existed we built it using square space and it was extremely easy for us I think we got it up and running in less than a day everything is drag and drop which makes it super easy to configure and there's a bunch of awesome templates you can choose from or you can even start from scratch like we did this isn't just a website you can do a lot more with squarespace you can build your own portfolio create an online store and sell stuff and also scales to look beautiful on any device the support team is also available 24-7 if you have any questions or want into any problems and they offer live chat and super fast email responses the best part about all this is that it's free to try there's no credit card required to sign up if you guys do the set is set up an account use the offer code tech source one for ten percent off their already low prices so that wraps up the video thanks again for watching and we'll see you guys next time you Oh
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