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Sony VAIO Pro 13 Labtop - Unboxing + Giveaway!

what's up guys Texas back here with another unboxing slash giveaway today we're looking at the brand new Sony Vaio pro 13 laptop so let's get started so this is the sony vaio pro 13-inch laptop recently released it is available in two different sizes 13 and 11 inches the 13 inch that we are unboxing today goes for 1250 on retail and both of them are available in either silver or black I also included some links below in the description for both sizes and where you can find them alright so let's put the laptop aside for now see what's in the box let's go ahead and move this to the side in here you will see the accessories that is your power cord that is your actual charger itself you would connect the power cord to it and from that you would connect the laptop of course so you can charge it and then you have your plastic bag here with all the warranty information and installation set up and such I'm not gonna bore you guys with that so let's put this back inside and take a closer look at the laptop itself this is a very thin laptop and it almost resembles the MacBook just because of how light and tiny it is if you were to compare this with the MacBook Air they are both the same size and height they are both at point 68 inches at their thickest point as always for this generations computers they all come with Windows 8 already installed but there's one feature that the MacBook doesn't have and that's touch screen capability that's definitely a very nice feature to have if you are carrying a laptop which it replaces and don't feel like using a touchpad or even connecting the mouse to it it's very simple and very convenient to use the responsiveness is very accurate as you can see here and a lot of people are always concerned about the fingerprints when consistently touching it and all I can say is that most touchscreen laptops nowadays come with fingerprint repelling coats over their screens and that's the same technology that Sony is using on their laptops so you barely see any fingerprints when you're done using it so let's take a look on the right side of the laptop here you have your SD slot headphone jack 2 USB 3.0 slots and an HDMI port alright on to the other side nothing special here all there is is a charging port and a laptop's air vent I personally would prefer to see the air vent on the back of the laptop but I'm sure there's a really good reason of putting it there instead so this laptop also comes with keyboard backlighting which is a must for me because I do use my laptop at night and I'm sure a lot of people do and it's really nice to see what you're typing one thing I wanted to demonstrate for you guys is the NFC feature on this top you take your NFC capable smartphone and lay down on a touchpad like so and initiate the transfer by tapping on your phone first then a notification comes from the laptop confirming the request once you hit accept it transfers whatever you wanted to share from your phone to the laptop for this demonstration it was a simple YouTube video that I wanted to share from my phone to the laptop and as you can see here it was a really smooth transition and as soon as it was accepted it starts playing automatically so these are the stock specs for the sony vaio 13-inch model we have an Intel Core i5 1.6 processor an Intel HD graphics 4400 a 13.3 inch monitor with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 P and for the memory we have 4 gigs of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage space on an SSD so that will do it for the unboxing thank you once again for watching the video if you guys want to enter for a chance to win the sony vaio pro 13 laptop all you have to do is subscribe leave a comment on the video and like the video you must reach all three requirements in order to qualify and I will choose the winner on August 4th once again thank you for watching this is the tech source and I'll see you guys next time
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