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Sony Xperia Z3 - Unboxing, Overview and First Impressions (4K)

this video is sponsored by cell cashier cell cashew compares iPhone prices on the internet and gives you a quick quote and the most cash for your iphone so if you're looking to get the best price for your iphone definitely check them out it's simple fast and secure what does it be guys it's at from Texas and the z3 has finally arrived I will be doing a quick unboxing of the z3 along with an overview and my first impression of the device I'll also be taking requests from you so if there's a specific video you want to see with the z3 don't let me know by dropping a comment down below so opening up the box you will first find the z3 inside a plastic sleeve under this flap are a few accessories that Sony has included one of which is the power brick and the USB charging cable Sony was also nice enough to include an extra USB cap in case the original one breaks off it seems that Sony has heard the cries of the previous experience and decided to do something about it so plus one for Sony there the rest of the stuff in the box our manuals and warranty info that i won't bother going through so the Z 2 was released not too long ago for other countries except the US so I was anticipating a US model to hit the stores soon but sony has surprised us with a new phone entirely so the z3 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with a quad core 2.5 gigahertz Krait 400 processor else's an Adreno 330 GPU and three gigs of ram it also has a 30 100 million battery which is 100 less than the Z to the z3 also comes in a variety of four colors with 16 gigabytes of internal storage which can be expanded by an additional 120 gigabytes via microSD card sony has never disappointed me when it comes to design they kept a flat tempered glass back and front and made the edges rounder sony also stuck with the aluminum frame and the total weight of z3 has been reduced nearly 10 grams to 150 to easily one of the best looking and feeling phones that I've ever felt when it comes to one-hand use I find it pretty convenient to use although I do have large hands which makes it a lot easier however I can't quite reach the top without tilting the device I also noticed how smooth the interface is there was absolutely no lag as I was using the device then again this isn't really surprising Sony is notorious for having a very light skin on Android phones and personally it's one of my favorites when it comes to android devices one thing i also love about the xperia lineup and the z3 especially is the fact that it does not have any buttons on the face of the phone it's all touch screen so looking at the right side of z three you will find the camera launch button volume rockers power button and the micro SD card slot and underneath this flap is where the sim tray is located for nano SIM cards on the opposite side there is a lanyard section a charging dock connector and the USB charging port another impressive feature on the z3 is its camera no doubt with a 20 point seven megapixel rear facing camera and a larger wide-angle lens the z3 will no doubt take stunning pictures we will be doing a camera test against other flagship so make sure you guys stick around for that speaking of the camera test the camera UI is very similar to that of zitu with some new camera apps added like sound photo which lets you take pictures with sound in the background which is actually pretty cool the layout has also been slightly modified but you can still find the original settings in the exact same locations so the screen hasn't changed at all the z3 still rocking a 5.2 inch 1080p LCD screen Sony's definitely taking its time before jacking up the pixel count 22 k I personally don't care much for 2k displays on phones not only is it overkill but it definitely impacts battery life and performance as well needless to say i'm glad that z3 stuck with 1080p the speakers on the z3 are also pretty impressive although it's no boom sound technology it still does sound pretty damn good considering that there are waterproof speakers here's a quick sample with max volume the mic is placed directly in front of the phone 1 feet away for celebration 7 my first impressions with the z3 is that it's definitely a beautiful waterproof phone I do love how it feels in the hand the interface is super smooth and uploaded like other android phones when it comes to smartphones I'm really picky when it comes to design and the z3 definitely delivers the premium field one thing that kind of bothers me are the corners of the device only did this on purpose to protect the phone if it were to drop but I would have preferred a more seamless design instead the phone is also a bit taller for its screen size but I understand that they had to do that for the front facing speakers and waterproof certification anyway that's it for the unboxing overview and my first impressions of the Xperia z3 what do you guys think about the phone let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below I got a bunch of coverage on the z3 coming up within the next few day so make sure you guys stick around for those if there's a specific type of video you would like to see with the z3 then let me know by dropping a comment down below as well anyways this is that from tech source and i'll see you guys next time so before i go i wanted to share an awesome website with you guys sell cashier calm is a site where you can sell your iphone for the highest dollar amount they purchase iphones from all major US carriers and currently only operate in the united states they purchase all of these iphone models that you see on this page from all the popular carriers even unlocked phones to get a quick quote you just simply pick your iphone model carrier size and condition of your iphone and the court will immediately display if you like the quote then you can just add it to your cart and checkout they will even send you a prepaid label and a box for free you can also choose how you want to be paid they can either 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