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Street by 50 - Star Wars Darth Vader Galactic Empire - Unboxing and Overview!

this video was made possible by the unlocking company the fastest and most affordable way to unlock your phone what does that be guys they're here from Texas and today we're gonna be looking at the SMS audio Street by 50 headphones this year is the first edition Star Wars Darth Vader Galactic Empire theme and there are a total of four themes you could choose from which will cost you 200 a pop street buy 50 isn't a new line of headphones from SMS audio this product is more of a design overhaul than anything they released this on May 4th which some of you know is the unofficial Star Wars day and if you are a big fan of the movies then this is targeted at you however $200 is a pretty steep price to pay for headphones so let's unbox this and find out if it's really worth the price the Box design is very similar to that of the beats by dre box it has the same material and even has a magnetic lock so opening up the flap we are greeted with some paperwork on the right it seems like SMS audio provided us with some cool stickers to match the theme of the headphones along with a certificate of authenticity which has 50 Cent's signature right below and lastly a 12 by 18 Star Wars poster which you can proudly hang over your bed they also included a microfiber cloth to wipe off any unnecessary finger prints the case looks pretty cool and feels really sturdy so you can definitely depend on it to keep your headphones safe the colors of the case the poster and even a microfiber cloth rely on what headphone theme you decide to go with also inside the case is the removable cable although you can't control the volume with the cable it does have a built-in microphone for answering calls for $200 I expected some high quality materials but instead you get plastic there really isn't anything striking when looking at these headphones have had one word to describe them it would be simplistic I mean I'm not impressed with the material at all it feels really flimsy and cheap although SMS did mention that their headphones are supposed to be flexible but I feel as if it can be broken really easily there is a difference between flexibility and quality the cushions are soft and the fact that most of the headband is made out of plastic it's super light so the comfort level is pretty high after a few minutes you can completely forget you are wearing the headphones and since these are on your headphones the noise isolation isn't quite there likely over the ear headphones which are made to do stat the sound quality is definitely there you get a nice bass boost to your music and it's not overdone like some other headphones however the sound leak on these are pretty bad even with the volume halfway up people around you can hear what you're listening to the band is adjustable and you can fold the earpieces so you can store it in the carrying case then again what headphone isn't these days my final opinion well if you're a die-hard Star Wars fan that likes to collect merchandise or has a lot of money lying around then I'll say why not go for it for everyone else I'll say pass these are overpriced headphones at best but that's just my opinion I'm more interested to hear what you guys think so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below as I will be reading all of them if for whatever reasons you guys decide to pick one up I have left a link in the description section down below and a quick reminder if you are a patron of tech stores you do get five percent off the headphones and you can click here to find out more anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video if so please leave a like if you didn't leave a dislike and let me know why and make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos coming up soon this is at thumbtack source and I will see you next time
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