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Studio Setup is Complete! | Vlog #20

this video is sponsored by mass rap the very popular AKG K 7x X red edition headphones are back on mass drop for a limited time you can also snag the non red version so if you're interested click on the link below to find out more what's up guys its F from Texas and welcome back to another vlog today is gonna be a very busy day here at the headquarters there's a lot of work that needs to be done like I mentioned in the previous episode we're gonna be moving things around in fact let's start off with my office slash studio so this is my office slash studio so yeah I took apart a lot of things and I kind of tidied up the area as you guys can see you so it was way Messier in the previous vlog so here's the plan guys this desk is gonna be gone all the stuff on the vest is gonna be gone I got my new table downstairs the PC is gonna stay for now until I make my new one hopefully in October or November god knows when and this desk is gonna be moved over to the room next door like I mentioned before guys the charging station which is this desk over here that's gonna be going against this wall and that desk over there the filming desk is gonna go against that wall over there and of course I'm gonna have to move the hook up the name of these Oh the both legs dumbbells and of course my play buttons I'm gonna have to probably I don't know hang him somewhere on the wall over here and there were some people in the last vlog that were kind of upset or curious as to why my mom was sleeping on the ground here in this room guys let me explain first of all one I have a guest room downstairs there's a nice queen bed and I offered my mom to sleep there but she didn't want to she wanted to sleep on the floor because it was good for back I don't know the whole reason but I did offer it let me show you guys just so you don't think that I'm joking around here so this is the guest room as you can see nobody currently lives here or sleeps here so this is the queen bed that I offered my mom to sleep on but she opted to sleep on the floor because it's better for her back she has some back problems I don't know so yeah guys I'm not heartless I did offer her a place to sleep yeah I love my mommy oh yeah and here is the current state of the loft it is pretty much a disaster right now as you guys can see I didn't move the TV to my bedroom over there and will be popping in this bad boy this is the 65 inch 65 you h77 4k TV on here I'm actually going to mount it against the wall I did pick up a TV mount as you can see we're gonna be putting that there oh and I also got my sound bar let me show you guys that I hit up LG and I told him to sign over there sj9 sound bar this thing is a beast can't wait to unbox this I don't know why it came in such a huge box to be honest this thing is actually very slim as you guys can see that's what that actually looks like but the sound on it is incredible and of course I had to have it for my loft so that is going in the loft area and that in the corner over there is my desk which I'm gonna have to bring upstairs to the studio so yeah I think I should go and take apart the desk upstairs first before I bring that over so let's get that started I honestly don't think that this desk is gonna fit through door over here which means I'm gonna have to take it apart which it's gonna suck but you know you gotta do what you got oh my god oh my god beautiful that is hey baby I'm gonna be using you tonight though can't wait so yeah definitely one of my dumbest ideas so far as I expected it's not gonna fit through this door so I'm gonna have to take it apart I'm gonna have to do it the long way I so now that I got these in here it's time to move the charging station over to this wall over here and then I can finally finish setting up the filming desk against that wall which I think will look beautiful now because I'm going to be connecting a lot of things on the charging station I decided to upgrade the power strip from the simple I think eight outlet to a whopping twelve which i think is gonna be plenty enough to hook up a lot of things like printers power banks I mean rechargeable battery stuff like that a good example of not what to do I was horrible so yeah guys there we have it the filming desk is finally in the center I did my best to measure it that way it's perfectly centered between those two shutters and unfortunately the Bowflex dumbbells have to stay in that corner and then the alux drawer unit on the left side because there's literally no other room in this entire room there's no other space in this entire room obviously we have to Center that as well and yeah that's pretty much it and not to hook up everything and this room is pretty much done the only thing that's missing is some artwork because it's looking a bit too bland I might have to put some paintings on it actually you know what I got a way better idea I'm so glad I kept these because I knew eventually I was gonna use it where is it whereas it was there it is the black and red acoustic films may make it return guys so yeah we're gonna spice up the wall over there so yeah we're gonna spice up the wall over there so yeah we're gonna spice up the wall over there there we go I hope this is gonna be enough though because there is only I think 12 red pieces in 12 black I don't know if it's enough to cover up the entire wall actually I don't want the whole wall covered up just like the centerpiece that way there's at least something in the background as I'm recording my videos I also want to thank that person whoever was who commented or I think send me a tweet recommending me to use t-pins on the phones instead of using the 3m spray that I use which kind of damaging my wallet my last apartment apparently you can use these and basically pin the phone's against the wall and there aren't gonna be any holes or any anything like that so that's gonna be awesome so I finally just finished this table as you can see everything is neat and tidy up top I didn't hook up 3m tape actually instead of velcro because 3m tape is a lot stronger as you guys concede none of this is actually budging so yeah the top is pretty much finished obviously I have all this space to work with as I get more chargeable devices and battery stuff and also down here is pretty clean I put the 12 outlet surge protector inside the blue lounge cable box and then I tied up the cables together using velcro I'm not gonna get a cable sleeve for this because as you can see the cables kind of just go in every direction near the top that way can reach all the devices near the top so cable sleeve will not do anything to prevent that so I'm just gonna keep it that way it's also a lot easier if I need to add more devices I can simply open up the velcro strap plug in the cable and then tighten it again so yeah this part is pretty much done now let's work on this wall over here okay so the issue with this is that I cannot fit the perfect amount of foams from one side of the shutters to the other so there's gonna be there's gonna be a gap basically but the problem is I need to make sure the gap is equal on both sides as you can see that side is much shorter than the other it's also one of the reasons why I didn't put the pins in all the way just so I can easily pull them out because I'm still adjusting them and the best part about these is they're not permanent you know I can easily just pull this out or pull both of them out and then boom there's your wall now that I get stuck on the back which is perfect so I guess right now have to do some measurements and figure out where the perfect spot is to fit I guess one two three four I cannot count 1 2 3 4 5 5 booms across the wall and I'm gonna make my way up halfway I would say and then cover up some of the parts on the bottom here as well all right so I'm finally done it didn't take that long right now there are about four inches from both of the shutters so I'm pretty happy about that another minor issue that I came across is that apparently the acoustic panels if you place them horizontally they're a few centimeters shorter compared to the ones that are vertically centered as you guys can see it's just a matter of a few millimeters but it's driving me crazy the top portion as you can see is aligned but the bottom I don't know for some reason supposed to be 12 by 12 but when you place them vertically it's off by a few millimeters but whatever it is what it is so I'm going to finish up the rest of the wall and enjoy this time-lapse you so yeah guys there you have it the acoustic wall is finally back it's looking prettier than ever and yes I did decide to add my silver play button because I was looking for a place to put that and I figured why not do the same design as my previous apartment now guys I need your help I have some extra acoustic poem poems poems as you can see you got two pieces of red and two pieces of black I was wondering if I should continue and put the red acoustic foams on the side there or I should just keep it square just like this we just think let me know in the comment section down below I think this looks perfect if you guys look really closely you can see the pins inside there's usually around two or three in each of the poems and but from a distance you can't really tell and that's the point it keeps it nice and hidden and it doesn't damage your wall or the acoustic foam so it's a win-win in my opinion but yeah guys not too shabby I think this room turned out pretty good very clean table management is on point that walls finished this desk is complete as well I think the only thing left is these two lamps I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them I don't think there's space in here and the golden play button which I think I'm gonna mount right against our wall cause it's looking a bit empty and yeah I think this room is pretty much done very happy with the way it turned out so now let's move on to this next project which is my actual desk setup this is a complete disaster I've been using this fill for like the past two months since I moved in so it's definitely time for a change so I'm going to take this apart and then bring up the new desk and then finally set it up and from there I can start making the ultimate desk setup series the legendary AKG K 7-xx read edition headphones are back on mass rap for a limited time incredible sound and build quality with a bass boost feature and improved comfort the k7 xx was a big hit in the audiophile community so mass drop took the original headphones and added a custom color way to make the black on black aesthetic pop join the other 4,000 people that have purchased these headphones and have bred isn't your cup of tea they do offer an old black version instead with over 16,000 units purchased they do offer two to three days shipping so click on the link below to order your pair today
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