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Submit Your Desk Setup | Setup Wars Instructions

what's up guys and welcome to the setup wars instructions and requirements video but before I get into the good stuff I want to talk about the prizes real quick out of the five contestants the setup with the lowest amount of votes gets twenty five dollars in cash whereas the winner moves on to the final round at the end of every year I host the best desk setups of the year where the twelve finalists compete head-to-head to win the ultimate prize first place winner gets 300 bucks in cash a custom-made black hand signed by me and three Texas t-shirts or merchandise second place winner gets a hundred dollars and a custom-made plaque and one techstars t-shirt while third place gets fifty dollars and one Texas t-shirt additionally if you receive a set of wars seal of approval you automatically earn $100 a custom-made plaque and one Texas t-shirt the seal is extremely difficult to receive and I think I only give it to like three people the entire time but to keep it short and simple if the setup has a WOW factor that really impresses me then I give them the seal but anyways here's what you need to do to enter setup wars take a total of 15 pictures of your entire setup and broad-daylight picture one should be a direct frontal shot of your entire setup without the chair picture two should be an angled shot of your setup including our chair and picture three should be the same angle shot of your setup without the chair treat this picture as if it was a thumbnail of the video you want to make it pop and look badass so make sure that the monitors have wallpapers picture for should be of your keyboard and mouse picture 5 should be up on your desk showing the cable management and picture 6 and 7 should be of your PC whether it's a MacBook custom-built PC or laptop please take a pic with and without the side panel on the next eight pictures need to be close-up shots of the stuff on your desk whether you have headphones microphones phone stands or even miscellaneous items that are part of your setup you can send me more than 15 pictures if you feel like you have a bunch of stuff 15 pictures are just the minimum required to enter please make sure all the pictures are landscape mode I will reject the submission if even one picture is in vertical also make sure to label the pictures accordingly picture one should be labeled one picture two should be two and so on and so forth once you have all of your pictures visit we transfer comm and add all the files to it other the friends email tab put in setup Wars at and in the message body type in the following setup Wars and caps so that I know that this submission is for setup Wars below that write in your first name so I can address you in the video and one social media account you want a shout out on I only accept Twitter and Instagram at the moment you know that list all the items that are part of your setup and please make sure to list these items first and the order desc monitors keyboard mouse and mouse pad is available after that list everything from microphones to headphones headphone stands audio interfaces monitor stands etc if you have a PC please list the specs all I really need is the CPU and grabbers card but you can list anything that's important to know like custom mods or painted parts once all the pictures have been attached and the details have been filled out hit transfer and wait for the files to be sent you will get a confirmation email once I download the file so please don't email me and ask if I received the submission if I don't download the files within seven days it will expire and you will get a notification and if that happens feel free to resend the submission again I will reject the submission if it meets any of the following criteria you send me less than 15 pictures you forget to list all of the items in your setup you send me vertical pictures the quality of the pictures are dark blurry grainy or overexposed please make sure there is lots of sunlight dimensions of the photo are less than 1920 by 1080 P please shoot in the highest possible megapixel count that's basically it if you guys have any questions hit me up on Twitter and I will answer them as soon as possible but that's basically it good luck to everyone who enters and hope to see you in setup boards
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