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Surprised Brother on B-Day with Full Gaming PC Setup (VLOG #15)

what's up guys it's ad from Jack Soares and welcome to another vlog on the channel this one's going to be a little different because you see it's a very special video my brother's birthday is coming up on October 21st which is the Saturday and I kind of want to surprise them so I'm taking them to paintballing with a few friends and my cousin's also coming and also afterwards I'm going to give them a surprise this is what I'm gonna give him so I'm sure a lot of you guys know about the big red this is the PC I've been using for the past two years until I replaced it with the iBUYPOWER PC that was sent to me and this is going to be temporary until I build my water-cooled PC in the next I think three or four months I want to make any promises but anyways I'm going to give him the PC I'm gonna give them a keyboard a nice gaming monitor and of course a mousepad but there's one problem as you can see the GPU is missing I didn't get a Titan X in there and I sold it or something not even what happened with it so we have to put in a GPU but everything else is pretty much in there you got the RAM sticks you got the 49 30 K processor H 100i CPU cooler and that's a 1200 watt power supply which is overkill but I'm too lazy to take that out so I'm just going to give them that and some paint is chipped off from the heat spreaders as you can see but overall it is in tip-top shape and it works 100% the keyboard of choice is the coarser RGB strafe I'm giving them this as well because he has a pretty crappy membrane keyboard we also have a really nice black and red mouse pad to match the theme and of course nao C 144 Hertz 27 inch gaming monitor so 144 Hertz it's got one millisecond response time it does have free sync but doesn't really matter because it is 144 Hertz so it won't experience any screen tearing so all I got to do is put on a GPU in there and then pretty much clean up the dust and it should be good to go I was on periscope earlier today and asked you guys what the GPU I should put in that out what GPU I should put in there a lot of you guys voted so let's take a look at what you guys paid so this is my storage unit a lot of you guys have probably seen this out many times either on Twitter or on my youtube channel but let's get to the real matter here the GPU I have a few options to choose from he only plays Warcraft 3 and he maybe wants to stream so obviously I want to give them a 1080 or even a 1070 as that would be overkill so you guys on periscope decided to go with the gtx 980ti since I have these laying around and I'm gonna go with the msi option because we've got to keep consistent with the theme of course also let me know if you guys want a separate video on just my storage unit I can go over all the parts I have and stuff like that if you guys are interested if so let me know by dropping any like alright so this is pretty much everything he's getting the only reason I didn't include a mouse because I gave him a me onyx caster I think four or five months ago so he's pretty much set on the mouse but everything else is pretty awesome I hope he's going to be stoked I cannot wait to film his reaction all right she's looking pretty already it's gonna find out what I did with those thumb screws ain't gonna I got to make sure tighten this back up and then it's pretty much good to go this looks kind of empty that there's no SSDs in here so I don't know maybe I'll give him an SSD later but so far so good big red is going to be back up and running very excited to give this my brother so I just realized that I forgot to test the PC as I was screwing in the final thumb screw so I'm too lazy I'm just going to grab the whole thing take it downstairs dust it off real quick put them aside tunnel and that should be it all right so everything is done let's go ahead and boot it up see if it even trends on okay we have liftoff so looks like all the fans are spinning the GPU is working coolers working so yeah I don't have any storage right now so I can't really boot up windows so we're gonna have to wait and see all right so everything is done the only thing left is the surprise itself and that is going to be on Sunday following the 21st of October so very excited guys I hope he is happy to see the PC and the monitor and keyboard and last stuff so I'm actually really excited to see his reaction so I'll see you guys on Sunday I swing downstairs right now taking a dump afterwards I'm gonna come and show him his surprise which is point head all right open that's all yours dig in go thick think you like this is garbage this a monitor exactly 144 Hertz one millisecond response time and you get a pretty badass keyboard better than your crappy membrane how do you feel what are your thoughts drill this is good too solid I'll take it got a bomb 49 30k six core processor msi gtx 980ti even though it's last year's iteration still a beast and obviously going to add your storage in there so as you set up you can use your other monitor for streaming so yeah when you very much is this total total cost I don't know like PC alone is like 1500 maybe 1800 probably $2,000 worth what happen if you want a dollar amount but money is not what's important it's how you can use this baby so we're trying out a few headsets so you 20 likes so you got the Logitech G 230 that's the corsair void and also gonna try out the lenovo ygb stereo headset which everyone up which everyone feels comfortable I guess what do you think comfortable try the mic pull out mic bar if you use the mic but sometimes those get hot is good cool good for poor girl Michael the v-neck v-neck Michael Christmas it's Christmas in the middle of October that's a good brand so well it is a budget its budget headphones I think those are like 25 bucks okay so it does make sense I mean the voids are the most expensive and then comes the Lenovo and then the g2 30 so costs the most you get you pay what you get for you know what you pay to repeat that again that is it so basically coarser gear I got the coarser keyboard coarser headset different mousepad out and the Alec and monitor there you just say no let's say you see so the guys have a pretty quick video hope you guys enjoyed it if you did leave a like and I will see you guys in the next video peace
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