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Surprising my friend with a $900 Gaming PC!

what's up guys it's a from tax source and today we're building another PC I've been doing a lot of high-end builds lately so I decided to shift the gears down a little bit and focus on budget oriented builds this was actually budget slash mid-range and it's for my friend Tony which is a high school buddy of mine he reached out recently and he's like and I hate playing for night on my Xbox one I want to go back to the PC master-race and play with you guys and I only have a budget of $1,000 what can you do for me so one thousand dollars these are the parts I came up with he also wanted a good-looking PC sometimes when you're doing a budget build you focus mostly on the parts aspect and you overlook the aesthetics part so when you're done building it it looks like a pile of garbage so he wanted a black and red build and it was a lot easy to put the parts together because a lot of parts are in black and red I also wanted to make this PC kind of future proof for him so laying down the line if he wants to upgrade it's gonna be a lot easy for him and all he has to do is just swap out some parts so all the parts in this build with the windows key came out to nine hundred dollars flat give or take a few cents and with tax I think it came out to nine hundred ninety dollars so under the thousand dollar budget and by the way guys is gonna be a full step-by-step build guide on this exact same PC so if you want to pick up the parts and follow along and build yourself is the exact same computer make sure to watch that video and if it's available already I'll drop a link to it down below all right so let's go over the parts real quick starting with the CPU which was the easiest choice I picked the horizon 520 600 X because of the value this is risings a second-generation CPU and it's a 6-quart well thread processor it's unlocked and it comes with it's very own heatsink and I kind of wanted something in between 4 and 8 cores for Tony let's say later down the line he decides to do some work maybe it's light editing or 3d modeling whatever it is the extra two cores would definitely help on with that so you have a $210 this was overall a solid pic and it's actually the sweet spot between gaming and also taking advantage of multi-threaded applications whether you're editing 3d modeling that extra two cores definitely comes in handy especially when overclocked moving on to the motherboard this is the MSI x4 70 gaming plus and this one came out to I think one hundred and thirty dollars so the reason why I went with the x4 70 take advantage of these second-generation rice and chips what I mean by that is the new platform offers better optimization also better performance and you get support for higher memory speeds after all this is a future-proof build so it doesn't make sense going with last generation product so that is why I ended up spending the extra 50 or 60 bucks and going with the x4 70 chipset and of course it matches the color scheme so that's always a huge plus so Ram is pretty hard to find with the ridiculous prices out there so I looked around I think this was on sale I picked it up a new egg for $90 it's from t fours and these are 3000 megahertz weighted RAM sticks so four gigs each and it's also black and red so it's gonna complement the color scheme beautifully GPU prices are also ridiculous and now nobody this would cost around 250 bucks back in the day but I managed to pick it up for solid three hundred dollars on BH photo this is the zotac gtx 1066 gigabyte variant and this is the mini version with this card in your maxed out settings and 1080p over 60fps I've actually benchmarked it a few times in my previous builds I know this card can deal with the beast especially considering its form factor it's got a single fan in a very very small profile for storage we're going with a simple 120 gigabyte SSD from crucial this costs $43 and we're pretty much gonna throw on the OS on here and all the games and if 20 wants to add an extra hard drive or an m2 later down the line he can do so but for it to keep things simple we're gonna start off with a 120 gigabyte SSD powering everything up is the EVGA 500 watt power supply which is 80 plus certified I picked this up for $35 and it has plenty of juice to power any future upgrades that Tony wants to do for example he wants to upgrade a CPU to an 8 core or update the GPU to a 1080 TI even if it wants to overclock those the EVGA 500 watt will give them plenty of power to do so let's face it the stock PSU cables aren't hideous and I didn't want to place my order and spend extra money on premium cables from cable mod or those companies so I actually picked these up from Amazon for 32 dollars so these are beautifully sleeved black and red cable sleeves that are going to essentially replace or cover the nasty black power supply cables like I said earlier guys we are focusing on aesthetics as well not just the parts inside the build last but not least the case we're going with is none other than the NZXT s340 this is the black and red version and I picked this up for 60 bucks you can't go wrong building in an s3 for he's always been my top five cases to build in and in fact big red was built inside this case at one point so yeah it comes with pre-installed fans in there unfortunately we're not going on RGB if 20 wants to add RGB lights later down the line or fans he can easily swap those out so yeah this is the case we're going with overall a solid pick and tony was a huge fan of the design as well so I'm actually gonna hook Tony up because we are friends with benefits that didn't sound right what I mean by that is I'm gonna come up with some extra stuff that I've laying around so I'm gonna upgrade his PC with an m2 this is 240 gigabytes from a data we're actually gonna put the eos on here for him and I'm also gonna hook him up with five terabytes of external storage from Seagate so you can put your porn on here whatever you want to do Tony you're welcome I almost forgot to mention the CD key I spent $14 in the CD key which brings a total up to nine hundred and fourteen dollars with some sense you guys might be wondering ed where the hell did you get CD key for $14 the websites called s CD key com I think I'm saying that right and they're selling Windows 10 Pro 64-bit for 14 dollars which is insane and this is legit guys because I've actually bought a CD key and I use it in big red so I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check that out and there's actually a discount code if you guys want to put in the code or list it on the screen you'll get I think three percent off which is like 40 cents or something I know this counters a discount but anyways check them out guys if you want to so yeah with that said I'm gonna shut up and put together the PC so hope you guys enjoyed this montage and at the end of it I'm gonna bring Tony over get his reaction of the PC and go over some benchmarks and stuff like that so yeah let's begin hi guys so I covered the entire setup with a blanket he's outside I'm gonna grab him right now so excited so many months at welcome to the office you I'm excited for you check it out dude let's do this how long that's like 10 years ago dude I'm excited I'm shaking I'm shaking here we go close your eyes okay well actually I stay close oh yeah there we go there we go three two one whoa dad is sexy is this what you expected in your mind like a Japanese really how so you'll be this nice look can you tell how quiet it is do you like how quiet it is I'm in here anything like this is amazing you've outdone yourself thank you that's what I do came to the right place alright man so it's walking to 2700 X it's overclocked that actually to 4.1 gigahertz it's stable at one point three seven five volts you have no idea what I'm talking about it's actually for my viewers out there it's also got eight gigs of ram the zotac gtx 1066 gigabyte graphics card and i made it nice and pretty for you guys i mean a nice and pretty for you with the custom cables and the RGB fans so i want you to put this to test drive man i want you to test out a game i downloaded fortnight for you let's bring you over a chair how about this Tony if you get one kill in this game actually not nice to me see how about this Tony before you die you get three kills operator GPU to a GTX 970 for this video a kills three kills never played on never play on a PC it's gonna be interesting challenge is I don't know which button does what but I'll figure it out so while you're playing the game and we actually benchmark the PC for you we played games like pub G for tonight's even realm Royal and Grand Theft Auto oh no and max settings or very high settings in all games you were getting over 100 FPS and 1080p so is this PC can pretty much handle anything you throw at it that's the dream alright pick up your name's gonna be bad so yeah how do I pick up volume oh it's you it I can hear some what's coming make it two kills since I have no idea if anyone's near me so Tony I also updated some parts in the PC so the original by GT game II was a thousand bucks right right I swapped the 120 gigabyte SSD that you had earlier which had this nasty silver casing to the HyperX 1 which is 480 getting so not only did you get more space okay but it looks better in the bill because it got that black and red colour scheme you're amazing I also swap the I also added two extra fans in there you can tell by the TS logo on that it's kind of custom-made Texas fan or they're from gamers storm so what I did was I moved the two fans that was inside the case already tyrunt so now they're basically being used as intake and I added those two extra fats on there so better airflow overall for your PC nice sorry I'm focused I know surviving trying to figure out the bus ass huh oh I see someone we got someone okay let's do this here we go I'm not worried you didn't see you get closer oh my god oh no how do I build oh my god Wow it is sensitive Oh Tory's aiming at you no know how to die are you doing da da da da I had a son I had a shot oh my god yeah there you go it's okay it's still good enough that's right so before you go Tony I'm gonna show you a few things memorize told you I threw in two extra fans you can actually control those fans with your smartphone so these are from gamers storm and you can actually control it as an app called MF control and click on it not only can you control the speed of your fans but you can even control the lights so it's red right now I'm can tap on blue because blue orange white or anything on the the color wheel which is pretty good and over here if you click on the fan option you can adjust the speed of your fan called smart mode okay and you could put powerful well except the fan speed regular which is kind of medium or silent which is what you were hearing all the time a few other things before you go I know your best buddy of mine and Ben's best friend exactly for my school managed to do everything together used to sleep in the same bed literally no home oh no no go over to his house sleep in the same bed no homo wake up in the morning he eggs and bacon you introduced me to bacon I did remember we never had bacon me my brother never had bacon everything so it was it was a life experience to say the least so everything you see on this desk except the monitor I'm giving it to you no you're not I know I know you wanted a keyboard you've been looking for a keyboard and you said you liked it right you like to keep on it's amazing so it's the courser k68 i've given it to you the lenovo gaming mouse mouse pad and an extra five terabyte external hard drive you can put your porn files on here whatever you want you can attach it basically externally you have to put it inside five terabytes terabytes bro I'm not done yet I know I know you don't use Ethernet cable but I'm giving you an Ethernet cable just for future use it's red matches your color scheme yeah last but not least brand new badass our districts gaming headset from Asus it's brand new actually I'm not gonna lie put it on it's really comfortable it's got fingerprints on it pretty Wow and replaceable your muffs try it on I mean what you think is that Wireless looks like it's Wireless is it really noise isolation nice that's amazing there you go man I know you have a microphone as well this is the blue Yeti blackout microphone the audio quality is better than the mic on that so whatever you want to use it's up to you but I'm giving this to you as well so you know it's all yours dude you get the you get the text source experience man every time I build the PC so awesome anyways we're pretty much wraps up the video hope you guys enjoyed it if you did toss a like to shorey support I can continue doing videos like these I haven't had a subscriber build into such a long time so I think I'm gonna start doing that very soon so thumbs up on that Tony thank you so much again for coming in and very piecey don't break that if anything happened let me know Pecola I'm gonna charge you more but yeah text me visit issues and editors guys I'm out see you guys back I some specs for you add 2700 X 6 core processor I overclocked it for you - 4.1 gigahertz it's stable at one point three seven five volts you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about it's for my viewers out there it's got a gigs of RAM are you serious the whole thing this is why is that a low budget right now I saw the specs it's rockin 2700 X it's a 6 core processor hi mine so I was rocking the 2700 X 6 alright man so it's rocking the 2700 X it's a 6 core processor I overclocked it for you - 4.1 gigahertz it's actually stable at one point three seven four it's all cuz you focus why is this even funny it's not even funny
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