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Symphonized Sensation Wood Headphones | Review

what's up guys it's ad from tech source and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the sensation headphones from symfon eyes with literally over a million results for wireless headphones on Amazon you may be asking yourself what makes the sensation so special that wood wood provides the best sound reproduction there is or at least that's what sympathised claims with claims like that and a pretty reasonable price tag of $80.00 I had to check them out especially since I'm a huge fan of their NRG 2.0 earphones the packaging is plain well except for what I can only describe as a flaming demon hood printed on both forms seriously you also get all the technical details listed on the back now inside the box we get a protective case two cords one that has a microphone and one that doesn't as well as a micro USB cable taking a look at the included case it features a solid zipper has a nice accent stitching along the outside it also has a pouch on the inside and most importantly it's hard shelled so you basically won't have to worry about your headphones breaking in these if you are traveling I've been using the sensation headphones for about a week now and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed not only do the headphones look very stylish with its wood backing and chrome accents but it's also very sturdy thanks to the inner metal band and outer hard plastic Symphony has made the decision to include NFC in one of the ear cups and I have to say that's a pretty nice feature all those kind of useless to me since I use an iPhone 6s plus it basically makes pairing on the NFC enabled devices super easy just turn the headphones on and tap your device on the NFC sticker and you are ready to go not only are the controls in one area they're also very clicky and provide excellent feedback these headphones are not true over the ear headphones which means it's designed for the pads to rest on the ears instead of surrounding it this is probably my only gripe with this product however the cushions are very soft and I didn't once feel discomfort from using them the sound on the other hand is impressive the aren't super bass heavy headphones however the sound signature is warm and fun with good detail and rich mids if you want to plug in the included auxiliary cable the sound actually gets slightly more detailed but you have to really be paying attention to hear the difference these are closed back headphones so there is a good amount of passive sound isolation but not being active so if you're trying to mute all the outside noise around you then you might want to look elsewhere a few things that plagued low-priced Bluetooth headphones are the Bluetooth range and battery life however I'm happy to report that that's not the case here the sensations easily got me through a whole day of use and charging times from zero to full in about 40 minutes which is pretty impressive now that me to be next to your phone is great and I was able to get thirty feet away from my phone and not have any connection issues at all the sensation headphones overall is a very solid product that has strengths like NFC solid Bluetooth range and great sound for anyone that's looking for a solid Bluetooth headphones under $100 I would definitely recommend trying these out but if you're someone that needs to have noise isolation or super bass heavy headphones I would definitely look elsewhere I will drop a link to the headphones down below if you guys are interested in checking them out but as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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