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TOP 5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

what's up guys it's ad from tech stores and welcome to another installment of my top 5 tech series this time gonna be taking a look at the best gaming monitors under 200 bucks and you guys can find the links down below if anyone is interested now this is a little above your budget you guys can check out my top 5 gaming monitors under 150 that I did a few months back and I will leave a link to that down below as well let's go ahead and begin so we're gonna start from the most cheapest and work our way up to the best gaming monitor so first up we have the Acer 23.8 inch IPS display now although it has a 4 millisecond response time I put this in here since it's the best-looking monitor and features an IPS display with super thin bezels for connections it features an HDMI DVI and a VGA port but please keep in mind that this is an IPS display which means that you get vibrant colors and great viewing angles in exchange for it being glossy and reflective so if you sit near a window with lots of sunlight you might want to look elsewhere the only three negatives about this monitor is that it doesn't have better compatibility meaning you can't mount a smarter anywhere it also doesn't have built-in speakers and the height cannot be adjusted the Acer R 240 hy is excellent for a multi martyr setup because of those super sexy and thin bezels and that is why I included it in this list move it on up we have the Dell twenty three point six inch TN monitor with a 2 millisecond response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate the bezels aren't as thin as the Acer monitor we just went over but it's still pretty slim for connections we have a VGA and two HDMI 1.4 ports which is awesome if you want to connect your PC and a gaming console without having to plug anything out this is a TN panel meaning you don't get as vibrant colors or great viewing angles as an IPS display but you do get an anti-glare screen however there is an IPS option for 17 dollars cheaper if that's something you prefer more the negatives are no VESA compatibility built-in speakers DVI port or height adjustability but overall this is a solid and fast gaming monitor for around 150 bucks if 60-hertz just doesn't cut it for you guys the Q next 24-inch monitor is also a great option you get a 144 Hertz refresh rate 1.5 millisecond response time gaming monitor for only 170 bucks for connections you only get a single DVID port which isn't the best but at least as VESA compatible and has built-in speakers for the record the built-in speakers and most monitors pretty much suck but it's still a nice feature to have compared to not having it negatives the monitor doesn't come with any HDMI ports it's not compatible with Max or DVI D adapters and doesn't have height adjustability also it's not compatible with all GPUs which is interesting so if you guys going to be purchasing this make sure you keep the original box because if it doesn't work with your PC you guys can send it back but if you're on a budget and want to only 144 it's gaming monitor this is pretty much a really good option for 170 bucks you won't be able to find anything cheaper and by the looks of it it's most likely on sale and probably won't be available forever at number four we have the BenQ RL 24 which is a 24 inch TN panel with a 75 first refresh rate and a 1 millisecond response time for connections we have a dual link DVI to HDMI and a headphone jack the monitor is also Wester compatible and does feature built-in speakers which is nice please keep in mind that even though it stays the monitor is 75 Hertz it does come with a 60 Hertz of fresh straight out of the box so you will need to manually either select the 75 Hertz option or overclock it in order to achieve these 75 Hertz or fresh rate which is super easy to do I'll leave a link to a youtube video that will show you how the only negative is that you can adjust the height but overall a very solid gaming monitor with lots of awesome features last but not least we have a 24 inch monitor from Acer with a 144 Hertz refresh rate any one millisecond response time ladies and gentlemen this here is the best bang for your buck gaming monitor under $200 for connections and as one of each a VGA dueling DVI HDMI and even an audio jack the monitor is also VESA compatible in fact the only two features that it's missing are the built-in speakers and height adjustability which seems to be very common on monitors in this price range if you have 200 dollars to spend on your next gaming monitor this should definitely be on your list I do want to give an honourable mention to the 25 you 157 for those that prefer an all - I'd murder instead this one sports an IPS display with a 60 Hertz or fresh rate and a 5 millisecond response time which is pretty decent for gaming and if you need a monitor for productivity this is definitely something I would recommend as it features srgb over 99% which gives you excellent color reproduction and accuracy for ports unfortunately it only features two HDMI and one audio jack it doesn't have any built-in speakers or height adjustability it does however have a VESA compatibility if you've been in the market for an affordable ultrawide monitor this is one of the best options out there so you should definitely check it out as always if you guys enjoy my top 5 tech videos be sure to hit that like button to show your support and want to give huge things - kamigami robots for making this video possible which are these little guys over here so check this out guys these are kamigami robots you can basically build one yourself while learning the basics of programming and create and play interactive games it's perfect for any age especially if you have kids or family members who are into robotics programming or just tech in general the best part about these is that you don't have to have any experience whatsoever to build and play with these so I've been messing around with these the past few days and it's pretty addicting to be honest I think if you have pets these toys would be even more effective so the way it works is this you get a sheet with a bunch of cutouts that you will need to build yourself a robot you can then control it using a smartphone or tablet as well as program and create games and interactions while learning the basics of coding you can make them race battle with other robots scare your significant other by making it seem like there's a bug attacking err I mean the possibilities are open to your imagination in terms of durability these things can surviving 60 feet drop so rest assured that they won't break easily I honestly think this is a pretty cool gift for any age not only do you learn how to build and write code but you can have fun with it as well normally these things go for 100 bucks but since your subscribe to the channel you can get $40 off the price for your limited time just visit kamigami robots comm slash tech source or click on the link below but happy to my trap setup thing guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video you
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