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TOP 5 Great Tech Deals Under $25 - April

what is it you guys it said back again from Texas and I missed you guys that much that I'm back here doing another on-camera video but I'm reading all the comments that you guys left me on the ask me video and a lot of you want to see videos on great tech deals so that's something I've actually never done so I figured I'd start a video now and depending on how well it goes I'll do one maybe once a month or so but definitely let me know how well this goes by leaving a like or dropping a comment down below and like I said if it goes well I start a new one maybe once a month or something alright so without wasting any more time you have five great tech deals that I found on Amazon for the month of April and if you're watching this after April you should still check out the links down below because the deals may still be going on alright so the first item I found on Amazon is an apple lightning connector cable from Amazon basics I've been through like 10 Apple cables in my life and they always fall apart on me the cable either starts to rip apart exposing the wires inside all the USB part completely comes off so I decided to get these instead and I've been using these for a little over a year now and I've been really happy with the quality the best part about these cables is that you can choose what size you want from 4 inches to 3 feet or even 6 feet and they come in either black or white I'll also leave a link below the Apple cable for the Android version for those of you with Android phones next up is the rnd dual USB car charger for smartphones and this is actually 66% off right now which is a killer deal you can pick one up either in black or white and if you have multiple USB devices that need charging like smartphones or tablets then this can definitely come in handy when you are on the road the top slot has a 2.4 amp output and the bottom has a 1 amp output but most card chargers actually don't exceed 2 amps which makes this one of the fastest charging devices out there that you can currently buy for your vehicle so the galaxy s6 s6 edge and the HTC One m9 are actually currently out now and if you're looking for a protective good-looking case then you should definitely check out the cases from spigen that are on sale right now there are some really great deals on speaking cases for the galaxy s6 for example the tough armored case which provides extreme protection it comes in several colors and even comes with a kickstand which is a pretty cool feature if you like watching videos on your phone if you want something lighter you can go with the Neo Hybrid series which are also on a discount if you don't want a bulky case this too comes in several different colors and features a patterned TPU backplate for an amazing feel and that extra grippy feel the same exact cases are available for the m9 as well and you can find the links to that right below the s6 cases in the description section down below last but not least I found some really great noise isolating earphones near the $25 mark and actually from sine Heiser these are the CX 300 second edition earphones and I've actually only pair of the original ones before and I can safely say that this is definitely worth the money and the Amazon reviews on this agree with me they're only available in black and they come with two pairs of different sized rubber ear buds and a neat little carrying case the only downside to this earphone is that it does not have a microphone so if you have to adjust the volume skip tracks and talk on your phone you have to do it by using the smart phone if you must have a microphone then you should check out the sony MDR IX 100 earphones instead which are just below the $25 mark and also link that right below these earphones in the description section anyways that wraps up the top 5 great tech deals that I found on Amazon for the month of April if you guys liked these series definitely let me know by dropping either comment or liking the video and that basically tells me that you enjoy this content and I can try and get this out maybe once a month for you guys if you guys want me to do a specific deal video on a specific type of product like computer peripherals or smartphone accessories cases things like that let me know also in the comment section down below and I'll also add that to the list but other or not thank you so much for watching if you enjoy the video feel free to leave a like if you did it you can dislike the video and make sure you guys are subscribed for future content just like this once again thank you so much for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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