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TOP 5 Microphones under $50 - 2016

what's up guys it's that from tech source and in this video we're going to be taking a look at five really awesome budget microphones under $50 but before we get into that video I'm gonna give you huge thanks to the great courses plus for sponsoring this video the are a subscription on demand video learning service where you can enjoy lectures from top professors from around the world but more on that later I've also done a top-five budget microphone video on there $50 with five different microphones about six months ago so if you guys want to check that out as well I'll drop a link to it down below along with all the microphones you see in this video so first up is the CAD u1 USB microphone coming in at $19 please keep in mind that these prices change constantly so this is the price at the time of making this video it's a simple and straightforward plug-and-play microphone that comes with a tiny tripod which you can use to adjust the angle of the microphone and a mute switch right on the mic next up is the key box BM 800 Pro condenser microphone which is pretty much a generic rebrand microphone from the BM 800 line up for only $33 you get an entire setup which includes the mic itself a pop filter shock mount windscreen and an XLR to 3.5 millimeter cable this is technically also considered a plug-and-play since all you need is a 3.5 millimeter jack on your PC or device but I strongly recommend using a two-way XLR cable with an audio interface but more on that later at number three we have the popular Samson meteor mic which goes for $39 this is also a plug-and-play microphone that comes with a base which allows you to move around the microphone in just a little bit we do have another CAD microphone on the list and this one is the U 37 USB microphone once again it is a plug-and-play that starts at $40 depending on which color you go with it can range from forty to fifty dollars so this microphone comes with a mini tripod which allows you to adjust the angle and height also on the microphone itself is a bass reduction switch which basically reduces room noise and finally we have the cat Zoe orzo that is the most expensive mic on the list but it's still under $50 coming in at forty seven dollars and sixty six cents like all the other ones this is also a plug-and-play microphone that comes with a simple tripod however there is no adjustment available which is kind of lame considering that this goes for almost 50 dollars let's just hope the sound quality makes up for it alright so here's how I'm going to be doing testing guys I'm not going to be doing any editing on the audio so what you hear is going to be the raw audio file four out of five mics are considered plug and play actually all five and are considered plug and play so I'm going to be doing is plugging the microphones in the PC and recording the audio now the BM 800 microphone also has an XLR input which means I can hook that up to my audio interface so I'll be showing you guys an example for that as well just so you guys can kind of hear the difference so according to the audio samples this is the order of the best sounding microphone to the worst so now I'm talking directly at the u 37 microphone this is with the minus 10 decibel option enabled on the microphone and once again this is done without any editing and the microphone is about 1 feet from my mouth so this time I'm talking directly at the BM 800 microphone and this time I am using the XLR cable and plug that straight into the Focusrite audio interface both of which are sold separately and once again this is without any editing so this is what it sounds like talking directly at the Samson meteor mic again this is on the desk about the same distance as the other microphones and this is without any editing so now I am talking directly at the Zoe orzo plug-and-play microphone this is without any audio interface and without any audio editing alright so now I'm talking to the BM 800 microphone and this is using the XLR to 3.5 millimeter cable that I hooked up straight to my PC alright so now I'm talking directly at the CAD u1 USB microphone and again it is the same distance as the other microphones and this is without any editing so obviously the worst microphone is also the cheapest no surprise there the Cadieux one it kind of has a static background if you guys paid attention to it I did everything I can to try and get rid of it but apparently it's coming from the microphone itself so unless you are on a very tight budget and plan to use some background music in your videos or even screaming I would advise going with this microphone pick up the next best option which is the key box PM 800 microphone now if you guys already own an audio interface like I do then this mic will give you the best value since it provides much better audio when hooked up via XLR cable to an audio interface if you guys are interested in the audio interface I use for this video as well as the one you're listening to right now then I'll drop a link to that down below so with that said the best sounding microphone that is plug and play without any editing goes to the you 37 it's actually decent ly price to only around $40 and the best part is they do have a bunch of colors to choose from so I'm sure you guys will find one that fits your setup so before I end this video I have an awesome deal to share with you guys especially since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner right now until November 28th you guys can get a free Roku Express device plus $20 off your annual plan from the great courses plus as I mentioned in the beginning of this video the great courses plus is a subscription-based video learning service with top-notch lectures and courses from top professors from Ivy League and other great universities globally and even experts from places like National Geographic and Culinary Institute of America you get a limited access to a huge library of 7,000 video lectures about anything that interests you guys whether that's science math history literature or even how to cook and become a better photographer you can even stream them from your TV tablet laptop or even phone through any browser or by using any of the available apps I'm sure a lot of you guys know this but before I started making YouTube videos I had zero experience and cameras I kind of just picked one up and went with it sometimes I wish that I would have read something or watched a tutorial on the cameras before I started making videos I feel like that would really help with the quality of the videos that I produced that's one of the reasons why my older videos are so bad surprisingly enough the great courses Plus has an entire catalog on the fundamentals of photography and there's a lot of great info to learn from here as I mentioned before because of the holidays guests can get a free real ku Express device and also $20 off your plan so make sure you guys visit the great courses plus comm slash tech source or click on the link down below then you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the neck video
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