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TOP 5 WTF Tech - CES 2016

my CES 2016 coverage is sponsored by master op they are an online community that allows enthusiasts to harness the power of group buying for amazing tech products the more people that join a group buy for a product the more the price goes down right now my strap is sponsoring a giveaway for the LG 27 inch 4k monitor and all you guys have to do to enter is sign up using the link in the description section down below so every year I attend the consumer electronics show in vegas and come across some really cool tech and then some not so cool tech but before i show the video where i go over the top tech i've seen I'm gonna go over the top 5 what op tech I saw at CES 2016 first up is a sit and stand s combo by lock tech at first looks like an innocent adjustable desk but moving back a little bit you can see a cycle of some sort yes ladies and gentlemen you will never miss leg day and now can work out your legs as you are doing work at your desk and number 4 we have an interesting product and honestly I was deciding which video to put this in my WTF tech or cool tech of CES by ultimately decided it belongs in this video this is an iphone 6 and 6s case that has built-in earphones that has a retractable cable that gets split into two separate earbuds that also has a built-in mic oh and the cable is pretty damn strong so it won't rip off easily I want to slap it together and double tap a button it gets retracted back into the case on top of that the case serves as a power bank with 2650 milliamp hours here's a WTF part not only are you forced to use the cheap earphones that comes attached with the case which are really bad if you ask me but this case will go around 100 bucks once it gets released in the US speaking of power banks at number 3 we have a 7500 milliamp hour power bank from pison the doubles as hand warmers I don't make this stuff up guys what you're looking at here are power banks that get really hot I'm talking hot enough that I need to set it down after 5 seconds of holding it I don't know if I have extremely sensitive skin or what but these things are practically overheating if your hands are cold why not just where I don't know mittens I'm just kidding guys this obviously belongs in my top useful tech video think about all the stuff you can use this for like cooking eggs without fire or putting it under your butt while driving since you don't have seat warmers or pranking your friends by dropping it in their pants it's just a prank bro we all love to hate selfie sticks but now you guys can hate them as much because this one doubles as an umbrella that's right guys if it's pouring hard outside and you feel like taking a selfie but are scared of getting wet well fear not because now you can take selfies in the rain hell you can even use the umbrella as a stand to take real photos I promise you that people will not judge you at all just look how happy this couple is now you can be as happy as they are and they even come in a bunch of color options all right guys now is the moment you have all been waiting for word the piece of tech that deserves to be number one on this list this is a walkie talkie case for the iphone 6s it comes with this massive antenna stuck up top and you can basically communicate between two the same cases by pressing down on this orange button off to the side it also doubles as a three thousand million of our power bank but are you guys ready for the real reason why this takes the number one spot not only is this the ugliest case I've ever seen for any phone but it has a range of only 26 feet 26 feet I can seriously whisper and the person can hear me from 26 feet why the hell do i need to put on this ugly looking bulky case in order to communicate not to mention that the other person needs to have one of these cases as well for it to work well anyways that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and let me know which one of these tech products were the most interesting for you and why in the comments section down below make sure to stick around for my top tech of CES 2016 coming up next and i'll see you in the next video so the walkie talkie but it is la Kentucky's Oh this'll walking yeah
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