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TV in Mirror (Toshiba Mirrored Multi-Display) - CES 2014

what's up guys Tech source is back with some more CES coverage what you're looking at is Toshiba's new home entertainment experience it has multiple displays inside the black mirror this is the kind of things you see in movies that take place in the future you can project multiple images freely wherever you desire or even decide to view one big image that covers the entire mirror the displays are very crisp and clear as you can see and you control the device with a remote from what we can see in here there currently is no audio probably because you can view multiple videos at once and it wouldn't sound that great as of today Toshiba hasn't revealed a price nor release date on this product the next product we looked at was very similar to the first one except that it had an interactive interface you can view the weather create memos for yourself or even read the news all while brushing your teeth in the morning the sensor gets mounted on the top of the mirror and you use your hand as the mouse to navigate through the screen to select an item you basically hold your hand in place for one second and it registers that as a click it's not the most accurate device in the world but then again it is still a prototype I mean it'd be pretty cool to review one of these in the new future but that's basically all I wanted to show you guys for this segment this is just one of the innovative products that Toshiba is currently working on they definitely have a few other awesome stuff you at CES if you guys don't want to miss out any cool stuff being announced and hit that subscribe button this is add here a text source and I'll see you next time
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