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TechSource Hiring, ElectroBox, Future Plans | CHANNEL UPDATE

what's up guys it's a context source and welcome to an update video I haven't done one of these in such a long time but I figured Li no it's a new year and there's a lot of stuff going on with me and with a channel that I figured I just combined everything into one video and just talk to you guys let's sort of make it you guys to do this entire boring video I've actually separated into segments then if you guys check out the description section I've actually labeled the timestamps and you guys can actually click on those and skip to the part of the video that you aren't interested in but here are the updates that I'm going to be talking about in this video up the number one is I'm working on a new website very exciting news status on my water cool build I know a lot of you guys have been attacking me so I'm going to be updating you on that tech source oh I should say I'm going to be hiring people for the channel this year more info on that I'm going to be announcing the winners for 2016 set up wars the three winners and finally an update on my home purchase that I bought late last year I'll give you guys a status on that before I get into the actual update video I want to share a really cool product I came across a few weeks ago now originally I wanted to hold off and feature it in my cool tech of February but that's like a few weeks ahead of time and the campaign doesn't have much time left so I figured you guys would be interested in this so if you guys are anything like me who have dozens of passwords to remember and hate constantly typing them in or even filling out forms to check out then I honestly think you're going to like this product so it's called a Q key and it basically stores all of your personal information on a physical device which you can even attach to your keys they managed to achieve this by using the same chip technology you would find on your debit and credit cards so you can definitely rest assured and knowing it's all secured just simply plug it into your PC or laptops type in your master password and you are in next time you shop online all you have to do is click on the information you want to use from the digital wallets on the right side whether it's filling out a shipping form payment information to buy something or a simple username and password for logging into an account it all happens on the key it is a really cool product and I actually pick one up for myself because I do want to make a video one of eventually but if you guys are interested make sure to check out the Kickstarter which I will have linked down below but with that said let's begin with the updates so the first exciting news and really big news at least for me it is is that we have an official website Texas has an official website its tech stores int or and we've been working on this for months now and now it's officially here not only will it be the home to the latest tech news reviews guides future tech and many more categories to come but there also be monthly newsletters delivered to your inbox with all the best and most important tech news all in one email that way you're caught up with everything that's been going on in the tech industry for that entire month it's gonna be really cool and I keep saying we because we're going to have a team of professional writers that's going to be posting constantly on the website I'm personally not going to be writing on any articles because I'm really focusing on YouTube videos but there's definitely a lot of people contributing to this website now it is a brand new website so obviously there might be some changes down the line I thought if you guys leave any constructive criticisms down below we will take that very seriously and we will make the necessary changes on the website but people always read articles and there's still people who read articles as opposed to watching videos so that is why I've always wanted to open up a website it's kind of like CNN kind of like the verge and just focus on just pure articles because sometimes people don't have the time to sit and watch ten minute videos on a product they want to skim through stuff and just check out like the key talking points and things like that so that's one of the reasons why I started this so I'm very excited to see where this is going to take tech source but anyways you guys want to check it out the link will be down below electro Vox where do I even begin with that I can't even post a single video without at least a hundred comments mentioning where the hell is the water-cooled build so I think I'm just going to show you guys so the issue with that build is very simple actually everything was going fine you know I had the momentum going and then I realized the cables that were sent to me by some company were incorrect they were for a different power supply which is bizarre because I don't even understand how that even happened because I clearly told them what power supply I was using for the build and I still managed to send the wrong one and that's pretty much what set me back for like three weeks now that's what I've been waiting for I said the cables back there working on it and I recently just got news that they fix the cables oh maybe they sent me once I don't know but they sent it out so as the time at the time I'm recording this video it is still in process is still in route so I haven't received them just yet but as soon as I get them I promise you guys I will continue with the build it's I haven't abandoned it I'm not giving up on it I definitely want to finish it up because that is the first water-cooled build on tech stores and so far it's not it's not as not the way I wanted to be you know it's definitely got a smoother had I got all the correct parts but it is my first time so I'm expecting these issues to come up so yeah that's definitely on that I hope to bring you guys a video I think part 5 by the end of January at least but don't quote me on that Texas is hiring I know I've talked a lot about this last year but it's getting really close guys I'm having very very soon mid is 2017 so around May and June is where I'm looking to pick up two full-time team members and these team members will be in charge of scripting help with production editing and pretty much any other office work I need done for the channel so whether it's creating some nails or finding beats for the videos you know just stuff like that but I'm looking for two full-time people right now I have one full-time his name is Bob he's my cousin I'm sure you guys know him he's been helping with the production with the scripting and all that stuff yeah what they was out of here in April I will finally rent out an office space nearby and continue with the hiring process of two very educated very skilled individuals now we're looking for needs individuals are very simple lots of knowledge in the tech industry so you guys need to know about pretty much whatever I do on the channel need to know about PCs keyboards mice mutters oh geez don't even know like graphics cards processors it means know enough to do a review to do benchmarks do stuff like that and whatever I'm reviewing like if it's a laptop you need to know how to review a laptop essentially so that's kind of what I'm looking for I'm not just looking for an editor that makes any sense so basically I'm looking for someone who has all-around knowledge on text basic ratings easiest way to put itself if you are interested make sure you stick around the channel there will be an official announcement probably in a few more months where I'll be taking in applications and basically what the application is going to be is you sending me a review that you've done yourself you shot yourself you scripted yourself and you've you invoice over yourself you will be doing the voiceovers of course but this is just a good way to get an idea of how smart you are I guess or how well you know the industry or how well you know how to make videos and stuff like that so so yeah that's all I want to talk about in terms of hiring for tech stores let's move on to the next segment all right so the top three winners of set-up wars 2016 were in third place we got stands the second place saw Luke with that incredible gaming room and that god damn beautiful water-cooled ps4 and Xbox one honestly I'm surprised you didn't win first place but yeah first place I actually went to no surprise yahzee a lot of you guys grilled meats were not given and the seal of approval so at least now he's won and actually liked it and even better for it so congratulations guys if you're watching this video make sure to email me at set up boards to claim your prize I'm going to show on screen right now with the prizes work as I forgot what I said in the previous video so although it's your first place this is what you win second place and third place everybody else will entered thank you guys so much for your participation let's make 2017 and even better year for setup and finally last thing we'll talk about is the status of my home which is currently being built I know I started talking about this like in September last year it's been such a long time but the the completion date was moved from February to April I think in December of mid-december they started working on it they built the trenches and stuff for like the the tubing and wires I don't even know what how houses are built but so yeah that's that's on the way so I'm very excited about that like I said in April or late April it should be done I'll give you guys a tour or like a vlog or something if you guys are interested something is in my eye so yeah fun stuff happening there guys I don't really have much information to give you because I don't have anything so I know that it's being built and that's pretty much it it's a pretty big place 2,100 feet it's four bedrooms as the loft it's got a two-car garage and I kind of designed the inside they gave me options on like the flooring the countertops the ceiling lighting electrical and stuff like that though very excited how the house is going to turn out I can't wait to see the final product but product the final home final house so it's been a much it for the video I don't know how long this thing has dragged on so if you actually sat through this entire video without skipping then you are seriously the MVP you are the true loyal Texas subscriber and I seriously appreciate it but everyone else who's watched the video thank you so much seriously I hope that answers some of your questions on what's going on I've been dealing with some other stuff too like my personal like personal things going on that's kind of why I haven't been updating or uploading daily as kind of truth be told I've been kind of burnt out ever since New Year's I just feel like the motivation is kind of like it's not there anymore like it was in 2016 the grind I've lost the grind of off the the momentum that I've built so much for and make it you know yes I understand that doing a video by yourself every single day for like almost a year like a legit full year and as a toll on your body physically and mentally so I think I finally caught up to me and it's just looking back I'm like how the hell did I do that like how the hell did I upload a video a day by myself I don't even know how the hell I was possible so yeah it was crazy it was definitely crazy you're just 16 was the best and I hope to make special 17 even better but I feel like if I bring people in to help me I can go back to that schedule of uploading one video a day so that's the plan that's the goal for this year so other than just losing the momentum and the motivation to continue making videos every single day I've just been dealing with other personal stuff with my life and family and relationships so it's kind of it also that's kind of what's also impacting me as well so you got that for one side and then you got the other stuff and the other side everything just being like combined to make everything worse so that's kind of what's happening I don't want to give you guys too much detail because it's so you guys don't even care but anyways I'll be back in full force I would say hopefully in a few months thing guys so much for your support past few months been crazy love you guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video you
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